I wouldn’t have it any other way BUT..

I really don’t want this to misconstrued as a moaning post, so I should start up by saying that I love my big family to bits and really wouldn’t have it any other way..


And there had to be a but..

Sometimes, it really is hard work!

Don’t get me wrong, I never expected it to be anything but and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way. When you have a brood of four, so many people say “Oh, I don’t know how you manage with that many children blah blah blah..” And for the most part, you just brush it off and play it down. But then on the not so good days, and I don’t believe anyone doesn’t have those days, I sit down and think “No, I don’t know how I manage either..”

Some days, it truly feels like I scrape through by the skin of my teeth rather than actually manage. But I’m sure many could say the same whether they have one child or a dozen, right?

I love school holidays. Not just because of the lazier mornings (let’s face it, having four children means that it can never be truly lazy but not having the rush of the school run certainly makes it easier.) But I love having them all at home. I love spending time together. Although when you are trying to entertain children with such huge age differences, there are always going to be fall-outs. There is nothing like the clash of toddler temper tantrums with the pre-teen hormonal screaming matches. It sounds like a madhouse, and sometimes, it really is just that! I sometimes think that half term comes along to keep those broody feelings at bay because four children really is enough! Not that I am completely convinced of that. But I guess that is another rambling post for another day..

I don’t get any help as such when it comes to babysitting etc, my family aren’t too forthcoming on that front I’m afraid. So for the most part, it is just the six of us. With me being the stay at home parent of course the main brunt of the childcare naturally falls on me and for the most part, I am so run off my feet that I don’t have time to give it a second thought as to just how hard it can be. But there are times when it all just feels pretty relentless. My youngest two still don’t always sleep through the night which is physically exhausting! I can count the number of full nights sleep I’ve had in the last five years on one hand, I swear! For the most part, you just get on with it of course, but on other days, those not so good days, I could just crawl up and sleep for a week in the constantly overflowing laundry basket.

There’s my next point. The housework. I am far from being a perfect housewife, trust me! But trying to keep the house tidy when you are surrounded by little people who are intent on turning it upside down is just never-ending! I seem to spend my days taking everything upstairs that should be downstairs, and downstairs what should be upstairs. Between the four of them (and sometimes Daddy can be just as bad..) they literally turn the house upside down on a daily basis. And I put it back together again. Of course, only the things that you haven’t done get noticed, not the other hundred things that you have done. And I am the only person who ever knows where anything is. Or can stack the dishwasher properly. Or feed the cat. Or can put laundry in the basket not in a pile at the side of the basket. Or replenish empty toilet rolls. You get the picture.

But do you know what? I am thankful that I have more good days than not so good. The good days help you to get through the not so good days. I really do mean it when I say that.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

Sometimes I can’t believe just how lucky I am to have my lovely brood.*

*Cue cheesy music. Sick bags are available upon request.

89 thoughts on “I wouldn’t have it any other way BUT..

  1. Unpacked Mummy says:

    What a lovely well summed up post! I only have one child right now but I feel the same and wonder how parents of four manage. The idea of four kids sticks in my head as I was one of four growing up, there is a fifth, but that’s a whole other long story!

    You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get run down sometimes. I am a single mum, soon to be a single mum of two, and it’s all on my shoulders too. I receive no support from my childrens fathers, or much from my own family really. I have no one I could call on to babysit. It can be a lonely tough life, when everything is down to you, everything is on your shoulders and only you can do some things, but you are oh so right. Our circumstances might be different, but like mums the world over we get fed up at times, but on the whole, it is all so so worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing either xxx


  2. Alethea says:

    Well I think you must have a Super Women outfit stashed somewhere cause I certainly couldn’t do it!
    I only have the Little Man, and he generally sleeps through, and I am still a wreck. The housework creeps up on me like a slow wave and then engulfs me in an instant. One day of not paying attention and it all goes pear shaped . . . much like my post-baby body.
    Don’t bet yourself up, just install a lock on the bathroom door.

