Happy New Phone Day! Or maybe not..

It should be Happy New Phone Day for me today. My contract is just coming to an end and oh look, the brand new iPhone 6 has been released, isn’t that just perfect timing? Well usually it would be. And to be honest I thought it would be right up until we actually got a sneaky peek of the new Apple beast. And man alive is it a beast.

You see, I’m old enough to remember when the screen on a phone was bearly big enough to contain a phone number. Heck, I’m old enough to remember life before mobile phones. But this beast of a new iPhone is huge. I mean colossal. And that’s the small iPhone 6 version not even the comedy sized iPhone 6 Plus. Is it all singing and dancing? Faster and whizzier? Bells and whistles? I don’t know. I just can’t get over the size of the bloody thing to care enough to find out.

Happy New Phone Day (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogI have an iPhone 5 now and that is a big phone. Possibly a bit too big as it is. My thumb can only just reach from corner to corner of the screen (first world problems here I know but bear with me) But I swear that is only because my thumb has stretched through overuse over the last two years. A bigger screen will make is almost impossible for me to use one handed and I already have visions of how cumbersome it will be. It’s just not going to be very mobile, is it? Dropped phone here we come. Oh joy.

I can only deduce that the iPhone 6 has been designed by boys for boys. Erm hello, bigger isn’t always better you know! Not when it comes to phones anyway. In fact, especially when it comes to phones. Of course boys are lucky enough to be blessed with big pockets unlike us girls who are lucky if our clothes even have a pocket never mind one big enough to house a bloody iPhone 6! What’s the point of a phone that you can’t fit in your pocket? I might as well strap my iPad to my person and be had done with it. Or even my iPad Mini. Did I mention that I was an iSheep? Because I am. I really really am. I was first bitten by the Apple bug about four years ago (late to the party as ever) but honestly could never consider anything but an iPhone. Anything else just seems like a cheap imitation. Sigh.

So now what? Well I’ll sulk a bit about not wanting a new phone that I don’t actually need. Then I’ll carry on using my perfectly fine iPhone 5 until one day it goes caput and I’m forced to upgrade. The iPhone 6 will arrive and I’ll hate it. But within the week, I’ll be completely won over and extol the virtues of this amazing big screen and laugh about that silly blog post I wrote saying that I don’t want a phone the size of my head. Like I said, complete iSheep. Baa.

Is it happy new phone day for you today?

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What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore

What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

White shirt – H&M, ripped jeans – Gap 1969 destructed real straight, tan brogues – Office, watch – Michael Kors, cocktail ring – M&S

There’s no denying that autumn is well and truly here but I’m at that in between point where I’m not quite ready to pull out the woolies and opaques yet. Firstly, it’s not that cold not by Yorkshire standards anyway and secondly, once they are out they are out for a very long time! So whilst my summer clothes are well and truly packed away, I’m very much easing myself into the thought of winter and pretty much living in jeans for now. This year is just flying by arghhh!

White shirt and jeans. Such a classic combo. But actually I don’t know about you but I find it really hard to find shirts that fit me properly. Unless you have an ironing board chest, there is always a danger of looking matronly I think. Buttons bursting at the seams is never a good look but I think I have cracked it with this white boyfriend style shirt from H&M. Plus it has elbow patches. I do love me an elbow patch.

The jeans are the ones I raved about here from Gap. Love love love these jeans! I haven’t worn anything but skinny jeans for such a long time, so even considering buying anything but was a huge leap out of a style tut for me but I’m so glad that I did. The looser fit of the straight leg is just so flattering. And ridiculously comfy.

The tan brogues were ridiculously cheap in the sale from Office but I’m not sure if they are really me to be honest. I love the colour though and I’m hoping that they will look good with wooly tights and dresses when the time comes. Maybe they will grow on me, we’ll see!

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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Need.. Want.. (The AW14 ankle boot edition)

This time of year normally sees me on a hunt for The Perfect Boots but as hard as it is for me to admit, I really don’t need any more boots. I tidied away my sandals and dug out my winter clobber the other day. What  lovely way to spend a morning! Anyway it’s safe to say that I have way more pairs of boots than there are days in the week. That’s more than enough by anyone’s standards. Seriously. But need and want are two very different things.

AW14 boots

1. Ash ankle boots 2. Boden Soho Ankle Boot 3. Boden Chic Ankle Boot 4. Leather Chelsea Boots with Insolia® | M&S

If only I had the pennies, these beauties would be sneaked into my shoe cupboard in a flash *dreamy sigh* Are you on the annual hunt for your perfect boots?

