What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore

H&M cream blouse and Boden indigo skinny jeans (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog X by Trollbeads (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog Bespoke ballet flats from Upper Street (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Cream pleated blouse – H&M, cream camisole (underneath) – H&M, indigo skinny jeans – Boden, ballet flats – c/o Upper Street, watch – Michael Kors, charm bracelet – c/o X by Trollbeads 

I have so many cream floaty blouses like this that I think that they might even rival my collection of breton stripes in number and that really is saying something! But like the old faithful stripes, it is just so easy to throw on a blouse like this and feel like you’ve made a bit of an effort when actually, you haven’t at all. This one was from H&M and no word of a lie, it took over two months to arrive. Two months! I think that is a record even for H&M! It has pretty pleats to the back and running down the front with concealed buttons then little sheer cuffed sleeves. I love that it is slightly longer at the back too it’s such a great shape. A really pretty little top that I know that I will wear to death so yes, I guess it was definitely worth the wait!

The jeans are my Boden skinnies although I must admit that they are starting to fit more like straight legs now. I have my eye on some gorgeous boyfriend jeans at Hush but I’m putting off buying them for now. It seems so silly to spend that sort of money on jeans that might not (hopefully) fit me for very long. I also suspect that I would be (annoyingly) in between sizes right now so don’t relish the thought of jeans shopping until I’m nearer the end of my shrinking journey. Those last few pounds really are the hardest, aren’t they? Anyway, give it a month or so and these skinnies might just fit like boyfriend jeans anyway at this rate! Ha!

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week?

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Happy Easter from Haribo

My children don’t really take much notice of my blog. Well, that is until thanks to my blog we take delivery of a huge and I mean HUGE box of Haribo goodies and then it is the best thing ever!

Haribo has got it covered this Easter with a really fab range of goodies from gift ideas to treats to share with friends and family. The Chick Mania gift box was a huge hit with my girls for the box alone, never mind the jelly and marshmallow treats inside! The Twist ‘n’ Stick was great fun as not only do the boxes twist to make different Easter characters but it also came with fun stickers too. Oh and treat sized bags of our Haribo favourites inside of course!

Happy Easter from Haribo (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Happy Easter from Haribo (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The Haribo Easter Fun Bucket is such a great idea if you are looking for something different to the usual egg hunt this year or if you are greedy like us, you can plan to do both of course. The bucket contains 32 mini bags so there are plenty to go around as well as being the perfect sized treat for little (or big) people. Plus it comes with a card showing hints and tips to arrange the perfect hunt and lots of fun ideas and jokes.

So whether you are looking for a tasty gift or just a sweet treat that you and your family can tuck into this Easter, Haribo has something for everyone!

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Happy Easter!

Is it just me or has this school holiday come around really quickly? In fact, this year is just flying by how is it April already? I only realised last week that the children were breaking up so early, I’ve never known them to have anything but the two weeks either side of the Easter weekend off. Obviously it’s lovely to have them break up so early but I suspect that heading straight back to school on the Tuesday following the bank holiday will hurt. It’s my birthday that day too. Ouch.

Easter decorations (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogWe usually plan to go away at Easter but we can’t this year. My son is going to be back and forth to school for revision classes which as you can imagine, he is thrilled about *snort* Big gold stars all round for the teaching staff that are giving up their holidays to do this though, obviously it is completely voluntary – on the part of the teachers and students. If I’m being completely honest I am gutted that we are not going on holiday, summer feels like a very long way away yet but needs must of course. His GCSE exams are a matter of weeks away now which is quite frankly terrifying. And given that he has been a lazy bum for the last two years until his rubbish mock results gave him the scare of his life in January, he needs all the extra help he can get. Sigh. This is one time when I’m actually thankful for the school for encroaching on our all too precious family time!

Obviously he’s not going to be at school all day every day, but it does mean that these holidays aren’t really our own. It wouldn’t feel right if the rest of us were off and about enjoying our jollies without him while he has his head stuck in a book. Although I suspect that this is how it is going to be for the next good few years yet. My daughter will be sitting her GCSEs next year then the following year it will be time for my son’s A-levels, then the year after it will my daughter’s turn for hers of course. I didn’t think this fourteen month age gap thing through very well did I? Ha! Anyway, I’m sure we will snatch the odd day out here and there and it just means having to make the most of what little time we do all have off together. Something that we have learnt to be very good at over the last year or so. But most of all, we will have time just to be. Lovely. Oh and Easter eggs. I’m sure we will make time for them too.

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Eat. Sleep. Workout. Repeat.

