P2 Games have launched a new Humf app based on the top rated TV show on Nick Jr and my little ones were more than happy to help me review it!

The app is available for the iPhone and iPod touch and has been designed specifically for pre-school children to pick up and play by themselves. I’m sure I’m not the only parent to often lose their iPhone to their sticky fingered little offspring!

I really liked this app as it has a selection of 9 mini-games – so plenty of variety to keep their attention. And of course, it features all the original characters, music and sound effects, capturing all of the excitement from the  much-loved children’s TV show.

 There is the Furry Thing game where you combine different body parts and create new and familiar furry things, Painting where you help Wallace to paint colourful pictures, Tidy Up helps Humf clean up his room by matching the toys to their correctly coloured boxes (if only they would imitate this one in real life..),  Shadows where different shapes cast different shadows and you have to match them up, Balloons where you help Loon to fill the balloons with air, count them then have fun popping them with Humf (my daughter’s favourite game!), Dot-To-Dot where you join the dots to reveal different characters from the TV show, Music which is great as you can have fun making music with different instruments, Bath Time where you use the water pistol to shoot bubbles at the toys and Racing where you control the car by tilting the device in different directions.

I have to say that my little ones can navigate my iPhone with ease and this game has definitely been created with little ones in mind. The games are simple to follow and the app is very easy to navigate around. And like I say, with that many games within the one app, there is plenty of variety to keep their interest. 

 This definitely got a huge thumbs up from my little ones!

You can visit for more information and the Humf App is available for just £1.79 pp Store on iPhone and iPod touch or

*For the purpose of this review we were very kindly able to download this iPhone app for free

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