You know it is nearly the end of term when…

You know it is nearly the end of term when you are ready to collapse in a heap. Or is that just me? Schools have a way of attempting to fit everything into these last few weeks. Meanwhile I am drowning in notes and constantly feeling like I have forgotten something. Usually because I have. My to do list needs a to do list of its own. My poor calendar is fit to burst.

In these last few weeks all four children have school trips to go on. I swear school just want to squeeze every last penny put of me before summer. Here! Take my cheque book! Incidentally, the school are the only people who I ever write cheques to. Who uses cheques these days? I might as well just hand them my chequebook at the beginning of September and be had done with it. My son has a trip to Leeds Trinity University. It’s scary to think how soon he will be looking at universities for real eeek! My teenage daughter is going to Tate Liverpool in preparation for an AS Level course that she may or may not be doing come September. I’m sure it will be a good day anyway but preparing for a subject that you might not be taking? I’m not convinced. The two little ones have trips to a farm and somewhere else that I can’t quite remember off the top of my head. It’s in my diary somewhere. I hope.

End of school term (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogThen my teenage daughter has a sixth form taster week that actually runs over hours and days scattered over three weeks. No I can’t work that one out either. But so far it has had the effect of her hating all of the options for sixth form that she was once so fixed on. So far so fun. Ahem.

Then of course we have the usual end of term stuff to somehow fit in. Sports day, reserve sports day, second reserve sports day (this is Yorkshire remember) SEN update meetings, SEN handing over meetings and the usual worry that comes with them. Then class transition days for the children, transition meetings for the parents and a transition picnic for all of us which is lovely in theory but Year 3 are preparing the food. Do you think I can ask them all individually if they have washed their hands? Shudder. Oh and I have sharing sessions to go to for the little ones too where they show me their books so I can see what they have been learning this term. No complaints for that one, I absolutely love going into school for this. Although we have been warned to bring a big carrier bag with us so I presume if we’re taking all of their books home, work is over for July? Pah!

Of course not only is there something happening every single day, you also have to contend with the level of exhaustedness that only comes with the end of term. The children are crawling to the end now and who can blame them? Plus of course the lack of usual school day routine for the little ones just leaves them not knowing if they are coming and going. They are frazzled. Add in the sunshine and it’s all a bit of a mess really. Not that I am complaining about summer finally being here no siree! But there is no denying that grappling tired hot little people sticky with sun tan lotion into the bath and trying to convince them to go to sleep while the sun is still shining and next doors children are still playing outside (loudly) until gone nine is not exactly fun. I can’t blame them for not having any of it really. Basically we need it to be the school holidays now. Let’s skip all of this busy nonsense, tear up the calendar and get on with enjoying long lazy days at home in the sun, yes? If only.

Nineteen days.

N i n e t e e n  d a y s.

Not that I’m counting.

(I am totally counting)

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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John Lewis Beauty up for review (and up for grabs!)

I am a bit of a beauty junkie and can’t resist trying out new products so when John Lewis got in touch asking if I would like to try out MERUMAYA’s bestselling Iconic Youth Serum, I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

MERUMAYA’s award winning products with anti-aging properties help brighten and rejuvenate skin leaving you with a hydrated and radiant complexion. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what a difference a good serum can make to your skin used as part of your daily beauty routine along with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser. What makes serums so special of course is that they are formulated to target specific skin problems. So in the case of the MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum it improves radiance and luminosity, reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles, improves moisture and elasticity and restores skin structure and texture.

MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum from John Lewis Beauty (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I’ve been using this serum morning and night after cleansing and toning and before applying a moisturiser and my skin absolutely loves it. As with all serums you only need to use a tiny amount. Just one pump (so literally a pea sized amount) is more than enough for the whole of my face and neck. It is a really lovely lightweight formula and absorbs really well but I usually wait a few minutes before applying a moisturiser just to make sure that the serum is completely absorbed. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and revitalised and I find that I’m using much less moisturiser as a result too. There is an instant visible difference but best of all my skin feels amazing.

MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum from John Lewis Beauty (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I absolutely love this serum. So much so in fact that I want to share the love with one of you lovely readers. That’s right, I have a MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum to give away! Simply leave a PICK ME! comment on this blog post and you will be entered into a prize draw to win your very own 30ml bottle. It couldn’t be easier. I’ll then pick a name out of a hat next week – good luck!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Terms of John Lewis Beauty prize draw: The winner will receive 1 MERUMAYA Iconic Youth Serum 30ml. No purchase necessary. Entry is made by leaving a blog comment on this post. Only one entry per person will be counted. Closing date for draw is midnight on 10/07/15. Draw takes place on 11/07/15 for entries received by closing date. The winner will be contacted via email and or the social media details provided in the comment field. The number of winners will be 1 in total. No cash alternative. Open to UK residents only (sorry the rest of the world!) By submitting an entry, entrants acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.
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What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday.. it’s what I wore

What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Rosie dress – Allium B, bracelets – Links of London, watch – Michael Kors, silver sandals – Primark 

I was so sad to hear the news last week that Allium B will be no more after this season *sniff* I was lucky enough to get to work with them earlier in the year through my blog as you might remember. They and their beautiful dresses will be missed and I sincerely wish Clare and Mary all the very best for the future. I’m sure whatever they go on to do will be just as amazing. The teeny tiny silver lining to this very sad news though is that Allium B now have the most amazing sale with many of their beautiful dresses now at half price. I just had to buy this Rosie dress in this bespoke Liberty print before it was too late.

Nice dresses for grown ups are harder to find than you might think and that is why I always loved Allium B so much because they got it so right. The Liberty prints are just irrestible for starters but it was the cut and style of the dresses that I loved the most. Their dresses always have a vintage feel to them but with a very modern edge. I love the slightly fifties feel to this Rosie dress with the flared skirt but the crisp cut of the dress and contrast piping keep it feeling fresh and modern. Oh and it has pockets! How I love pockets! Do check out the amazing sale over at Allium B if you haven’t already before it is too late. I would buy one of everything if I could!

So that was me. What have you been wearing this week?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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The one with all the exams

My daughter sat her very last GCSE exam yesterday. My son had his last AS exam a week or so earlier. And breathe. For her this means twelve long weeks of summer stretching ahead and I hope she makes the most of every lazy minute. It will be a long time before she gets another break quite like it. If ever. As for my poor son, he finished his AS exams one week and started his Year 13 curriculum the next. Not quite so much fun. But only five weeks until the summer holidays to go.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogIt seems like forever ago that we were getting ready to sit those first exams back in May and to some extent, I think that pre-exam stress is the worst of all. There is definately a sense of relief when they get that first exam out of the way. And then of course it dawns on them what is still to come. Weeks of exams, sometimes two exams in one day. Argh it really is hard going!

They feel the need to study like a loon of course, cramming revision into every spare minute. But then soon hit burn out and realise that you were right when you said how important it is to rest in between too. I have to say that I felt really frustrated for my daughter not having study leave like my son did last year. I know that she would have been able to manage her own time much better at home than trying to fit in revision around her usual school timetable.

It was quite nice having that school holiday in the middle of the exams though as it enforced a break. We went away with family and they both brought piles of books with them but being away from home meant that for those few days, they had real fun and real rest too. It was much needed. And they came back to the second half of exams refreshed. It’s so hard seeing your children under so much pressure. I have felt much more stressed about their exams than I ever did my own, it’s such an awful feeling. Part of me wished that I could sit the exams for them. But actually, I know that they can outsmart me in an exam hall any day. But still.

After all those weeks (well months really) of pressure, that’s it. Done. Finito. And although I think we all feel a huge sense relief to have survived, it doesn’t really feel like time to celebrate just yet. The pressure of the actual exams may be over but the stress of results day still looms for them. My daughter is quite fixed on what she wants to go on to do in sixth form and fingers crossed, she will get the grades needed in her GCSEs. And my son has to reach his predicted target grades at AS level to go on to do the subjects at A level in Year 13. What will be will be and I have told them countless times that there is no point worrying as it is out of their hands now. Only results day will tell and we will support them regardless (that goes without saying) but I feel for the poor kids I really do. From my point of view, I honestly don’t think that they could have worked any harder than they did over these last few months and I hope I really really hope that they get the grades they deserve and very much want come August.

GCSEs and AS levels at the same time, I really didn’t think that small age gap though did I!? Argh! 

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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The one that wasn’t meant to be

I applied for a job last month and I don’t think I realised just how much I wanted it until I didn’t get it. Typical, huh? I wasn’t even looking for a job I just stumbled across an opportunity quite by chance and went for it. It was completely out of the blue and it just felt like one of those times when fate had intervened to put an opportunity my way but it just wasn’t meant to be. Obviously.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogIt was only part time working a few hours a day from home but it would have used skills that I had in my previous working life while still fitting in perfectly with my current stay at home mama life. I don’t know why I was kidding myself thinking that the job could have been mine. Who in their right mind would employ somebody who has been out of the workplace for nine years? Nine whole years. That’s an awful long time, isn’t it?

