Sainsbury’s Tiny Taste Team

I always encourage my little ones to help along in the kitchen and taste lots of new foods and I was contacted by Sainsbury’s who have launched their new Tiny Taste Team  and I hope you don’t mind me sharing this with you but it sounds like such a great idea. 

It’s a case of Junior Masterchef meets Ready Steady Cook in Sainsbury’s new taste of summer Facebook films.  Except the tables have been turned.  In place of John Torode at the judge’s bench, it’s the kids who get to decide who stays and who goes. (And I should think that if the children are anything like mine, they will make much John Torode look like a pussy cat!)

The four short films, airing throughout August, will see Sainsbury’s Tiny Taste Team – a crack group of three nine-year old gastronauts – judging the dishes of the hapless adult contestants on the basis of their creativity, fun, and of course, taste. 

One new episode will air every week throughout August on Sainsbury’s Facebook page, and the short clips aim to inspire and help mummies and daddies find new and exciting ideas for feeding their kids’ imaginations (and bellies!) during the summer holidays. 

 The films cover essential summer recipes for picnics, barbecues, baking and packed lunches and will be available to download. Viewers will also be able to comment on and share all recipes. Come check them out!

2 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s Tiny Taste Team

  1. Shafeena says:

    Oh my gosh, that is a wonderful idea !!! The question : what will kids actually eat
    ( i am talking other than junk of course ) will finally be answered 😀


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