Review: HEXBUG Nano

I was lucky enough to be sent three HEXBUG Nano bugs to play with and my 12 year old swiped the lot of them! The rest of us didn’t get a look in!

The HEXBUG Nano is a tiny, collectable, robotic creature that uses vibration to move around just like a real bug. It is powered by a tiny motor and it has fixed legs and it scuttles around and can even navigate its way through mazes! My son has had great fun trying to outsmart the little critter but so far *whispers* hasn’t managed to!!

They are so fascinating to watch as when they do come into contact with something, it will switch directions like a real insect and scurry away! I must admit that when they first arrived, I didn’t see the appeal but once I actually saw them in action, I was fascinated by them! Except of course when a pesky child puts one down my jumper *cough*

And for the collector geeks, my son included of course, there are lots of ‘collections’ and ‘series’ and there are also rare mutations in each series. Each HEXBUG Nano also comes with a unique serial number that can be used to register it online and there you can hunt for rare creatures, play games, earn points and also learn about real scientists (each series of bugs is named after world famous scientists – ours were the Nano Newton Collection)

They come in a whole heap of colours and patterns and come complete with a battery. They cost £8.99 each or you can buy a 5-pack complete series for just £26.99. Also available is a HEXBUG Nano Specimen Case for £19.99 which stores up to 20 of the little robotic creatures. (and this along with a whole load more of Nanos has already been added to my son’s ever increasing Christmas list..)

I think it goes without saying that these were a huge hit with us! And I can think of a few big kids who would love to find these in their stocking on Christmas morning too 😉

All products are now available at Hamleys, Next, Selfridges, Toys R Us, Red5 stores and Red5 in House of Fraser, Waterstones and HMV and other speciality retailers or at

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