Tools of Youth

So what were the tools of my youth? When I was in my late teens in the early nineties, I managed to have a ball of a time all whilst juggling my A-levels, doing a part-time waitressing job and looking fabulous on barely any sleep. How did I do it?!

These were the main tools of my youth:

  • My wardrobe pretty much consisted of a daytime look of Benetton jumpers with mens Levi 501s and by night I was dressed in the tiniest micro minis I could find from Miss Selfridge. My favourite dress was a backless silver number that I wore with over-the-knee socks (classy!) Needless to say, I often used to get dressed at my friend’s house to avoid the whole ‘You’re not going out dressed like that young lady’ speech from my mother!
  • By my late teens I had moved on from Lou Lou perfume to Jean Paul Gaultier – I was very sophisticated you know! It is actually a really nice perfume but I can’t wear it these days – the smell just reminds me of being seventeen again (but not in a good way!) My friend and I used to drown ourselves in the stuff and it’s a strong scent so you must have been able to smell us a mile off!
  •  I was studying (but probably not hard enough to be fair) three A-levels in Sixth Form and I also worked any shift going as a waitress in our local restaurant but also found the time to go out most nights. I don’t know how I had the time, money or energy!
  • I used to dry my hair upside down using a diffuser to create big hair a la Cindy Crawford (She was my idol, I really was supermodel obsessed)
  • I used to highlight my own hair using Sun-In or the juice from a dozen lemons (Again, a la Cindy Crawford..)
  • My bag was the size of a purse but tardis enough like to contain money, house keys, my Revlon ColorStay lipstick in pillar box red (another nod to Cindy Crawford there), 20 fags (with enough smoked so that I could fit my lighter in the packet), my half fare bus pass and my fake ID (bit of a conflict of interest there – needed to pay half on the bus but when arriving at the drinking hole of my choice would have the fake ID so I could get let in!)
  • My drink of choice would be a Blastaway (Castaway mixed with Diamond White – urgh!) But to be honest, I was never that fussy and would drink just about anything and had such a refined palette that I could distinguish between types of beer!  (A skill that hasn’t stayed with me I have to say.)
  • I used to drag my drunken self to bed with a 2litre bottle of fat coke, which would have been all gone by the morning and this was supposedly my hangover preventer.
  • Breakfast would consist of Pro-Plus and a can of Perrier while dashing out of the door late and the rest of my diet would be mainly Pot Noodles, Pepperamis and Nutella by the jar. But I was still a tiny size 8 – how’s that even possible?

So there you have the tools of my youth. What were yours? I do wonder if it was these tools or if it was in fact just youth alone that enabled me to have limitless energy on no sleep whilst still looking so good..? *sigh*

22 thoughts on “Tools of Youth

  1. dressingmyself says:

    I’m quite old, so it is hard to remember back that far. One thing I can remember is that I had shoulder-length hair. This mean I could wear it loose when it was clean. If I didn’t have time to wash it I would put it into a pony tail on top of my head, backcomb it and then wrap it round my hand and pin it down for a sort of messy ‘up do’. I used to get compliments – honestly. Now spend much longer on my hair just to make it look better than awful.


  2. Susan Mann says:

    OMG, I think I have just cried a bucket laughing at this. You sound so like me, there is in fact a picture of me on facebook put up last week, with me drinking diamond white. And of course you can get away with paying for a half for a bus when you are then trying to pass for 18. Full fat coke is a hangover cure, I still use it. Not that I have hangovers all that often and yes we all ate crap and were still tiny. So funny, but where are the pictures, I wanna see proof of those days 😉 Love it Love it Love it. xx


  3. Jen says:

    This brings me back, I still swear by the full fat coke for hangovers, not that I ever have a hangover these days sigh:) Jen.


    • yummymummyno1 says:

      Same here! And on the odd occasion that I may have a hangover, I swear it feels a hundred times worse than it did back then – maybe that is just a youth thing too though eh?! ; )


  4. christinemosler says:

    Hilarious! I don’t want to look too closely at my youth, it may come back to haunt me! I can look at it out of the corner of my eye but I have to look away again very quickly! Great post!


  5. Carolinesweetie says:

    This made me laugh. If I had been out and got drunk I would waken really early and if no drink taken I could sleep til lunchtime. My mum got it the wrong way round.remember the bottles of flat coke and the diffuser-although think that just gave me frizz


  6. Victoria says:

    And this is why I’m not packing you in my hand luggage, way too much stuff! I think I must be only teenager in 1980’s who didn’t use sun in…


  7. Mummylimited says:

    We must be similar ages. Lou lou, diffusers and jpg all very big when I was a teen. Also keeping lighter in ciggies. May have to do this one although the memes are piling up.


    • yummymummyno1 says:

      I know – when I think of the money I spend on getting my hair done now and back then, a few yellow streaks from the squirt of a bottle of Sun In was all it took! : )
      I think you should do a Tools of your Youth post too missus ; ) x


  8. peabee72 says:

    LOL at the diffuser, same here and the 501s and the fake ID! Hula Hoops are the best known cure for a hangover in these parts….

    So many happy memories of that time, even after Uni I’d be out all night clubbing, then straight to work the next day, and I lived to tell the tale. Nowadays I’m flagging by 9, speaking of which…it’s late 😉


  9. Kate says:

    I love this post!!! I was thinking the exact same thing a few weeks ago, how I managed to live on McD’s, pasta and alcohol and still look healthy AND stay slim is a mystery I’ve never figured out!

    Ahhh, the good old days where a lie in meant getting up after lunch, not after 7am, and a bank holiday was about sitting in a pub all day, getting ready to go out in the evening and not coming home til the next morning!!

    These days I’m lucky if I have an hour to get everything done and ready to go out without chocolate or juice thrown over my outfit!

    Brilliant blog post!!



  10. Wendy Mallins says:

    Awww lovely!!! I had forgotten all about drying hair upside down with a difuser! And those knee high socks!! (despite owning several pairs – have blocked them from memory?!?)

    Loved your tools of youth! I’m really pleased you felt tagged! Xxxx


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