Product Review – Jojo Car

I was lucky to be sent a Jumbo Jojo Car and of course, my two year old was more than happy to give it try!

Jojo Car drives around the room playing fun melodies on his journey. The car lights also flash and the wheels wobble along as Jojo sings to the melodies. But look out, if he hits an object you’ll hear a bumping sound and Jojo will be ejected from the car as he tells you he’s going too fast and lands with an ‘Ow, ow, ouch!’ which of course has quickly become my two year old’s new catchphrase!

Jojo Car is an interactive toy that will keep children (and parents!) laughing, as he tries to drive his way around. And I have to say that I underestimated just how much my little one would love this toy. It is her new most favourite toy and I honestly can’t recommend it enough! She has had similar kinds of toys before but none have really kept her interest quite like the Jojo Car. I think the mix of a traditional car toy with the interactive sounds and lights just really captured her attention.

The Jojo Car retails at £19.99 and comes complete with batteries (always a bonus!) which I think is a really good price for a toy that my daughter loves soooo much! It goes without saying that this gets a huge thumbs up from us!

I did take a video of her playing with Jojo and somewhere between my iPhone and YouTube, it looks like it was taken through a letterbox – I’m not sure quite what happened there! But here is Jojo in action for you anyway!

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