Shoetique up for review

Shoetique have taken their 30 years’ worth of experience in the footwear industry to bring you the highest quality shoes with customer service that always puts you first. Their store in Hale opened in 1992 and they ventured into the online world in 2009. They are now one of the leading online footwear retailers in the UK and set themselves apart with their friendly and personable service.

I was asked to choose something to review here on my blog and first of all, I have to say that I was spoilt for choice. They have a huge range of footwear for men, women and children and there is everything you could think of from sandals to wellingtons, boots to slippers, flats to heels plus top brands such as FitFlop, Clarks, Toms, Skechers and Birkenstock. After much browsing I chose these beautiful Clarks Hotel Bustle shoes from their new arrivals section.

Shoetique up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Shoetique up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

It is still really rather chilly here we have actually had hailstones this week can you believe?! So I wanted to choose a shoe that would work now with my jeans but later with skirts and dresses too so these beautiful shoes fitted the bill perfectly. I chose the Hotel Bustle in navy (they are also available in a lovely oyster colour too) and I couldn’t love them more!

I live in flats and adore this fisherman style design with the little buckle fastening. The blue leather is as soft as butter and they even have a cushioned leather insole making them incredibly comfortable. (And I don’t care how middle aged that makes me sound, comfort is everything to me these days but I refuse to compromise on style!) Priced at £70 I think they are really good value as they really are beautiful quality as you might expect from Clarks and I can already see that I will get lots of wear from them come rain or shine. But if the sun would like to get a move on so we have more shine than rain, then that would be lovely thank you!

Shoetique up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog


Shoetique can offer free next day delivery if you order by 8pm and also have a price match promise. They even have free exchanges and easy returns should you need it which I know is a consideration for many when ordering footwear online. I have to say that I was seriously impressed with the service from Shoetique and I will definitely be back. It goes without saying that they get a huge thumbs up from me!

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Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly sent these Clarks shoes from Shoetique free of charge but all opinions are of course my own. 

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Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival up for review

You might remember me telling you that we were invited along to see Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival to review here on my blog. There are times when my children think that I have the best ‘job’ in the world and this is definitely one of them!

We went along to Leeds Arena to see the new show last night and it was spectacular. We have been to see Disney On Ice before but I swear it just gets better and better. This was definitely the best show yet it was just amazing from start to finish.

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse hosted the show along with Donald Duck and Goofy and my youngest daughter’s face when they first burst out on to the stage was just a picture. Excited just doesn’t come close! What I particularly loved about this show though was that so many of our favourites were included and each had their own section telling their whole story it was really cleverly done. First we had a cheeky appearance from the wicked stepsisters from Cinderella before my absolute favourite off the night, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. There was a fantastic shipwreck scene and the underwater light effects were stunning but the best bit of all was when Ariel turned into a human and she climbed up a rope right above the stadium. It really was breathtaking my photo doesn’t begin to do it justice.

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Then it was Rapunzel’s turn and the lantern scene was just magical. There was a brief interval before the second half of the show. I have to say that my two girls at 7 and 9 were absolutely transfixed and just wanted to see more, more, more but I should think that the little break would be handy if you were there with wriggly younger children.

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The second half of the show came back with another bang now it was time for Beauty and the Beast. It was wonderfully done and as with all the stories, it included all of our favourite songs. But then the biggest cheer of all came next when it was time for Frozen. I have never seen anything quite like it the audience went crazy! There were wonderful snow scenes that I just couldn’t capture by photograph but they were amazing to see. Everybody was singing along and it was such a wonderful atmosphere. Then we finished off the show with our hosts Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse who brought on all of the stars from the show in a superb grand finale.

Disney On Ice Presents Magical Ice Festival up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

From my girls’ point of view, the show was just WOW from start to finish. They loved that so many of their favourite characters were featured and that each section told a full story while including all of the best songs. From my point of view, I was blown away by just how amazing the actual production was, from the breathtaking ice skating to the stunning sets. But the best bit for me of course was seeing the magic through my daughters’ eyes. We had such an amazing time and I know that this is a memory that they will treasure for a long time to come. That to me is just priceless.

To find out more, you can click here for ticket details and upcoming show times.

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The Best Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

Sunday just isn’t Sunday without a Sunday Roast. And a Sunday Roast just isn’t a Sunday Roast without Yorkshire puddings. I might not be Yorkshire born but I am most definitely Yorkshire bred so today I wanted to share my best recipe with you. It never ever lets me down:

Yorkshire Pudding recipe (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The recipe itself couldn’t be simpler but my first tip would be to make up the batter in advance if possible and pop it in the fridge as the colder the batter, the better. Simply whisk together the ingredients in a jug making sure that there are no lumps. It is quite a thick batter but should be nice and smooth with a good pouring consistency. This recipe should make around 12 decent sized puddings.

