Muddy Puddles Review and Competition!

The lovely people at Muddy Puddles sent us some great clothes to review.

….much to the delight of my four-year old!



My little poser darling is wearing a green spot dress (from £12.00) with red comfy leggings (from £6.00) and a red cosy gilet (from £26.00) The beads and big ouchy bruise on the head are the model’s own 😉

The dress was made from super stretchy cotton jersey with a lovely double mock sleeve detail and a pretty but very practical gathered swing style. This was great teamed with the leggings which are a really comfy fit and will be perfect tucked into boots. The gilet has an amazing super soft fleece lining and a nice high collar to keep you nice and toasty. It is super wadded and so cosy that I don’t think she has taken it off since we got it! They are beautifully made clothes and super durable too – just what you need for your little ones!

We absolutely loved these clothes and now for the best bit..

How would you like the chance of winning £100 of Muddy Puddles clothes for your little ones?

All you have to do is tell us, if you could take your kids anywhere at all in half term for a day, where would it be and what items of clothing from Muddy Puddles would you take with you..? 

Pop along to to have a look at their lovely range of clothes and then leave a comment here on my blog! Simples! And even better, if you retweet the competition on Twitter using the hashtag #muddypuddles it will be counted as a second entry.

 The prize is £100 worth of products from the Muddy Puddles everyday range of t-shirts, tops and hoodies, bottoms and outerwear to our favourite entry and the competition will run until 31st October 2010.

Good luck everyone!

61 thoughts on “Muddy Puddles Review and Competition!

  1. Susan Mann says:

    I love the waterproof boots. They would be great in the non-raining but still wet days. We have a lot of those in Scotland. Plus the ribbet wellies they are the cutest. I could go on and on. I love this site. x


  2. antoniette says:

    id love to take my kiddie winks to see the queen and big ben etc for a day out in our subzero capital id love to wrap my littley in Funky Winter All-in-One


  3. Danielle Welsh says:

    The baby bear suit it looks so snug ! We would use it for our weekly stroll around the park !


  4. Samantha says:

    I’d travel to London by train, go to St James’ Park to feed to squirrels and listen to Big Ben chime the hour and my girls would be wearing Squidgy Puffa Jackets.


  5. bubbleboo says:

    I just love the Rufty Tufty tops, and those fleeces look oh-so-cosy! Impossible to decide! As for where I would love to take Chipmunk for half term…hmm…so many places to choose from!

    I’d probably take him to the WWT centre, so that we could put that lovely Muddy Puddles gear to good use… 😉

    (Also re-tweeted the comp)


  6. Piperty from Twitter says:

    If I could take them anywhere in the world for the day, it’d be exploring the pyramids in Egypt! I think the Aussie Bush Hat would be perfect for my little explorers!


  7. Andrea Cutts says:

    ooh the sqidgy puffa and the snow boots oh and the hat and … I can’t get her inside and she will look so gorgeous – I’m gonna have to purchase some anyway – love it!!!


  8. Karen Langridge says:

    I would take them splashing in muddy puddles in the fantastic monster wellies, wrapped up warm in Sporty Puffa Jacket, am sure we could outlast Peppa Pig and George! x


  9. Beckicklesie says:

    Wow! What a fab prize! I am going to take my little boy splashing in puddles and I would love the Monster wellies that tighten at the top.

    He’d love the design and I’d love the fact that they might just stay on his feet!!!!




  10. Wendy McDonald says:

    I’d take my little lad for a walk in the Cheshire woods with his big sisters. I’d love to kit him out in the Puddleflex bib ‘n’ brace and jacket. Perfect for this time of year to keep him warm and dry!
    Tweeted @wendymcd83


  11. Make do mum says:

    If money was no option it’d have to be a helicopter ride to a remote Scottish island. I love the spotty dress your daughter is modelling and the brown turn up trousers are lovely too.


  12. LauraCYMFT says:

    If a time machine existed then I’d take them back in time to when my Gran was still alive and we could all have a fun day together. Otherwise to Disneyland! I’d have the floral cosy hood on Miss C and Wee Z in the Red check shirt, really cute!


  13. jenny says:

    I would take my little one for a bracing walk by the sea so he would definitely need a thermal fleece romper suit!


  14. Emma Hunter says:

    If I could take a day off in half term I would kit my lovely boy out in the bib and braces,red hoody and take the origional jacket (just incase it rained) and visit Westonbirt Arboretum and let him run around till his hearts content while I could enjoy the beautiful display of colours on the trees….then have hot chocolate and cake after-bliss


  15. cartside says:

    In case this winter will be as cold as the last, the thermal layer would be a must for us – also the really warm snow suit for babies. Muddy Puddles also have the warmest toddler/preschool gloves you can lay your hands on, lined and waterproof at the same time! Perfect for outdoor kindergarten.