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The one where he only went and did it

Well by the skin of his teeth, my boy only went and passed his GCSEs didn’t he? So it’s hello sixth form for us! I can’t tell you just how stressful the last two years have been and after all but failing his mocks last December, it was quite frankly a miracle but he somehow managed to pull it out of the bag by passing the lot. Such a relief for him and for us! I know that failing GCSEs isn’t the end of the world and I know that there are always re-sits but I’m so glad that isn’t a path that he is facing. He did it. HE DID IT!

I’m not some lunatic tiger mum who expects nothing less than A* across the board. Not at all. All we have ever asked of him – and our other children – is that he tried his best. But the fact is that for the last two years, he hasn’t been pulling his weight at all. I can’t tell you just how frustrating it is as a parent to see your quite frankly brilliant child waste his potential by being a lazy oaf. Don’t worry, I’m not saying anything here that I haven’t spent the last two years telling him. Repeatedly. In fact I’m sure I’ve spoken about just how hard it was here on my blog before? But all of the nagging is behind us for now at least. He has the much wished for grades that he needed for sixth form and all credit to him – we couldn’t be prouder. Ten GCSEs is no easy feat.

Smarty pants (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogI didn’t actually realise just how much pressure we were all under until results day finally arrived. From revising for his exams to actually sitting them and then the long wait for the results, it had been hanging over us like a black cloud for the whole of the summer. I think it was quite possibly the longest morning of my life, never mind his! I felt sick to the stomach waiting for him to get home with that little scrap of paper. It’s so much more nerve wracking as a parent than it ever was (for me at least) as a student. But now here we are starting a whole new chapter and that makes it somehow worth all the stress.

I can’t help but feel sorry for him as he really has hit the ground running though. He had work to do over the holidays in preparation for September and was then thrown straight into a hectic timetable last week. Our sixth form works with two other high schools in the next town to be able to offer the kids as many A/AS-level choices as possible which means that he will split his time over three sites. Being in the right place at the right time means that he will have to be super organised (which just isn’t in his nature!) Already I can see that it will all take some getting used to. I mean going from GCSEs to A-levels alone is a shock to the system, I remember it all too well myself (like it was yesterday in fact!) But I have everything crossed that he will soon settle in and that sixth form will be the making of him. This parenting thing doesn’t get easier the older they get, does it? One worry just seems to be replaced with another bigger one arghh!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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Eggs. Horse. Ted.

It was back to school for us this week and never mind the children, I am exhausted. Ugh. This year I have four children in four different places. Infants, juniors, high school and sixth form (which hurts my head just thinking about it!) But on the bright side, this meant a week of staggered returns so although I spent the week not knowing if I was coming or going, it was much gentler on the heart strings not to lose them all in one fell swoop.

I must admit that summer took its toll this year. With study leave followed by the summer holidays, I didn’t have a child free day for fifteen whole weeks. There was a point where the bickering and the mess and the constant bloody feeding and the lounging teenagers getting under my feet began to grate but as the time to go back to school came around all too soon (as it always does) I would have given anything for just one more week. I must be mad. The youngest two were the first to go back on Tuesday and the temptation to hide them under my coat and smuggle them back home with me was huge. But of course instead I did the isn’t-this-exciting-I-bet-you-can’t-wait-to-go-back thing complete with a big jolly smile. Sigh.

Back to school (Mostly) Yummy MummyI think part of the not wanting to go back bit is that we have such a stressful year ahead. It’s the final year of infants for my youngest (how did that happen?!) Plus we have a bit of a battle ahead of us after the NHS speech therapist discharged her without any consultation just before we broke up for summer. How this affects her special needs standing in school while we wait (a no doubt very long wait) to be re-referred for the much needed therapy I do not know. It is such a huge worry. My eight year old is heading into Year 4 but she is such a sensitive little thing and really not good with change so the start of a new school year is always a wobbly one for her. Quite by chance, she has the same class teachers this year as she had last year so fingers crossed this will help her to settle quickly.

My eldest daughter is in her final year of her GCSEs and having just gone through it all with her brother last year, I know all too well just how hard this year will be. Then there is my eldest who started sixth form and hit the ground running with a hectic timetable which is going to take some getting used to. For me and him to be fair as it looks like he will be spending as much time getting under my feet at home as he will at school. And breathe.

Back to school and back to the old (and some brand new) routines. It’s scary just how quickly the children switch straight into school mode. I could do with taking a leaf out of their book to be honest because quite frankly I am frazzled. Not even a full week under our belts yet and I am already drowning in paperwork and forthcoming diary dates. No nit letter yet though so that’s good. I give it two weeks max. And of course my cheque book doesn’t know what has hit it. Eggs. Horse. Ted. How long until half term again..?!