I convinced myself that despite advances made in technology over those years, the core skills that I once had would still be relevant today. And that actually my blog, although it has only ever been a hobby not a career, has also taught me so many new skills over the last five years keeping me up to date with technology thus bridging that huge gap somehow. I now realise how silly my application must have sounded. And some gaps are just too big to ever be bridged. Ugh.

The fact is that I am happy at home playing housewife. It’s not for everyone I know but I honestly love being at home. All of my children are at school now and ever so often I will get a niggling feeling that I should go back to work. Maybe because society today really doesn’t value my role at home even if my family does. You can’t help but question your own choices sometimes even if you know that they are absolutely the right thing for you and your family.

There is no two ways about it, me being at home means that our family life runs like clockwork. Mr Mostly has three businesses and works all sort of erratic hours and there is no way that he could do what he does without me here keeping the home fires burning. And the children also need me at home. Between the four of them, there is barely a week goes by that they are all actually in school for starters! But I want to be here to raise my family and I make no apology for that. That is why this job opportunity would have been so perfect though, it was just a few flexible hours working from home meaning that I would have the best of both worlds. It was too good to be true, huh?

I guess I always thought that I would go back to work one day. I just didn’t know when. And then when I stumbled across what seemed like a perfect job for me, I thought that time had come. But now being realistic I don’t know how I will ever get back into the workplace. This job just wasn’t meant to be and I’m sure there will be other chances along the way and I know how silly it must sound but this has really dented my confidence. Never mind. Onwards and upwards, eh?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday.. it’s what I wore AND THE LEGS ARE OUT!

What I Wore Wednesday (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Vintage wash denim jacket – Only Westa c/o Zalando, red lips brooch – DVF, ric rac dress – Cath Kidston, yellow sandals – SaltWater, bracelets – Links of London, watch – Michael Kors 

I’m scared to type this in case I tempt fate but I think summer might finally be here. It looks like we skipped spring altogether this year, doesn’t it? Anyway I’m not complaining and even though they may be translucent, while ever the temperature is reaching dizzying double figures after months and months and months of winter, the legs are out people!

I coveted this ric rac dress ever since I spotted it way back in the depths of winter at the Cath Kidston Spring Summer previews. I just love the cheerful vintage pattern it reminds me of summer dresses when I was a little girl. Mr Mostly bought it for me as a birthday treat in April and this is only the second time I have worn it. I’m sure I will go on to wear it to death weather permitting though I just love it. It’s made from the softest cotton and is fully lined so it sits perfectly. Plus it has pockets! Hooray! Cath Kidston really do make the best summer dresses.

So that was me, what have you been wearing this week? Has the sun been shining for you?

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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The one where I am mostly reading

I have been sharing photos of the books that I read over on Instagram for years now. Books, awkward mirror selfies, cats (not always my own) and eggs. That basically sums up my whole Instagram feed. All of the cliches. And I make no apology for that. But I especially love to share what I am reading because it is always those pictures that start the best conversations over there.

People that have already read that book might tell you what they thought of it, or somebody else might remember that they have that waiting on their to be read pile. It’s a great way of being able to recommend books to friends but even better still, they recommend books that they think you might like too. I have even arranged to make swaps with friends which is great. There is no better feeling than sharing the love for a good book.

The one where i am mostly reading (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I don’t know about you but I always find it fascinating seeing what people are reading. Plus it’s great finding friends who have a similar taste in books and tell you what you absolutely must read next. These days, it’s a case of having too many books and not enough time. I always always always have a whole heap of books waiting to be read either physically on my bookshelves or awaiting me on wishlists here there and everywhere. Nearly all recommendations for new books these days come about through me chatting on social media though. I love it.

I tend to share photos on Instagram of what I am reading throughout the month. But then at the end of each month, I always take a picture of the pile of books I have read. To try and keep track of the books I read this year though, I have started a separate page here on my blog to show what I have been mostly reading. It just makes sense to keep the pictures all in one place, it is not meant as a review page as such (although I sometimes can’t help adding a line or two about what I thought of some books) I have also set up a book worm board over on Pinterest, again just as a record but it would be lovely if you wanted to join me over there too.

So, what are you reading right now? Apart from this rambling blog post of course. Me? I’m currently reading The Second Wife by Elizabeth Buchan and then next on my to be read pile is I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh which I have heard amazing things about. I knew her when she was just a blogger you know….

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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