    Oh, and can I bedazzle and glitterize my sick bag, brown is so last year 😉


  3. Melissa abbott says:

    I couldnt sum it up better myself. Having just had a wet,gloomy half-term break (Feb is always the worst) and with my gang of four I feel exhausted and in need of a break! being one of 5 I never think of myself as having a big family, only made it to 4! however there are times when I feel truly outnumbered! Mine are all girls and without a doubt it’s the washing/ironing that depresses me! that and spending a lot of time putting thing in the right place, yes and my husband could do with a lesson on that as well!


  4. pinkunderbelly says:

    We’re living parallel lives across the pond! I too wonder how such small people can wreak such havoc on my house. I dutifully gather all their assorted stuff and pile it on the stairs, thinking they will carry it up and put it away where it belongs, but instead they step over it, again and again, eventually kicking and scattering until I pick it up again. I love the image of you fast asleep in the overflowing laundry basket. I’m with ya!


  5. sqweekie says:

    I feel like that too! I have two boys and work full time. I have no idea how I do it – thank god for my iphone as I set reminders for everything otherwise I would never remember what everyone is meants to be doing!
    I had 2 weeks last year when my husband took the kids on holiday and it was bliss! I could actually breathe and relax and it made me realise how little I actually do relax.


  6. aka gringita says:

    Lovely post, hang in there… oh, and teach the elder ones how to help with laundry. It’s a skill everyone should have (it was only too sad to get to college and discover how many people hadn’t a clue about how this gets done, as if elves-in-the-night had been doing it at their house all their lives). Even when we were small we were expected to at least put our own clothes away (saving mom one extra trip up the stairs in the day, and negating the whole “what did you do with my clothes?” argument when we were teens).

    Though that will mean you lose that prime napping spot. 😉


  7. gmomj says:

    I hear you girl.
    I had/have 6 (gasp) yeah whatever it’s the same as four only one more of each.
    My husband always says our first mistake was letting them outnumber us.
    But they grow up!
    Kind of.
    Roaches…they always come back…..
    But seriously.
    I’m crazy about my litter and wouldn’t trade them for the world. Well maybe one of them…
    Good luck mom!


  8. Gigi says:

    OH, I think SO many of us get EXACTLY what you’re saying! I do anyway. I too LOVE my life, my kids, my family, and I really am thankful to be able to stay at home and raise my girls but, as you said, some days it s bit tougher…its hard work! Keep up the good work… vent when you need to… and take some time for yourself every so often too. 🙂


  9. Jackie says:

    Wow – look at how busy and exhausted you are and then look at the fact that you take the time to blog and managed to get Freshly Pressed! Truly impressive that a woman so busy can sit down and take the time to do this – congratulations are in order all around.


  10. The Mad House says:

    I think it is one of the thinks that us mums suffer with all the time. But the housework will be there when you are not. Time to get the older ones to start pulling their weight. Both the boys have chores and MadDad too!


  11. Sharon says:

    Enjoy it while you can, I know everyone says it – and they said it to me and I didn’t belieive it – but they soon grow up and leave. Now it’s just me, OH and the kitten!
    I used to get the big ones to help with the small ones, even if it was just playing Lego or reading a story or watching Thomas the Tank with them – they quite like the excuse to re visit their toddler days – and they’re also useful at keeping an eye on them so that you can go to the loo alone!


  12. Mikalee Byerman says:

    That is a truly beautiful sentiment, and so true.

    And one question that I have: I noticed my laundry increase by a factor of 10 going from a family of three to a family of four. Does it increase by a factor of, say, 1,000 when going from four to six?

    You have my undying respect. 🙂


  13. J Roycroft says:

    My wife chose to be a stay at home mom. I have the utmost respect for your class of mother. Congrats on FP


  14. beasleymotorsports says:

    I only have one myself, but I really enjoyed reading this! I truly admire women like y’all, who manage lots of kids, along with their activities, school, the house, the laundry, and on and on ad nauseam…Three cheers for SUPERMOMS!


  15. Liz says:

    I just wrote a post asking readers if they feel like “bad” mommies when they need a “break” from their day-to-day life. I feel guilty sometimes for feeling the way you wrote above, but reading your post made me feel a little better. Thanks!

    Congrats for being published on Freshly Pressed!

    Have a great day!


  16. Aligaeta says:

    Hang tough momma! I won’t say it gets harder as they grow, but it doesn’t get any easier. It’s just different. As you know, the mess will be back, it’s five against one. The trick is in the extra laundry baskets to clear the toys out of where they don’t belong.

