Toys R Us Toyologist Review

Don’t forget, all of my reviews for the Toys R Us Toyologist scheme can be found under the ‘Toyologist’ tag on the right hand sidebar. In the meantime, I have some more toys up for review for you today! Don’t forget to join Toys R Us UK over on Facebook too for all the latest news and competitions.

Pirate Snakes and Ladders and Ludo game (£8.99)

Pirate Snakes and Ladders and Ludo

We love playing board games, it has to be said. With having a big age gap between my children, board games are great as they are something that the older ones can help the little ones play with and it is great to all play together.

This game was fab! It’s an exciting pirate twist on two old favourites – snakes and ladders, and ludo. I love the fact that you are getting two games thanks to the double-sided playing board and at £8.99 it is such great value. It is recommended for 2-4 players and for ages 5-9 years.

This gets a thumbs up from us and I know that we will play with this time and time again.

Snazaroo Boy Face Paints (£9.99)

Snazaroo Face Paints

Face paints are always a favourite at parties and of course make a fantastic way to spend a rainy (or snowy!) afternoon. This was a great set and comes complete with eight different colours, a brush and sponge. There is also a step-by-step guide which is full of ideas.

The paints are completely hypoallergenic and non-toxic  and also – more importantly come Monday morning when they are back at school – really easy to remove!

For the hours and hours of fun that we had with these, they are well worth every bit of the small price of £9.99.

The Logo Board Game (£24.97)


The Logo Board Game

This is a game for older children and is recommended for ages 12+ but in actual fact, it would also make a great after dinner game for adults too – it’s great fun! Basically it’s a board game battle featuring company and product logos that you know and love. I was actually surprised at just how many my 11 and 12 year old could recognise! 

We really enjoyed playing this and it makes a nice change to the old favourites it has to be said. I think the price of £24.97 is reasonable and certainly comparable to other board games of this type.  

Twist & Spin Jewellery Maker (£19.99)

Twist & Spin Jewellery Maker 


My eleven year old daughter claimed this toy in a flash! She loves making jewellery and absolutely loved this set. It comes with the Twist & Spin unit that twists and spins at the touch of a button. You can make necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories and the set includes over 100 beads and over 9 metres of cord as well as lots of fasteners. It also includes and instruction leaflet with lots of ideas too but my daughter was happy to twist together her own designs to create her own jewellery.

The unit does require batteries that aren’t included but given all of the accessories, I still think that the set is really good value at £19.99 and this got a huge thumbs up from my daughter.

Animagic Newborn Puppies (£9.97)

Animagic New Born Puppy - Scamp

This newborn puppy was so cute and the picture there doesn’t quite do it justice – it really is much cuter in real life! My girls loved this puppy. You feed it from the bottle and it makes happy slurpy sounds but if you take the bottle away too soon it calls you back for more and barks! Best of all is when it falls to sleep – it snores! So cute – it really is.

The puppy comes complete with batteries and at just £9.97 I really do think this is great value for money given what a hit it was with my girls.

Baby Alive Changing Time Baby (£27.97)

 Baby Alive Molly Mealtime

My little girls love babies but were absolutely fascinated with Baby Alive! What is the fascination with changing nappies? I’m not sure but hey – they love it and they are the toyologists!

Baby Alive comes with a feeding bottle and packets of food mix that you can make using her bowl and spoon. She makes adorable little noises as you feed her and then of course – the best bit – you get to change her nappy! She comes complete with clothes and a bib and when she has finished eating she has a play mode too and if you squeeze her little bracelet she kicks her legs and gurgles.

She comes complete with batteries and of course lots of little accessories so I think at £27.97 is really good value. She definitely gets a huge thumbs up from my girls!

Barbie Body Tattoo Centre (£19.99)

Barbie Body Tattoo Centre

The phenomenon that is Barbie has long since left my eldest daughter and is yet to reach my little ones so we gave this to a friend’s daughter to test for us and she loved it!

The centre features numerous tattoos, all based on the best-known Barbie fashion icons. It includes all the accessories you need such as an airbrush, pens, glitter, stencils and body transfers so you can create cool temporary body decorations. It all folds together in a practical storage case too, so you can take your Barbie everywhere with you! It includes 50 tattoos for you and 28 stickers for Barbie.

It does require four batteries that aren’t supplied but my friend’s little girl had a ball with this and they think that is is definitely worth the £19.99 price tag.

Bop It (£17.97)

Bop It

Bop It calls out commands and you react as fast as you can and twist it, pull it and shout it! The better you get, the faster it goes and it is quick to tell you off should you miss a beat! It’s actually much harder than it looks and the kids managed to absolutely whoop me every time no matter how hard I tried!

It is recommended for ages 8+ and it really is great fun and I think good value at £17.97. My eldest two absolutely loved this toy!

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