Toys R Us Toyologist Review

Tomy Aquadoodle Desk (£29.99) 

The blurb: This fun Aquadoodle Desk combines no-mess drawing with water, with a lightweight, stable foam board desk! Your child can draw their own creations over and over again!  

(mostly) yummy mummy’s verdict:  I have to say that I was really pleasantly surprised by this. First off, I was expecting it to be bulky and difficult store, but it wasn’t at all! The desk is made of foam that slots very easily together and it is incredibly lightweight. It is so easy to build that if you preferred, you could take it up and down for each play and store it in its box to save space. I have to say as well, that given that it is made from such lightweight foam, it is actually surprisingly sturdy. The drawing board is also reversible – so twice the drawing fun – just turn over and start again – great! Of course, it is completely mess free as the ‘pen’ is filled with water and seems to be fairly child proof in that the little darlings can’t open it and spill the water out and trust me, if you could then my little ones would have!

and the children’s verdict:  My little ones are two and four years old and they love this! The only problem is having two children and one pen – things can sometimes get a bit umm, heated shall we say! It would be interesting to see if you can buy the ‘pens’ separately too so we could have two – it might help to ease the umm, tensions!!

Overall score: We love this! Absolutely love this! Great, mess free, drawing fun and this definitely gets a huge 9/10 from us!

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