Pancetta risotto with asparagus *drools*

I must confess to eating asparagus all year round (I know, I know!) but you really can’t beat those first bundles of amazing British asparagus hitting your shopping basket, can you? ‘Tis the season folks so thought this was worth a reblog!

You can find the original recipe post here

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5 Responses to Pancetta risotto with asparagus *drools*

  1. fashion40ish says:

    I love risotto and I love asparagus nom nom nom H x


  2. Justine Allen says:

    I remember this post from last year and cooking it countless times when British asparagus was out! So looking forward to cooking it again.


  3. This looks amazing! x


  4. This looks gorgeous! I love asparagus but never buy it! x


  5. Jenny says:

    Wow this looks amazing and so delicious. I will have to try it out. I love a good asparagus and pea risotto myself and the kids too so this would be perfect recipe to try. Thanks for sharing.


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