    And I heard on the Nate Bergus Show… keep a bottle of shout where you change the toddler so you can spray the stains as you find them, it will make doing the laundry easier, not having to examine each article of clothing.

    Great post… the love shines through!


  17. Jacq says:

    I get everything you are saying, except I’m quite certain that 4 is enough. In fact I suspect that 4 is more than enough for me. I made sure DH got ‘done’ asap after DS as I knew he’d be after and sure enough he started talking about babies when DS was barely two. I barely have enough time for all of them as it is, another one would be the camel’s straw I’m sure.


  18. Contented Calf says:

    Great post!! 🙂

    And reading the comments got me searching for the lyrics of a song we sang at primary school. Luckily someone else had remembered it too (along with a lot more words than are still left in my brain! ;-)) Enjoy:

    Who’s stronger than a lion, gentle as a lamb,
    Funnier than Chaplin, wise as Solomon?
    Who flies around like lightening and never goes to bed?
    It’s Supermum, the wonder-worker: Kills all known germs dead!

    Supermum, you’re wonderful, but very underpaid.
    Supermum, you’re cook and cleaner, handyman and maid.
    If you put in a bill, for all the work you do,
    There’d be an awful lot of wages due.

    She’s generous as Robin Hood and all his merry men.
    She’s as kind as Florence Nightingale, and then as kind again.
    Like superman, she’s X-ray vision (she can see through me)!
    With a voice to rival Tarzan’s when she calls us in for tea.


    She’s more wonderful than Wonder-Woman, really quite a gal;
    More honest and clean living than Batman and his pal.
    Her bark is just like Lassie’s, far worse than any bite.
    A sharp word from our mum would give Count Dracula a fright!


    She produces far more lollipops than Kojak ever had;
    She’s handier with a power-tool than anybody’s dad.
    She’s brainier than K9 and his Master Dr Who:
    Do you get the message Supermum? There’s no one quite like you.


    She could be made Prime Minister, she’d be superb at that;
    She could be Queen of England, but she’d never wear a hat.
    She should be made World President, she’s sensible and good;
    She’d keep them superpowers in line if anybody could!


  19. Tori Nelson says:

    You are a domestic champion 🙂
    I am a mom of one and feel like I stay behind all the time. Between the cleaning, rushing, errands, and laundry there is always something to be done. Kudos to you for a great attitude towards your busy life as a mama!


  20. ournote2self says:

    I have 2 kids and they definitely are more work than I sometimes think I can handle, but I wouldn’t trade my life for the world. When my 3 year old looks at me and tells me he loves me, it makes everything worth while. 🙂


  21. So Resourceful says:

    Great post.

    I grew up as the eldest of six kids, and from a very young age my mother taught me (and to a lesser extend my younger siblings) all sorts of household jobs and tasks that then became my job. I tihnk it was the only way she could keep her sanity! Make sure you don’t end up sticking in the role of doing everything, start teaching your children to pull their weight from a young age, so that after a day of wreaking havoc on the house they can help sort it all out again!


  22. shinypigeon says:

    I can really feel for you.
    I am the eldest of four and when I moved out aged 17, my mum struggled for a while with my 3 younger brothers who were 15, 5 & 3 at the time. Without my OCD cleanliness and free babysitting, she found it difficult to do it all, especially with heading out to work on top. Housework isn’t even on her radar anymore….
    Since moving out, when I go home for visits, she hands over the reins and has some ‘me time’. I take over as ‘Mum’, I cook all the meals, do the upside down house cleaning dance, walk the dog, feed the cats, enuse the hamster is cleaned out, and make sure that everyone is in bed when they need to be. I did this last summer for the entire six weeks of the school holidays, and nearly had a mental breakdown. I have every respect for you doing this 24/7, 365 days a year.
    Keep you chin up, dish out some chores, and try and find a little solace whenever you can!


  23. Icklebabe.com says:

    Wifey, I swear you have been reading my mind. Every word rings with so much truth, I feel like yelling… U got it sista!!!…but the kids would probably think I am weird ; ) so I am whispering quietly… Me too…. Long live the big unruly, slightly deranged family… But maybe a tiny little holiday every now and then would be nice! Xxxx


  24. 2010businessblogger says:

    I am just amazed how positive you are about your position. It must be quite challenging for you to keep up with everything!


