..bring on the chaos

It seems like only yesterday that I was squeezed into an impossibly small office with the kitchen designer, my Other Half and four extremely fractious children trying to come up with ideas for our new kitchen. It took hours to come up with the perfect design but the whole time it was niggling me that it just didn’t look right. I was sure that many cupboards wouldn’t fit on to that one wall. And when we got home, I checked the measurements and my niggles were right. I was out by over a metre. And of course, I had done the original measurements so it was all my fault. To be fair, my Other Half was supposed to be doing the measurements but whilst he was looking for the ruler iPhone app *rolls eyes* I got a little impatient and did it myself with a tape measure. Only I got it wrong *sigh*

So anyway, thankfully, it was just the one wall that was wrong but all the same, it of course meant that we had to go back to amend the designs. That poor kitchen design man. I bet he couldn’t believe his luck that he would have to see us again *snort* The sight of my full tribe often brings people out in a cold sweat. Especially when it involves being locked in a small office with them for any length of time. I can’t think why *whistles*

So with the kitchen now decided on, we melt our debit card and arrange for the kitchen fitters to come out to double check the measurements. Can’t think why they would want to do that *cough* But way back then, six weeks seemed like forever to wait for our new kitchen but it has gone so fast! This time next week, they will be here, fitting the new kitchen and I’m dreading it as much as I’m excited about it!

We inherited the most awful kitchen when we moved here and it has slowly been falling apart for years and so I just can’t wait to get the new one. But it’s just the bit that happens in between that fills me with dread. The actual putting in of the kitchen *groan* I know it will be all worth it in the end but I am not looking forward to not having a kitchen for a week. Nor am I looking forward to a house full of electricians and kitchen fitters *sigh*

We live in a bit of a higgledy piggledy shaped house and the utility room comes off the kitchen at an angle, then the kitchen is quite long with the dining area at one end. So basically, this is the largest ‘room’ (although it is actually three rooms) in the house and it is of course, where we ‘live’. First up, we have to take down the dining table (to be put where is yet to be decided, as it is a huge table..) on Thursday night as the kitchen is being delivered in a thousand boxes on Friday and the dining area is the only place it can all go. Next, I have to empty the kitchen in readiness of it all being ripped out on Monday. But can you imagine what might be lurking at the back of the cupboards?! I can, which is why I dread it so much! And then of course, when I have emptied the kitchen there is just the small matter of where am I going to store it all?! Life with four children is chaotic enough, trust me, without this extra upheaval!

I hate having workmen in the house too, just hate it. You don’t feel like your house is your own plus I will be stuck in all day every day. Just the thought of it has me climbing the walls. And of course, I won’t even have a kitchen to busy myself with making them cups of tea *weeps*

I keep chanting to myself that ‘it will all be worth it, it will all be worth it..’ but there is no getting away from what a nightmare it is going to be to get there and I can’t help but think that the full brink of it will fall on my shoulders. I’m the one who will still have to somehow manage without a kitchen for a week, whilst still feeding four children (how?!) I don’t think my Other Half quite realises what an upheaval it is all going to be. And of course my mother has been completely supportive and told me that I’m ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ *sigh*

Good stuff.

Bring on the chaos..

7 thoughts on “..bring on the chaos

  1. Muddling Along says:

    We were supposed to be doing our kitchen next year and the thought of it makes me shudder (not least because it requires a bit of building work) – good luck with it all!


  2. podgypixiejo says:

    good luck! the very thought of having all the workmen in and all the work surrounding it brings me out in a cold sweat. But then, it could be a mighty fine excuse for takeaways at least?


  3. TheMadHouse says:

    I feel your pain, I hated having my kitchen fitted in our first house and it was just me, MadDad and the cats. I have no idea how I would manage it now!


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