On the twelfth day of Christmas….

I have finally started to get a little more organised and bought some presents! Get me! Presents bought with still a week to go! Don’t get me wrong, I still have lots more to get but it’s a start at least and best of all, it means that I can start wrapping. My favourite bit!

I love waiting until the children are all sound asleep and then sneaking all of the gifts downstairs. The twinkly lights on the tree, a glass of something on the go, some old Christmas repeat on tv – or better still – Love Actually. That is the best film to wrap to – love it! And I love taking my time over each present with the paper folded all perfectly, lovely ribbons and bows. Of course, it goes without saying that come Christmas morning, the kids are in there like bulls in a china shop and they don’t stop to admire my beautiful wrapping.. In fact, it would be a bit weird if they did, come to think of it.. But that doesn’t stop me taking my time over each and every present I wrap. I love doing it.

As for my Other Half, well honestly I despair of his wrapping! Unless he gets the shop assistant to do it for him then his wrapping is just appalling! Bear in mind, the only gifts that he has to wrap are mine – I do the rest! A couple of years ago he decided to go for a christmas cracker wrapping theme. This meant that all my presents were wrapped round and round with paper that he then sellotaped round and round on the ends and the left over paper bits he cut into them like the crackers you made at school when you were about seven. Honestly, you have never seen anything like it! Hilarious! Last year he gave up completely on the idea of wrapping and just bought a huge box to put all of my presents into. What is it with men and wrapping?! Useless! 😉

Okay, so here’s the deal for those of you who don’t know already, the lovely people at Next have come up with some fab illustrations celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas that I’m sharing on my blog. They have very kindly offered to share a little Christmas cheer with me, should I pass people their way this Christmas time. So the more click throughs I send their way, the bigger my reward! And what’s more, Next are holding fantabulous daily giveaways in the run up to Christmas so not only would you be helping me out *bats eyelashes* you can also enter their competition to be in with a chance of winning prizes up to £1,000! So feel free to click, click, CLICK!!

5 thoughts on “On the twelfth day of Christmas….

  1. Gavin Cruickshank says:

    I admit it, blokes are indeed useless at wrapping presents. If I, for instance, try to cover a book, it ends up looking like a TV aerial. That’s why everyone gets an aeriel for Christmas now.

    I’m not sure why we should be lacking this skill.


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