What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore!




Tai dress – LK Bennett, black opaque tights – Wolford, watch – Michael Kors, bespoke shoes – Upper Street, charm bracelet – c/o Merci Maman (as reviewed here)

I love this dress. Well actually, I love LK Bennett fullstop! It is so easy to wear though in lovely drapey jersey material. I love this plum colour and it has a really flattering rouching detail at the waist. Plus you can tie the material belt in different ways which is handy say for example if you need to hide the fact that a small person wiped their banana hands on you right before you took this photograph. Oh my glamorous life *cough*

As for the shoes, well what can I say? I am a big bit in love with the shoes! I wrote about them here yesterday in case you missed it. Upper Street is just shoe heaven. No question about it. I still can’t quite believe that they are mine. They are even more gorgeous than I could ever have imagined!

As well as the (hopefully) disguised banana stain I really must apologise for my criminal roots. In an attempt to be frugal I skipped my usual hair appointment and have stretched it out for a couple of weeks longer than I usually would so that my colour would be perfect for Christmas. Thank goodness I am due at the salon tomorrow though as it is DRIVING ME MAD!

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Blissfully happy (mostly) yummy mummy to four children and (occasional) domestic goddess. Aspiring author and blogger extraordinaire never knowingly without an iPhone in my hand.
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26 Responses to What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Love this outfit. I always have every intention of joining in with What I Wore Wednesday but for some reason I usually end up running late for the school run and so throw on a hoodie and rush out the door! Must try harder next week! ;-)


  2. HonestMum says:

    Gorgeous dress and shoes, you look stunning!


  3. Becky says:

    Really LOVE those shoes!!!! and gorgeous tie in with your dress


  4. Karen Jones says:

    oh ! so envious of your gorgeous perfectness !


  5. You look gorgeous – love that dress! And those shoes….well you know I’m a BIG Upper Street fan! Talking of banana stains gifted by small people – my friend and I spent a lot of yesterday picking up lovely clothes in shops, looking at each other and saying “No…not child proof!” and putting it back! xx


  6. Beautiful outfit, you look gorgeous! Loving the festive backdrop as well :) x


  7. Tiffany says:

    Love the dress and shoes! Great outfit!


  8. Julie says:

    One of these days I too might try a What I Wore Wednesday, as Wednesdays coincidentally seem to be the days I am most presentable.
    Doubt I’ll ever be quite as glam as you though! x


  9. That dress looks so perfect comfort tick, smart tick lovely :)


  10. LOVE! the dress. Might have to get one ;) Shoes – not my cup of tea, I’m more of an ankle boot lady in the winter :)


  11. Aimee Horton says:

    I LOVE the dress! Are the shoes comfy?


  12. Melaina25 says:

    I can’t decide what I love more the dress or the shoes! And don’t get me started on the hot mess that is my hair.

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰


  13. Those are the most amazing shoes I have EVER seen. Well, y’know, for a long long time. Wow!
    I would join in with this but I work half days on Wednesdays and then take Ted to the park so it’s a combination of smart-casual not-too-good clothes that can be splashed and stained. Mummy-fashion, I like to call it.


  14. oh I LOVE this outfit! Suits you so well!


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