The one with the man with the dancing eyes

I can’t remember the last time I curled up with a book and read it in one sitting. Nor can I remember the last time I was as enchanted by the pictures on the page as much as the words. The Man With The Dancing Eyes written by Sophie Dahl with pictures by Annie Morris did just that.

In an instant I felt like I was that ten year old little girl again reading Alice Through The Looking Glass under my duvet when I should have been fast asleep. I was utterly captivated and read this novella from cover to cover in the time it took me to slowly drink a bucket of Earl Grey. A picture book for grown-ups. Bliss.




It is a tale of magical and bittersweet love and I was completely charmed. A true old fashioned romance for a modern day world and I found myself lost in Dahl’s beautiful words whilst feasting on the most whimsical of illustrations. Any story that has our heroine lingering languidly in a bath overflowing with bubbles is always going to find its way into my heart. As is true love being measured in sweet peas.

I loved this book. Can you tell?


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6 Responses to The one with the man with the dancing eyes

  1. This looks lovely. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve just ordered a copy! It’s an expensive book, but I discovered some ‘used’ copies on Amazon for £2!


  2. Kelly Q says:

    I just love this book. I had to buy it the instant it was published and just seeing it on the shelf makes me smile. Thanks for the prompt to pick it up again.


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