On the fifth day of Christmas….

So we have the tree of humongous proportions.

And I have resisted the urge to chop a bit off the back to make it fit.

Now we need to decorate it..

I love decorating the tree and I love that the children love to help. Even though the whole time I have to stop myself from telling them how to do it.

I love the idea of all decorating the tree together, I really do. And it is a tradition that I never had as a child and would like them to have. But let’s be honest, a tree decorated by four children is never going to be pretty, is it?!

So my tip? Bang on some Christmas music, crack out the mince pies and let the children decorate the tree to their heart’s content. Let them oooh and ahhh over the lovely decorations that you forgot that you had. Resist the urge to twitch as they leave sections completely bare and then pile seven baubles on to one spindly branch. Lift them up in the air to put the fairy on top (without banging their head on the ceiling) and yes, I do need to do this four times for each of my brood or else ‘it’s just not fair’. And then, when the little darlings are in bed, take it all off and start again *snort* I’m sorry, but it’s the only way! The children have the fun of decorating the tree and will never realise that you have umm, re-done it all! And you get the pleasure of having a beautifully redecorated tree. Simples!

The lovely people at Next have come up with some gorgeous Christmas illustrations for the Twelve Days of Christmas, aren’t they just lovely? Of course, if you are looking for gorgeous Christmas decorations then Next are truly sparkle-tastic as well as having a whole shop of gorgeous loveliness at the end of your mouse. And they are also holding a fab daily giveaway in the run up to Christmas – so don’t miss out! And I would love you to give me a helping hand this Christmas and click through from my blog as they have offered me a little festive cheer should I pass people their way. The more clicks I send through, the more festive cheer will be sent my way *bats eyelashes*

4 thoughts on “On the fifth day of Christmas….

  1. Honest Mum says:

    Wow 4 children decorating the tree sounds messy but oh so fun. Am craving mince pies but was considering doing a no carb diet for the next few weeks until Christmas. Am I crazy?


  2. Karen Jones says:

    LOL! Control freak mothers with beautiful homes and trees must do the same all over the country. I for one do just the same as you, although having boys they usually get fed up halft way through and I am left to primp and preen the tree to my hearts content : ) xx Love the snow effect on the blog ! Clever girl xx


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