On the eighth day of Christmas….

I might not be the most organised of people *cough* but I do try to avoid getting caught out leaving the top-of-the-Christmas-wish-list-for-my-child-and-every-other-child-in-the-country item until last. So at the end of November I went online to order my eleven year old daughter’s must lusted after JLS dolls. And yes, they are for my daughter, not for me. I swear!

So I was feeling all smug at the thought of them being on their way to me and it wasn’t even December yet – get me! I wouldn’t be fighting in the aisles of Wilkos for the last Aston doll, no siree!

And then came the snow.

And the distinct lack of post.

Eventually, along came Marvin, Ortise and JB. But still no sign of Aston. It would just have to be her favourite one, wouldn’t it?! And as the weeks passed, the panic set in.

The seller assured me that it had been dispatched but the thought of it going missing, well, just wasn’t and option!

Then I was set with the dilemma of do I find a replacement just to make sure that I had one in time for Christmas then return the ordered one if it ever turned up? But then of course, I was facing the trauma of shops also having every doll except for Aston! Nightmare!

But, just in the nick of time, well actually with two weeks to spare, he arrived! On a Sunday no less! Panic over! His box has a huge dent but he is here! And we don’t have to cancel Christmas anymore!

The things we do for our children, eh? Madness! I would have climbed to the ends of the earth to have found that stupid JLS doll for my daughter. Well, maybe not the ends of earth, but I would have sharpened my elbows for a trip to Wilkos anyway 😉

Okay, so here’s the deal for those of you who don’t know already, the lovely people at Next have come up with some fab illustrations celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas that I’m sharing on my blog. They have very kindly offered to share a little Christmas cheer with me, should I pass people their way this Christmas time. So the more click throughs I send their way, the bigger my reward! And what’s more, Next are holding fantabulous daily giveaways in the run up to Christmas so not only would you be helping me out *bats eyelashes* you can also enter their competition to be in with a chance of winning prizes up to £1,000! So feel free to click, click, CLICK!

6 thoughts on “On the eighth day of Christmas….

  1. Honest Mum says:

    This post was just too cute. Now I even want the JLS dolls and I haven’t even seen them. Perhaps I can buy them for my 11 month old as a decoy. Now you can have a Merry Christmas. Yay!


  2. Debbie says:

    At least yours have made a list. I can’t get my son to commit to what he wants. He’s getting a DS XL whether he likes it or not. I’m fairly certain he will – and if not then I will…..


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