Product Review: Brio Little Forest Train Set

I was asked by the very kind people at Hello Baby to do a product review of a Brio Little Forest Train Set and of course, my two year old was a very keen assistant!

Brio Little Forest Train Set

We are big fans of wooden toys as not only do they look lovely in the nursery, they also stand the test of time and usually make for very durable toys. I have to say that this lovely train set did not disappoint. It is simply but well packaged and the box is strong enough to keep as a storage box if you choose.

This set comes with 18 play pieces. The oval shaped train track is chunky and really easy to put together. My little one is only two so she needed to be shown where to put the track pieces but they slot together with ease and she soon got the hang of it. The train has a carriage with removable logs and the two connect together using a magnet and they glide along the track really smoothly. To complete the set, there are two wooden painted trees that even stand up on carpet – which is always a bonus. All the pieces are made of really good quality wood and I just know that they will withstand years and years of play.

My little one had lots of fun pushing the train around and around the track and loading and unloading the logs. She can be quite heavy handed with her toys it has to be said and I am confident that this toy will stand the test of time even by her tough standards! We absolutely love it and this gets a huge thumbs up from us.

I would say that at £9.99 it is a really great value toddler toy as it really is a good quality product. And of course, as part of the Brio wooden railway system, it is something that can be built upon over time and I think that this would make an ideal starter piece.

This Brio Little Forest Train Set is available from for just £9.99

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Brio Little Forest Train Set

  1. Nickie@Typecast says:

    Brio is fab – it’s right up there with the classics, such as Lego for me for standing the test of time (three children & now two grandchildren) – even with some “hand-me-downs” 🙂

    Great review – that’s a cute little set – it’s on the Christmas list for my granddaughter now 🙂


  2. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I think that’s really good value to be honest, it looks fabulous. Amy used to love train sets, I remember having one similar which went around the Christmas tree. Great review.

    CJ xx


  3. Nathalie says:

    These wooden train sets have always been a winner with my three children boy and girls. My eight year old still occasionally take it out and have a go!


  4. whatdidyoudotodaymama says:

    Fab review. Looks like a great set to keep in mind once my little one is a bit bigger.


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