You need a metal pudding tin and put a good glug of oil in each dimple before putting it in a hot oven to pre-heat (while the rest of your roast cooks of course.) Yorkshires are amazing made with goose fat and I would follow the same method with a blob of fat in each case but I have to restrict my goose fat buying to Christmas only. Mainly because I like to be able to fit through doors. Ahem. But as a treat they really are something else! Now my next tip is that the tray that you cook them in needs to be hot. And I mean smoking hot. It is a case of getting your timings right depending on what else you are making for your roast of course but generally I leave the tray with the oil in the oven for at least an hour while everything else cooks. Like I said, smoking hot.

The best Yorkshire puddings (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

You need to allow about 20-25 minutes for the puddings to cook so keep this in mind when you are planning your roast. Carefully take the pre-heated tray out of the oven then pour in the batter shared equally over the 12 cases then pop back into the oven to cook. It’s important to try and avoid opening up the oven at this point as you might end up with pancakes. Again, it’s all about getting the timings just right with a Sunday Roast but they should be lovely and golden and risen and fine to check on after about 20 minutes. Trust me, they are worth the wait. Yum!

Happy Sunday folks!

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Debenhams Flowers up for review (and a treat for you too!)

I was sent the most amazing bouquet of scented pink freesias from Debenhams Flowers to review here on my blog. First of all I must say a huge thank you they really did make my day. I would have a fresh flowers in every room of the house if I could but they are not something that I ever think to treat myself to so it’s always such a lovely treat to receive flowers by post.

Debenhams Flowers up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Debenhams Flowers up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Debenhams Flowers have a beautiful range of gifts and flowers and I was sent this beautiful bouquet from the current range of Mother’s Day flowers but of course they would be perfect for any occasion. You have the option to choose from different sizes of bouquets with the choice of additional gifts to be sent with your order too such as a vase, chocolates, wine, teddy bear or balloon.

Debenhams Flowers up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Debenhams Flowers up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Debenhams Flowers offer free flower delivery on selected bouquets and now deliver 7 days a week. If you order by 7pm, they are even able to provide next day flowers. My bouquet arrived very carefully packaged and in perfect condition. The bouquet was carefully tied and secured inside the box. Some of the freesias were in bloom but they were mostly still to open which was just perfect as I got to enjoy them for the most amount of time of course while still looking beautiful upon their arrival. They look prettier by the day and the scent is just amazing! All Debenhams Flowers come with 7 days freshness guaranteed or your money back but I can already see that these will last much longer than that following their care guide.

Scented Pink Freesia Bouquet Debenhams Flowers up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Now in celebration of International Mother’s Day, I have a little treat for my blog readers. I have a very special discount code just for you! How would you like 25% off Debenhams Flowers range of bouquets? Thought so! Simply use code DFBLOG25 at the checkout to receive your reader discount today. You’re welcome! (Please note, this very special offer does not include the Flowers By Post collection.)

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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Survival of the Ginnest by Aimee Horton up for review

I am so excited to share the big news that Survival of the Ginnest by Aimee Horton has just been published by Velvet Morning Press and is available from Amazon NOW! I was really lucky to get a sneak preview last year and here is what I thought:

Survival of the Ginnest by Aimee Horton up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy blogSurvival of the Ginnest is about Dottie Harris who lived the self-indulgent lifestyle of every childless couple. Then she and her partner decided to have kids. Struggling through the issues of pregnancy and motherhood, Dottie turns to social networking. Once there to help organise her social life, she quickly becomes reliant on it, using it as a way to reach out to others and beginning to come to terms with the funny side of motherhood, whilst realising that she’s not the only person to consider anything after 7am a lie in. Oh, I hear you Dottie!

Made up entirely of Facebook-style updates you can follow Dottie on her journey, spanning four years of her life. It includes worries, insecurities, tears and tantrums, along with the things nobody ever tells you about motherhood! Full of humour and honesty, watch Dottie as she trades in her social life for the sofa and a bottle of gin, watching her children grow older and her less enthusiastic.

It was such a fun read and I laughed and cried my way through it. Being made up of snappy updates means that you can easily pick it up to read as and when. But in all honestly, if you are anything like me you’ll be like ‘just one more status’ and end up gobbling up the whole novella in one sitting! I absolutely loved Survival of the Ginnest. Not only did I find myself nodding along to Dottie’s story it also makes me incredibly excited about what is yet to come from Aimee Horton.

This brilliant debut novella is available in paperback now from and go go GO!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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The one where I don’t know who to vote for

I read somewhere the other day that 50% of the population don’t know who they will be voting for this Thursday in the General Election. And as shocking as that statistic is, I’d have to lump myself in there too. For the first time ever, I don’t know who I am going to be voting for. I only know that I will be voting.

