Peppa Pig – Polly Parrot

As I’m sure you may have gathered we are HUGE Peppa Pig fans so when we were asked to review the new Polly Parrot iPhone app we were happy to help!

The new Peppa Pig Polly Parrot App from P2 Games is available now on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch and I have to say that it didn’t come as a surprise that my little ones loved it being the huge Peppa fans that they are, but it is actually a fab app for pre-schoolers. It is really easy to navigate and has clearly been made in with little ones in mind. Even my youngest who has just turned three, plays this game without any help from me.

The Peppa Pig Polly Parrot app has three interactive games plus a special bonus reward sticker book. It features the original music and sound effects from the TV show and is a great way for your children to enjoy their favourite characters when they are at home or on-the-go!

The app includes a Talking Parrot game where players can make Polly Parrot say a variety of silly phrases (which prompted lots of giggled from my girls!), then there is Feed Parrot where Polly Parrot is hungry and wants her crackers and you have to count the correct number of crackers that Polly wants or select the correct ones based on the colour that Polly wants (great for early counting and colour recognition skills), there is Where’s Polly when naughty Polly has escaped from her cage and you have to find her in a hide and seek style game and finally Sticker Book where players collect virtual stickers as they go along in the other games then they get to decorate a ‘sticker book’ with the different items and characters.

My girls loved the first Peppa Pig app Happy Mrs Chicken and were equally as excited by this new game. I think it is safe to say that I have lost my iPhone forever now! 

 The Peppa Pig Polly Parrot app is available for £1.79 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at or for more details of other exciting Peppa Pig interactive games and activities, you can visit

*For the purpose of this review, we were very kindly able to download this app for free.

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