(mostly) yummy mummy mostly loves..

This week, (mostly) yummy mummy mostly loves..

..this gorgeous white rococo picture frame

I spotted it in Marks and Spencer’s and it is just perfect for my bedroom. I haven’t decided what picture to put in it yet so for now, I have just put an offcut of my bedroom wallpaper in there, just so that I can put it up! It’s far too nice to be sat in a bag somewhere while I take forever to decide what to put in it. Besides, the wallpaper does look quite nice in there!

The frame can be wall mounted or stood up as it has an arm. It’s incredibly heavy though and I was scared of one of the little ones knocking it if I just had it on my dresser. Besides which, I had an empty wall crying out for a frame! The detail really is incredible though and the intricate detailing is just beautiful.

I have the largest size they do (20x25cms) but they do them in smaller sizes too and even in a gold finish. I love it!

18 thoughts on “(mostly) yummy mummy mostly loves..

  1. Monica says:

    I have been looking for exactly this for ages!!!!! I saw one in a clothes shop and even asked them if they would sell it to me but they refused 😦

    Thanks soooooo much! xx

    The link doesn’t work though.


  2. pamperedmummy says:

    It is beautiful I was hanging my nose over them the other day. May just have to pop and get one this weekend.


  3. Karen Jones says:

    Lovely ! I have some very similar. You won’t be surprised to know They were picked up from the boot sale, horribly painted. Hubby is painting one white and one pink for me at the moment. I will show you on my new blog when done : ) xxx Love the wallpaper. I do believe we are twinsoulmates in style xxxx


  4. icklebabe_com says:

    oh so pretty! I love it..great minds again too! I have been looking for similar to frame some new work projects I’m doing,lovely wall paper too..love birdies x


  5. Carly says:

    oh I adore it…I am currently doing up the spare room in this style. Also need to locate a massive version of this in a mirror for my wedding reception (Persian custom to have a mirror!) so if you find any let me know x


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