Be My Valentine..

Well Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and honestly, for me, it couldn’t be less romantic.

Being told when I should show my loved one just how much I love him by buying a furry devil holding a silk love heart *barf* just isn’t for me. Nor is my Other Half buying me a heart shaped box of chocolates or a dozen red roses for at least three times as much as usual. Where is the romance in that? Besides which, I don’t even like red roses. Any other colour, yes. But not red. It’s probably the whole Valentine’s Day thing that has put me off them come to think of it..

But surely it means so much more to buy a gift just because? And especially when you least expect it. Or not even a gift, doesn’t it mean more to tell or show someone that you love them just because? I think it does. Receiving a token of someone’s love because the big display in the shop told him he had to kind of takes the romance away for me. Or am I just being a misery guts?

I can definitely see the fun of Valentine’s if you are single and receive a mystery card. I have been with my darling Other Half for just about an eternity but I can just about remember those days! Of course, in my case the excitement was short-lived when I later discovered that the card was sent from our paperboy who used to walk two steps behind me all the way home from school. I should add that I was still at school myself at this point! But in this digital age, do people still do the whole sending of mystery cards? I don’t know, I’m so far out of that loop now and probably showing my age! But I’d like to think that they did, now that does have some romance about it!

So Valentine’s Day for me? Yes, I will be buying my Other Half a card (if I manage to get to the shops that is!) and no doubt I will make something nice for dinner. But we will be joined by our lovely brood as well of course. So a romantic dinner for six?! But I hope he knows me well enough to know that I don’t need Valentine’s Day or indeed (and more importantly!) a heart shaped balloon to show me how much he cares. And I kind of hope he feels the same too 😉

19 thoughts on “Be My Valentine..

  1. Alethea says:

    My Hubby is terribly romantic, but not because Hallmark tell him to be. He bought me a red digital scale for the kitchen cause I was enjoying baking so much . . . so much more romantic than a heart shaped balloon.

    As for a Valentine meal for six . . . there is your proof that you two are delightfully romantic ;-D!


  2. icklebabe_com says:

    AWWW ..starngly your anti valentines post is the most romantic one I have read, sounds like both you and Mr Yummy are very lucky to have each other wifey XXXX


  3. Tina says:

    The paper boy was a step up from me…. my MOTHER sent me one every year lmao.
    I hate Vday too, my hubby loves it, so we compromise & celebrate it early. (He gets presents, I get to be left in peace on the day itself). haha xx


  4. Edie Mindell says:

    My husband is very romantic in his own way of making me feel special and loved. He does his part of taking care of the kids and doing household chores. For me, that’s very romantic. No need for roses and chocolates.:-)


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