On the second day of Christmas….

Christmas is all about tradition and I like to think that I am making memories for my own children. But at this time of year, I can’t help but think back to my own childhood Christmas memories…

I remember when I was really little, I am guessing as young as four, we had a decoration in the hallway and I can still remember to this day just how it looked. It was three hoops wrapped in bright shiny gold tinsel and the hoops all graduated down in size and each one had cardboard Santas hanging off it with one big cardboard Santa hanging in the middle of the three hoops. I was obsessed with the whole ‘Santa is watching, have you been a good girl?’ thing – and of course children, if you are reading – Santa is watching, so you should all be good boys and girls!! Anyway, each day when I came in from school, I would dash to see this beloved decoration and tell the cardboard Santa what a good girl I had been at school. Every day. And every year, this decoration would come out and I remember being so pleased to see it. I loved it!

It was years and years and YEARS later that I mentioned it to my mother and she asked me if I ever wondered why it was hidden away in the hallway. And I hadn’t to be honest, but yes, it was always in the hallway. She explained to me that she actually hated the decoration but because it had been given to her as a gift, she had to put it up in case she was ever asked where it was. So she hid it in the corner of the hall where no one could see it. Or that was what she was hoping. Of course, she didn’t count on her then little girl falling in love with the thing and talking to it telling the cardboard Santa all of her Christmas hopes and dreams. So of course, she then couldn’t bear to part with it either.

Although the hideousness of the decoration meant that it never made it any further than the hallway!

The lovely people at Next have come up with some gorgeous Christmas illustrations for the Twelve Days of Christmas, aren’t they just lovely? If you are looking for more tasteful decorations yourself then look no further than Next for some sparkle-tastic ideas and of course, a whole shop of gorgeous loveliness. If you do take a browse when doing your Christmas shopping, I would love you to click through from my blog as they have offered me a little Christmas cheer should I pass people their way *bats eyelashes*

2 thoughts on “On the second day of Christmas….

  1. Honest Mum says:

    So sweet to reflect on your own childhood Christmas memories. So wish I still believed in Santa. Next is fab for baby clothes too-my fave shops for kid’s clothes!


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