  16. Katie Wilson says:

    My perfect day out with my little girl would be rock pools at the beach. We love doing this, we take a photo of everything we find, which basically means I have hundreds of pictures of star fish!! There are some great clothes on muddy puddles for rock pooling. The ladybug wellies would look great with the Rainflex Super Warm-In-One in pink and be a great combo for rock pooling, especially if she falls in!!! Thanks for the comp, have tweeted it too. Sparkles07


  17. Deborah Nicholas says:

    I would have to get Evangeline one of the lovely warm snowsuits and gloves etc – the weather has taken a nasty turn here and any days out need layers upon layers!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂


  18. Emma Bennett says:

    Wow, how to narrow it down, I love the floral fleece hoody, my 6 year old would look awesome in that but I think for a day out I’d get them all in the super warm all in one rain gear and take them to Alton Towers to get soaked on the Pirate Ships! With that kind of gear we could pick the rainiest day, it’d be nice and quiet and we’d all be warm and dry!


  19. Mirka Moore says:

    I would love to take my 3.5 year old Isabelle skiing in the Czech Republic, and she would love their pink snow baby ski set. In fact she is there now…and it’s supposed to be snowing next week ;))) @Kahanka


  20. Shelly Newton says:

    I would take a well earned day off work to spend with my two boys Louie (4) and Rowan (2) and we would go to Garsons Farm in Esher as they have a fantastic pick your own fruit area. I would love to buy the ‘Bib and Brace’ or the ‘all in one’ Waterproofs for them with some warm ‘hooded fleece’ jumpers to keep them warm and dry. Once we have picked our friut and pais for it all (and of course picked up some yummy bits for dinner) then we would head down to the duck pond just outside the farm to sit down and eat our yummy fruit and dip our welly boots in the water when feeding the ducks. Heaven!


  21. Shelly Newton says:

    I just thought i would try my luck at work and managed to get myself the day off tomorrow, so looks like i am going to get to take them to Garsons Farm afterall – thanks for giving me the idea! Cant wait to send the day with mt lovelies. Just hope it’s not too cold!


  22. Dawn Dent says:

    Being 8 and a half months pregnant with our third child, we will not be travelling far at all in the half term. Therefore it will be lots of outdoor play with many local walks ‘investigating’ what wildlife etc we can find. Considering the predictable rain which always comes in the half term, the Original Jacket will be a must for our two children.


  23. missielizzieb says:

    I think it would have to be the paint your own wellies kit (because that looks so cool). we’d have a go at decorating those before we set off.

    Then, dressed in Puddlepac trousers and jacket, we’d take fishing nets and little jam jars on wires down to the ford near where Granny lives and go fishing. Then back to Granny and Papa’s for a lovely roast dinner. Perfect!


  24. Nat says:

    Well, sadly we haven’t been able to go out this half term as Jerry was hit by car so been stuck inside but HAD we of gone we would of gone to the local Eagle sanctuary, kids love it there, but it’s incredibly wet and muddy even on a dry day!

    It would be the puddleflex jacket & trousers. to be able to splash & stay dry & warm


  25. Nurturing Career Mama says:

    I love muddy puddles clothing, bought some lovelly thermal bootees last year and a great all in one suite, but babe has grown out of then. Poor little sad sausage is left to get wet… I’m not a bad mother honest, I just need this prize…so please save her from the cold and wet Muddy Puddles and yummy mummy!


  26. Pants With Names says:

    Where to start? Well, with two boys there is a lot of mud, noise, and mess so I need to get organised to make sure they don’t catch pneumonia! They both need some warmer layers so the Junior Base Layer top and leggings would be a start. Almost certainly a ski jacket too. Would be fabulous. Off to tweet about the competition now.


  27. liveotherwise says:

    We need coats and wellies as we’d spend the day at our new allotment! Fancy green wellies for the kids so that we look the part, even if we haven’t got a clue what we’re doing 🙂


  28. Lucy says:

    We would love the cosy print snow set and would head off to Lapland for some early snowman building and Santa spotting.


  29. Emma says:

    For Oli it would have to be the waterproofs so that when it’s raining during half term we can still go outside and have some fun! 🙂


  30. Michelle (Utterlyscrummy) says:

    I would love the Rainflex Super Warm-in-One and other gorgeous warm things for the youngest or some raincoats, rainleggins and wellies for all 3 girls :o) We don’t have a car so we’d use them waiting for buses or walking in to town in winter


  31. Zoe Campbell says:

    we would go to the local farm and my 6 year old would love the fab gilet. So hard to get her to keep any kind of coat on as she ‘loves to be free’ so hopefully this would keep her toasty warm. We would watch the pig racing and feed the naughty goats.


  32. Michelle Weston says:

    Such lovely items, I don’t know how I would possibly choose! Great for exploring our local country park



  33. Tracy B says:

    I’d love to take my children to somewhere like BeWilderwood in Norfolk.. Outdoor fun!! I would but my girls the ladybug wellies for certain! Those are so cool, and perfect for muddy puddles (Pun intended!lol)


  34. Lisa backhouse says:

    I’d take her down to the rock pools on the beach and would probably choose the super warm-in-one so when the weather got too cold she would still be snuggly warm.


  35. Nige270 says:

    I’d take them to the beach, and the clothing I’d take would be waterproofs. No sunblock this time!!!!


  36. lydia says:

    well we did take our 6 year old to great yarmouth beach, and had the kind of time that childhoods are made from, however, we really could have done with some pirate wellies, a sou’wester and a soft shell thermal jacket for the pirate cove the afternoon it rained!!! brr!


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