Slendertone Face

Sometimes, it pays to be a bit cheeky and just last week on Twitter I saw that Slendertone were looking for people to trial their products so I tried my luck and a few days later look what arrived in the post!

Yes, consider me your very own human guinea pig as I am going to be giving the Slendertone Face a trial over the next six weeks!

Slendertone Face delivers gentle levels of EMS toning technology which stimulates the muscles used in facial expression to combat the natural sag of the ageing process. The electrotherapy gently and effectively exercises the facial muscles of expression to tone and life the face. It claims that by increasing circulation to the facial muscles, it rejuvenates your skin, improving its clarity and radiance.

I will be using my Slendertone Face for 20 minutes a day over the next six weeks with five days on, two days off as they recommend. Over that time I will be letting you know what I think here on the blog and you might even catch me over on Twitter – tweeting as I twitch! Of course it goes without saying that I promise to be completely honest in my reviews.

So, watch this space!

9 thoughts on “Slendertone Face

  1. karen Jones says:

    Now then ! I thought you were going to post a picture ! You are famous, I know you are : ) Will You be wearing a disguise at Cybermummy ? Can’t wait to read the results. My Slendertone Abs is unbelievable. I am sure it will work xx


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