Product Review: New Nature Snacks

I was asked to try some new Nature Snacks from the number one healthy snacking brand, You Are What You Eat and being the greedy lummox ever health conscious, I was of course happy to try them out for a review here on my blog. 

Nature Snacks

Nature Snacks


I was sent Nature with a hint of exotic berries and it was packed full of sweet juicy cherries, gooseberries, cranberries, crimson raisins and blueberries. I really enjoyed them and the fact that there is only 130 calories and a trace of fat makes them taste even nicer! 

My favourite though has to be the Nature with a hint of naughty which was cashew nuts, pecans, golden sultanas, raisins, apricots and the best bit of course – rich dark chocolate drops! This flavour tastes particularly indulgent with the hint of chocolate but the packet still counts as one of your five a day (it really does!) and is only 203 calories so the diet won’t go completely to pot! 

The snacks also come in two other flavours too which I am keen to try out if the two flavours that I tried are anything to go by. There is Nature with a hint of exotic fruit and nut which introduces the new wonder food dragon fruit along with a sweet mix of pistachios, sultanas, almonds and Chilean raisins. And there is Nature with a hint of naughty yoghurt which is a mix of pumpkin seeds, sultanas, almonds, raisins and yoghurt coated pineapple. 

I really enjoyed these snacks – the flavours were great and tasted so indulgent that it makes it pleasure to eat one of your five a day. Perfect to snack on through the day and would be good to stash in your handbag too in case of a snacking emergency! Priced at only 89p a pack or £1.79 for a large pack, they are really great value too. They definitely get a big scrummy thumbs up from me. 

Nature snacks are available from retailers nationwide, including Waitrose and Asda or you can visit for more information.

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