I suffered from an awful bout of insomnia last year and even though that is all but gone, only suffering from maybe one bad night every couple of months as opposed to every other night, I still struggle to sleep for long lengths of time. My children are finally all at an age where they don’t wake at the crack of dawn and I just don’t have the ability to sleep in. How cruel is that? But actually, waking up to a sleeping house is actually a rather lovely gentle way to start the day. I remember vividly when my alarm clock was often in the form of being cracked on the head by a Gloworm. GOOD MORNING MUMMY! Time to come around and feel (almost) human before the onslaught of noisy children is just blissful. And a long time coming.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogBut then quite out of nowhere a few weeks ago, having woken up far too early and done the usual bleary eyed reaching for the iPhone to scroll through Instagram and Twitter to find that (not surprisingly) my timeline is still in the land of nod, I thought I might take advantage of the sleeping house and do my Davina workout DVD in peace. Part of me thought that I had gone mad so another part of me leapt out of bed before I changed my mind. And that quickly became my favourite way to start the day. There was something so good about getting it out of the way and it meant that I didn’t have to find excuses later on in the day not to do it. But actually I really loved starting the day on such a buzz and that feeling would see me through the whole day. Plus there was something terribly smug about waking Mr Mostly with a coffee in bed at eight (yes he is terribly spoilt) knowing that I had already done a workout, showered and got myself ready as well as getting four children up and breakfasted, packed lunches made, book bags checked, dishwasher unloaded and loaded, teenagers shooed out of the door and littlies ready for the school run all while he was still snoozing.

But then the clocks changed and it all went to pot. Seriously. Other than the normal day of confusion, I swear that I can’t remember ever being affected so much by the old springing forward malarkey. What is that all about? But since Sunday, I have slept in every single day. Well, when I say slept in, I mean the alarm has woken me at seven every morning rather than my body clock waking me up at silly o’clock. Is it such a bad thing to be having a full nights sleep like a normal person though? Erm in a word.. no! These seven o’clock starts mean that there is no time to squeeze in a workout before the school run of course, heck I barely have time to clamber out off bed and round up the brood for the usual morning madness. Me, working out at six in the morning? It was never going to last, was it? Ha! Happy Friday folks!

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Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy


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The one where the small things turn out to be the big things

It’s the small things that have been making me smile this week.

Starting the week with breakfast with my favourite bearded man. Surely there is no finer way to start a week?

A roast dinner on a Monday just because.

My nail varnish accidentally matching the cover of my book. And the book turning out to be a bloody brilliant one. FYI: Barry M Aquarium in Arabian and The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer.

The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer, Barry M Aquarium in Arabian (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Waking up to bright sunshine.

Desperately looking forward to a bath all day long then getting the water just right. No easy feat when you have a temperamental old boiler and a cast iron bath as deep as the sea that takes an age to fill let me tell you.

Waking up to a stealth like bed invader of the six year old kind.

My son getting a good school report. In fact, that’s not such a small thing it’s a bloody huge thing considering that it’s his first good one in at least five years and he is sitting his GCSEs in a matter of weeks. And breathe.

Lighting a new candle.

Bedside table (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

New bedside tables that I didn’t know I needed until I spotted them by chance and oh how I love them. Carefully choosing which of my treasures got to sit on it first and treating myself to a pretty orchid was good too. As was slipping into fresh clean sheets that night to celebrate their arrival. Not that I don’t often have fresh clean sheets you understand but that is probably my most favourite simple pleasure of all.

Cheery pink flowerpots on my kitchen windowsill.

Listening to my soon to be eight year old daughter howl in laughter reading The Twits and have her declare it The Best Book She Has Ever Read Ever. Good old Roald Dahl.

Every day may not be good but I do believe that there is something good in every day. Sometimes the small things turn out to be the big things. What small (and big) things have made you smile this week?

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What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore

Teal H&M cardigan and French Connection silk scarf, What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog Teal H&M cardigan and French Connection silk scarf, What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog Red converse, What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Teal cardigan – H&M, white organic cotton vest – H&M, silk scarf – French Connection c/o Sarenza, leopard print belt – Primark, leather cuff with apple charm – Mulberry, watch – Michael Kors, nails – Ciate in cocktail dress, red pumps – Converse

Yet another mumiform outfit post from me this week but as it is the first outing of the year for my Converse, it only felt right that today be commemorated! And anyway, I am a big fan of the old mumiform. Nothing wrong with a uniform of skinnies and flats. Anybody who says otherwise has probably never tackled the school run with two or more children that like to keep you on your toes by insisting on running in different directions. Repeatedly.

I picked up this cardigan in the half price sale from H&M and I adore the bright teal colour it’s just so cheery. I actually ordered the same cardigan in grey and black too while they were such a bargain price but a month later, they and another top still haven’t arrived. I do love H&M and I can’t resist a bargain but man alive their online shopping is like pulling teeth. I’ve never known such terrible customer service or ridiculously slow delivery times. But yet I still shop with them.. I know I know! The white vest is actually from H&M too I love their organic cotton basics. The best on a budget by a long mile.

The indigo Boden skinnies are still going strong and I want to get them in the washed indigo too for spring pennies permitting. They are such a lovely fit and they meet the criteria of not flashing your knickers when you bend down. Essential for any mumiform of course. I actually pulled this French Connection scarf on without thinking but I think it looks nice with the teal cardigan. I really need to sort my scarves out they are just shoved in a big tangled mess in a drawer that I close as quickly as I can before they escape. I keep meaning to hunt down some proper storage ideas on Pinterest but end up getting distracted by the pretty things over there. Story of my life.

So that was me, nothing special I know but the first outing of the year of my Converse deserved a special mention right? Spring is in the air people!

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