On the sixth day of Christmas….

Ahh, the school nativity play. Nothing quite like it to bring a tear to the eye of every parent in the land *sniff*

A couple of weeks ago now, my four year old just slipped into conversation one night that she was to be a shepherd in the school play! I was over the moon! Although, I would have been over the moon whatever part she was playing to be fair. But that’s not the point! She has been coming home singing her little Christmas songs all excited about the school play for weeks.

Then last week, she brought a note home asking her to bring in a white vest and white tights for her costume. I didn’t really question it but was just thankful that the school didn’t want me to actually fashion something out of an old tea towel. So I was asking about her costume.

‘Oh Mummy, it is so pretty, you will love it but you might not see my wings as they are on my back.’

*penny drops*

‘Ahh, so you’re not a shepherd, you’re an angel?’

‘No Mummy. I’m a shepherd.’

So off we went to see her nativity yesterday and my goodness they were such brave little things! Nursery and the reception class had their own nativity this year and it was just lovely. So, so lovely! The cuteness factor was just off. The. Scale. As I’m sure you can imagine! Those little sing songy voices never fail to bring a tear to my eye and who doesn’t love ‘Away in a Manger’? *sob*

And my little girl? She was a truly fabulous *cough* shepherd. Although she did look an awful lot like an angel. But hey, I’m not going to argue with her! She was a super star and I was the proudest mummy in the world!

The lovely people at Next have come up with some gorgeous Christmas illustrations for the Twelve Days of Christmas, aren’t they just lovely? Of course, I don’t need to tell you that Next are truly sparkle-tastic and there is a whole shop of gorgeous loveliness at the end of your mouse.  And I would love you to give me a helping hand this Christmas and click through from my blog when doing your shopping as they have offered me a little festive cheer should I pass people their way. The more clicks I send through – the more festive cheer will be sent my way *bats eyelashes*

5 thoughts on “On the sixth day of Christmas….

  1. Contented Calf says:

    Just lovely 🙂 My babe is only 16 months, but I’m sure I’ll be just the same in a few years time. In fact I can already feel the tears welling at the thought. What happens to us once we’re mummy?! 😉


  2. Sharon Hingley says:

    Oh bless , I miss those days. There is nothing like a school nativity to bring a tear to your eye.


  3. Cari says:

    We had a special nativity this year, the only time both my daughters will be in it together. Eldest was chief angel and youngest a sheep – we were so proud of them both!


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