Horrid Henry’s Horrid Adventure

I think Horrid Henry is one of the very few things on tv that all my children will sit down to watch together – they all love him! So I was very popular when I was sent the new Horrid Henry’s Horrid Adventure Nintendo DS game to review!

Henry is in real trouble – no change there then! Moody Margaret has taken all of the toys from Henry’s bedroom and even worse still – his Purple Hand Gang flag! So the aim of the game is to find all of the toys and catch Moody Margaret or else she’ll be the leader of the Purple Hand Gang forever! Noooo!

Horrid Henry's Horrid Adventure (Nintendo DS)

It was no surprise that this game was a huge hit with my children as they are such big Horrid Henry fans. There are 36 levels set over 3 fantastic worlds plus 2 bonus challenges. You can collect yoyos to unlock self defence items and there is lots of goo, bubbles, and balloon gadgets along the way. There seems to be a nice balance too of it being not too easy that it has kept their interest but also not too hard that they have lost all interest. Both my son and daughter have had lots of fun playing this and both say that they will go back to play it time and time again.

This definitely gets a huge thumbs up from us!

Horrid Henry’s Horrid Adventure for Nintendo DS is available in all good retailers now with an RRP of £24.99.

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