Product Review: Wilko Baby Nappies

I was fortunate enough to be sent some free nappies to review from Wilkinson from their newly launched Wilko Baby nappy range.

Wilko Baby nappies

Wilko Baby nappies

I have to say that I have always used big brand names when it has come to disposable nappies for my children and I was doubtful that these would compare. But I must say that I was really impressed. They offer extremely good value for money and certainly deliver on their promise of being able to protect day and night.

 In the current climate with so many families trying to be more frugal, I think that Wilko Baby nappies offer great value starting at just £3.74 per pack and I would definitely recommend them. The quality really is great and these nappies are every bit as good as any other of the big leading brands.

On a personal note, I actually prefer the plain design of the nappy. There is a patterned waistband (with a rather cute monkey motif!) but the body of the nappy is actually plain white. It’s a pet-hate of mine when the patterns on so many disposables these days show or peep through and spoil an outfit, especially with summer approaching when off comes the vest and in come much thinner fabrics. These nappies actually look great and they’re not too bulky either but still manage to do a great job. The waistband is nice and stretchy and I found that they were a really good fit and we didn’t have a single leak – day or night.

The new range of Wilko Baby nappies are available at the majority of Wilkinson’s stores nationwide.

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Wilko Baby Nappies

  1. Hoax Caller says:

    I never think to try the other brands really, just I suppose through fear of nappy rash and how I would feel guilty of poor quality for baby just save a few pence. But I may give them a go 🙂


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