Wake up to Nutella

Ahh, being a mummy blogger can come with some perks as we all know and I was lucky enough to be sent a lovely hamper from Nutella and I was feeling especially generous that day and even shared with my darling offspring, the lucky things!

Wake up to Nutella

There was a freshly baked bread basket from Hobbs House Bakery, as featured on Mary Queen of Shops, and of course a humongous jar of delicious Nutella hazelnut spread for us to enjoy for breakfast. The Hobbs House Bakery Low-GI bread box came with a G-Stone cob, Organic Wholemeal loaf, Light Rye Sourdough, Soda Seeds loaf and a Shepherds Loaf. Such a fabulous range and they all can be sliced and frozen too if you can’t work your way through the lot in one go!

If you would like to find out more about Nutella, check out their new website www.wakeuptonutella.com where you’ll find some truly scrummy recipes for you to make with your little ones and there are some fun activity sheets to download.


…..I know we did 😉

8 thoughts on “Wake up to Nutella

  1. Susan Mann says:

    mmmm I love nutella, I’m so jealous of this one twinny. But thanks for posting and the info, I didn’t know it actually wasn’t that bad to eat. xx


  2. mummyinahurry says:

    I always keep this in the cupboard as a treat. My favourite sandwich is nutella with banana. For the kids, I spread the nutella on a wholegrain wrap, stick a banana in the middle, wrap it up and cut into bite-sized pieces. The kids love it, and as far as I’m concerned its practically a health food!!


  3. foodie mummy says:

    I have never ever gone without some Nutella in my cupboard! Both my girls and myself eat it everyday for breakfast so does my mum. I’m so jealous I didn’t get the same basket you did ;-).


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