A little bit of politics.. in my (very) humble opinion..

According to a poll in The Sunday Times, Clegg is now the most popular leader since Winston Churchill. Is it just me or where did that come from?! If recent polls are anything to go by, the election is hotting up to be a genuine three way contest and the Liberal Democrats are seeing their strongest support in 30 years. This is unprecedented in post-war British history – never mind in my history!

Clegg quickly emerged as the clear victor of Thursday’s Leader Debate on ITV last Thursday but in all honesty, I think I must have been missing something because I just didn’t see it myself. Frankly, Clegg staring down the camera at me made me feel uneasy in my own home and certainly not connected *shudder* As for Brown, I wasn’t keen on his bullyish digs at Cameron or his attempts to cosy up to Clegg. And I’m surprised that Cameron didn’t make any real comeback at Brown’s jibes – he lacked his usual warmth and fire in my eyes. At the end of the day, I do think that the debates are a good thing and anything that may sway people who maybe wouldn’t usually bother to vote (and I would not be counted as one of those I must add) is definitely a good thing. But the debates alone aren’t enough to make my mind up. Just as the leaders’ wives’ pretty dresses or pregnancy news won’t sway my vote – winning smiles and good choice of ties on a televised debate just won’t cut it. But policy will.

The fact is, that many of the Liberal Democrats policies are, in my (very) humble opinion questionable to say the least. Let’s not forget that under their policies, we would join the Euro, their policies on tax just don’t add up and they think that Trident should be scrapped in favour of a cheaper system. So why would Brown be so keen to cosy up to Clegg when in fact their parties have conflicting policies? This just confirms my belief that a hung parliament would be the worst possible outcome of this election. I don’t personally believe that the Liberal Democrats holding the balance of power would be a good thing for our country. Whatever the outcome of the election, wouldn’t it be best for there to be an outright winner come May 6th? Cameron says ‘A hung parliament would be a bunch of politicians haggling, not deciding’ and I think he has a point.

I can’t help but wonder if the up-coming debates will have the same power as this first one to be able to swing public opinion again and this time next week, the polls will be telling a different story. Maybe Clegg’s surprise success at this first debate will mean that Brown and Cameron will come back fighting in the next programmes. In Cameron’s case especially, he seemed so reserved last week that I can’t help but think that he was using this first round as some sort of gage of what the public want to see in these televised debates – after all, they are unprecedented in British politics. Or perhaps they were taken by surprise by Clegg as the rest of us were! Either way, polling day in the fast and fickle world of politics is still a long way off and we are about to witness an unprecedented and very interesting three horse race for sure..

8 thoughts on “A little bit of politics.. in my (very) humble opinion..

  1. chicken ruby says:

    Don’t forget in the UK we vote for the party and not the individual as they do in the USA. I think people on the whole tend to forget that.


  2. Livi says:

    Totally agree with you on the LibDem’s. Clegg reminded me of Blair in the debate, confident to the point of arrogance. They have nothing to lose, they can promise the world with nothing to back it up.
    Also agree on the fact that it should be about the policies, but sadly it very rarely is. A lot of people are easily swayed by a sharp suit and some charisma.


    • yummymummyno1 says:

      Completely agree – many of the Lib Dem promises seem a bit pie in the sky for me and now even though it is unlikely that they will get into power – it isn’t impossible and I wouldn’t like to think that people were so easily swayed by a so-called charasmatic tv appearance – scary!


  3. babygenie says:

    If I’m honest, I have no idea where to start in voting! Am hearing the Clegg fans are coming out in force, and it’s refreshing to see, but I just don’t know enough about each of their policies, so will be swotting up! Joining the Euro scares me! It’s hard enough managing my accounts being self employed, let alone with a new currency!


    • yummymummyno1 says:

      I think many people feel the same about the Euro thing and for me, if a party has a policy that I really strongly disagree with, then it’s definitely a decider – some things just can’t be compromised on. I do think it’s great though that the Leaders Debates seem to be generating more interest in the election and good luck in the swotting up – you’re one of the (very many) as yet undecided voters that all of the parties are fighting over ; )


    • yummymummyno1 says:

      I totally agree – even though it’s not likely that LibDems will win the election – it isn’t impossible. It is definitely an exciting time in politics and a real three horse race : )


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