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Hello new jeans

The only disadvantage of this shrinking in size business is that my wardrobe is also shrinking because things just don’t fit properly anymore wahhh! I had a bit of a wardrobe sort out the other week in an attempt to get ready for autumn and thankfully, most of my dresses still fit (in fact much better than they did last year!) It would seem that dresses are really quite forgiving especially jersey ones of which I have many. Maybe that’s how I got so fat in the first place hmmm.. But jeans are not so flexible and I didn’t have a single pair that fit me properly anymore. So with some pennies that I had left over from selling my too big summer dresses, I treated myself this week *does the new jeans dance*

Gap 1969 Destructed Real Straight Jeans (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThis being me of course I have a whole new Pinterest board dedicated to my AW14 wishlist. Of course, the likelihood of these clothes getting any further than my virtual pinboard is very slim but a girl can dream right? With a couple of pairs in mind that I had pinned from Zara and Gap, off I toddled to see them in real life. In the end, I went with this pair of 1969 Destructed Real Straight pair from Gap which was actually the very first pair I tried on. So unlike me. I decided to stray from my usual choice of anything super skinny in safe dark indigo and I’m so glad I did, I love the style and the fit. My eight year old daughter was horrified though. “How did you get such big holes in your jeans? Are they very very old, Mummy? And did you spill paint on them too?” Such a mother hen. Ha!

I’ve never bought jeans from Gap before because I was put off by their sizes. It’s bad enough being anything from a size 10 to a size 14 depending on where I shop never mind throwing strange number sizings into the equation. What are the numbers anyway? Waist measurements I’m guessing? Anyway I stand completely corrected and put my hands up and say that this was just lazy shopping on my part in the past because I am an absolute convert. They might be my first pair but they won’t be my last I love love LOVE Gap jeans. Especially when I got them home and realised that in old money. they are a size 10 woohoo! Always a bonus!

Happy new jeans day to me!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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Great British Bank Holiday. Car picnic included.

Summer holidays see us abusing our National Trust membership to the max. Seriously, I think it’s the best thing we’ve ever bought as a family, I can’t recommend it enough. We’ve been members for years now and I can’t even begin to work out how many lovely days out we’ve had but needless to say its a lot. Anyway, I digress.

Beningbrough Hall, York, National Trust (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThe other week we were at Beningbrough Hall in York which is one of my very favourite places. A gorgeous 18th century house with fabulous galleries in partnership with The National Portrait Gallery plus sprawling gardens and woodland walks. We love it there. We were only there for the afternoon and it was such a lovely day (little did we know that it would also be one of the very last lovely weather days!) so we were just going to have a wander in the grounds and then take the children to the playground. Best slide ever in case you were wondering. But on the way out, I spotted that there was a special exhibition on in the house – Royals: Then and Now. How I didn’t spot the signs before I do not know as in hindsight, there were posters and signs everywhere argh! But by this point the house was about to close so we had to leave it for that day. Mr Mostly bought me the most glorious postcard book from the gift shop on way out to make up for missing out but of course there was no question that we would soon be back.

Great British bank holiday car picnic fondant fancy (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogSo yesterday we woke up on a rainy grey bank holiday Monday (is there any other kind of bank holiday? Seriously weather, it is still August – what are you playing at?) and did that very British thing of ignoring the weather and heading out anyway, back to Beningbrough Hall. Our plans for a picnic were slightly ambitious so we had the most British picnic of all – a bank holiday car picnic – then headed to the house to see the exhibition. It was just as stunning as I expected. I have to confess that seeing such famous portraits in the flesh was all a bit jaw dropping really. Too many to bore you with but I can’t not mention my favourites. If I can’t indulge myself on my own blog then where can I?

I thought Prince George’s christening portrait by Jason Bell was the happiest thing I ever did see until I came to the Mario Testino engagement photo of William and Catherine. Wow. Just wow. And seeing the famous Andy Warhol silkscreen prints of Queen Elizabeth against the background of this amazing 18th century gallery was really quite something. But my favourite portrait of all was one of Prince Charles. It was a candid shot of him with his chickens at Highgrove (yes really!) It had become so busy in the gallery at that point that I couldn’t squeeze in to read the sign to see who it was taken by unfortunately but it really was the most joyous of photos. If you can get there, it’s well worth the visit even if you’re not a complete royalist nut like me. Promise. Oh and there’s also going to be a Lichfield exhibition running from September in conjunction with this Royals: Then and Now event so yes, we’ll be back to see that for sure!

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