Toys R Us Toyologist Review

To see all of my reviews for the Toys R Us Toyologist programme to date, just scroll down and click on the ‘Toyologist’ tag in the cloud on the right-hand sidebar. In the meantime, here are lots more fab reviews for you!

Thinkfun Zingo Game (£12.99)

Ravensburger Thinkfun Zingo Game

I was actually surprised at how much my children loved this simple Bingo-style game! Zingo is great for all the family and this was something that we could all play together or my eldest two play with the little ones. The basic premise of the game is that you have to fill your Zingo cards with matching tiles from the Zingo Zinger card dispenser and the first player to fill their card wins!

It was great for my four year old as the tiles use pictures and words, it is great for her as she is just beginning to learn how to read. The game helps her to start recognising the words but the fact that she can’t actually read yet doesn’t stop her from enjoying the game – it really is perfect for her! The game definitely teaches shape and pattern recognition and develops short term memory skills.

This was a great fun – and educational – game and I would definitely recommend it. At just £12.99 too I do think that it is great value. This gets a thumbs up from us!

Galt Disgusting Science Kit (£9.99)

Galt Disgusting Science Kit

This is a truly revolting science kit and of course, my son loved it! Grow your own germs, mix up coagulating fake blood, make super gross snow and a smelly intestine! You see what actually grows on your body and learn the science behind unmentionable bodily functions while doing some disgusting experiments.What’s not to love?! *shudder* My son is a bit of a science geek it has to be said and it is fabulous to find a toy that really captures him just like this did.

It comes with a whole host of stuff to get you going with your experiments (although some other household items are required but nothing that you can’t easily lay your hands on) This is recommended for age 8+ and some adult supervision is definitely required unless you don’t mind your new white bathroom towels being used to mop up spilt red food colouring. And yes, I am speaking from experience *cough*

Overall though, this gets another thumbs up from us, my lovely towels aside, my son absolutely loved this set! And at just £9.99 I do think that it makes for great value.

Silverlit Radio Controlled Insecta Grasshopper (£19.99)

Silverlit Radio Control Insecta Grasshopper

The Silverlit Radio Control Insecta Grasshopper would make a great toy for big kids too! I know my Other Half took a shine to this one ‘just to show the children how to do it properly’ you understand! It’s great though and the Insecta Grasshopper can be controlled to a range of up to 30 feet and you can learn how to take-off, hover, descend, turn left and right.  It is fab for indoors play and when my son finally got his hands on it *ahem* he loved it! Really loved it!

It does need 6 batteries that aren’t included but I have to say that it does actually hold its charge well considering the amount of time that ours has been played with. That said, at £19.99 I do think that it is good value even without the batteries being included and this definitely got a thumbs up from my big and not so big boys!

PlayDoh Puppies Playset (£12.97)

Play-Doh Puppies Playset

All four of mine have all loved Play-Doh and so I knew this cute set would be a huge hit and it really was! We had lots of fun moulding cute puppies with the dough and you can use the basket and bowl moulds to create pretend food and toys. My two year olds favourite bit was giving the mummy dog lots of hair and she loved making paw prints and pretend puppy food.

This set really didn’t disappoint and even came with four whole pots of Play-Doh to get going with. This would make a great starter set if somebody was new to Play-Doh or indeed, a great addition to anyone who has already discovered the joys! We are huge fans and we all had lots of fun with this. At just £12.97 too it is just such great value as it is one of those crafty toys that you get out to play time and time again. This gets a huge thumbs up from us!


2 thoughts on “Toys R Us Toyologist Review

    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      I know exactly what you mean, we have the Fun Factory set that the little one needs help with as we always seem to get the Play-Doh stuck but I have to say that she found this playset much easier to play with.


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