However disillusioned I might be, not voting isn’t even an option. The thought of the fate of our country being effectively decided by those who don’t want to vote for anyone so don’t bother at all makes me want to weep for the society that we are living in. You don’t make changes within a democracy by not exercising your right to vote. But actually if any of those undecided voters are anything like me, it’s not simply a case of not caring about politics. In fact it’s quite the opposite and they probably care a little too much and find themselves going round in circles trying to make sense of it all.

The one where I don't know who to vote for #GE2015 (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

All parties are much of a muchness. Apart from the raving loony ones that I’ve written off of course. But at this point I’ve had enough of trying to make sense of the sound bites. Don’t tell me what the opposition are going wrong, tell me what you are going to do right. And don’t give me that wishy washy ‘vote for us we’re going to take care of hard working families’ nonsense. Actually I would hope that an elected government would look after anyone whether they are hardworking or not. What about those who can’t work? Never mind the fact that we have more single households than ever. Don’t they count because they are not a family? Besides which, what actually defines a hardworking family anyway? It’s utter nonsense. To be honest, the government telling me that my relationship of twenty years in meaningless because we’re not married and that I’m creating an unstable upbringing for my four children without that extra ring on my finger doesn’t sit too well. And then of course we had Cameron’s promise this time 5 years ago not to touch Child Benefit before swiftly taking it away in the unfairest way possible. So basically the traditional family where one parent goes out to work while the other stays at home to raise the children isn’t valued one jot then? A family where one of us pays more than enough tax for the pair of us loses their Child Benefit but their neighbours who both go out to work potentially earning double the household income still get to keep theirs? Sorry I digress but I can’t help but think that actually so many people are disengaged because nobody believes a word that any party says!

By this point of an election campaign, we’ve gone from the empty promises without any solid facts to back them up, to full on mud slinging of the opposition and right about now we’ve reached the desperate shows of passion which basically means rolling their sleeves up (literally) and trying to shout the loudest. To be honest, it might take more than a loosening of a tie to convince me of their passion. Talk to me about your policies! Make me believe your promises!

Talk around our dinner table often turns to politics at the moment and voting is something that I’ve spoke to my teens about at length. At 15 and 17 their time to vote is yet to come but even they don’t understand why somebody wouldn’t vote. Maybe living with political parents has rubbed off on them but even my son said, well surely you just vote for the party you hate the least if you can’t vote for the one you like the most. From the mouth of babes, eh? He’s quite right of course and that’s exactly what I will do come Thursday but I can’t help but deliberate in the meantime.

Our local MP (who I did vote for in the last election) is fortunately for our constituency one of the good guys. He cares passionately about our village and doesn’t just appear come election time he actually works tirelessly year in, year out for our community. It looks like he is set to lose his seat this time around which makes me think that my vote for him is more important than ever. But I can’t help but feel so conflicted when I strongly disagree with so much that his party stands for right now. I feel so let down by this government. Thinking about the bigger picture quite frankly makes my head hurt. So here I am, still going around in circles trying to make sense of it all. Sigh.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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House of Fraser jeans up for review

House of Fraser are well known for being a retailer of high quality premium brands but they also sell a wide range of stylish more affordable brands. They got in touch inviting me to take a look at their range of jeans and I was really interested to take a look.

First of all, I was really impressed with just how many brands and styles they had on offer. There were hundreds to choose from premium brands like Hudson, J Brand, Armani and Michael Kors right through to affordable brands like Wallis, Vera Moda, Dorothy Perkins and Bench. I eventually chose these indigo skinny jeans by Jane Norman and I absolutely love them!

House of Fraser jeans up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

They are a really dark indigo colour so will be perfect for dressing up or down. I think a pair of indigo skinnies are an essential wardrobe staple. The denim has a really nice stretch to it while still feeling structured making them a perfect fit. I’ve worn them to death since they arrived and not a baggy knee or bum in sight. I’d probably say that the waist is a mid to high rise and they are really flattering. Not a muffin in sight. They tick all of the boxes for me I love them.

House of Fraser jeans up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog


One of the things that I love about shopping with a department store like House of Fraser is that there is just so much choice and I always end up looking at brands that I might otherwise have been too quick to dismiss. Jeans shopping can be difficult because there is just so much choice but I love how you can define your search whether by brand, size, price, fitting, colour etc. It makes it so much easier.

House of Fraser jeans up for review (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogHuge thanks to House of Fraser for sending me these gorgeous jeans to review and for making the whole jeans shopping experience so painless!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was kindly sent these Jane Norman skinny jeans free of charge from House of Fraser. Boden striped tee and Cath Kidston scarf are all my own. As is the awkward pose. 

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