  25. STATUSchick says:

    I’m right there with ya! I went to IHOP this morning for Free Pancake Day with my little guy and 2 other SAHM’s you know…to get some air…even though our kids were with us! I take what I can get! (cue sick bag)


  26. zeke & destroy says:

    “Of course, only the things that you haven’t done get noticed, not the other hundred things that you have done.”
    I only have two boys, but I am right there with you. Sigh.


  27. Mumonamission says:

    Fab Post, I so know where your coming from.

    My family are so not forthcoming when it comes to babysitting, my four children have no idea how to do anything or where anything is kept and as for Daddy well he always asks where things are.


    I wouldnt change them for the world.

    Congrats on getting freshly pressed xxx


  28. 4megsmusing says:

    So well said in only the way a Mother can. I only have two little ones and completely relate to every word you wrote. I’m making a wish that you get a full nights sleep very soon!!! Congrats on FP:)


  29. melissakoski says:

    “Of course, only the things that you haven’t done get noticed, not the other hundred things that you have done”..is oh so true. I’ve gotten questions like “Have we ever dusted this since we moved?” and it’s something I dust regularly. ..well regularly as in every few months, but still!

    Great post!


  30. jamieonline says:

    I envy you – I really do.
    I teach….. I have 28 children (all 3 and 4) and adore my class. I let them go home and often miss that ‘parent bond’. I’d love the mayhem of children at home. Haha. Maybe not too much mayhem…….
    I loved the post. Great reading! Thanks,


  31. faithandstagefright says:

    Haha, I thought this was a great post! Very insightful and optimistic. You are allowed to feel overwhelmed sometimes, my friend, and you are totally free to blog about it! I love that you can love what you do and who your family is without letting the negatives in life get you down. Keep fighting the good fight!


  32. TweeCo says:

    You are such a strong woman! I m not marry and have no kid but my girl friends always complain about how busy their life is, as a mom.

    Thanks for sharing!


  33. Brown Road Chronicles says:

    At first I thought maybe my wife wrote that… just know that you are not alone, it is a universal situation with parents that have kids, and it can be terribly difficult one day and worth every minute the next. Good post!


  34. LadyCritic says:

    Keep up the good work yummy mummy! My best friend just had her first and struggles with just one so I can’t imagine 4! Having said that however I hope for a large family myself; something draws me to the noble caos of a big brood. Congratulations on a sterling effort – They say it’s the toughest but most rewarding job in the world.


  35. Emily O says:

    Great post. I can’t really add to what the comments say. Other than in years to come they’ll leave home and the house will be quiet and you’ll have all the time in the world to do what you need to do…but things will feel empty and you won’t feel as wanted any more. This is what I tell myself every day when I’m feeling the strain of the mayhem!


  36. Jor says:

    I love this post! It made me smile and laugh, and I certainly can relate to everything you say. You have the same ironic and witty, yet warm, sense of humour as Erma Bombeck. I am a mother of two, and I´ve never had in my life any job that demanded so much, both physically and emotionally. And, when I used to work, I could pretty much go home with the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a work well done. Now, I can never be completely sure if I have done it right, if I have made the right decision, if I am making a mistake (I surely am, in many cases). But there must be something in the circonvolutions of a mom´s brain, like an erase button that clicks automatically, that makes you forget all the sleepless nights (don´t get me started on that), the afternoons spent working as a referee between two siblings, the books you wanted to read and couldn´t, the films you wanted to see and didn´t have the energy to… because, at the end of the day, you know, as you said, you wouldn´t change a thing.
    Lots of love!


  37. jen says:

    AWESOME post! As the stay-at-home mother of two, I have all the same gripes (why is it that no one else knows where anything is???) and the same feelings about not wanting to change a thing, even though some days almost push me over the edge. I cannot imagine keeping track of four children…I’m maxed out at two!

    I really appreciate your honesty about how tough it can be to stay at home with the kids. Sometimes there’s a lot of pressure from society to keep our mouths shut about how hard it is, because we chose this path instead of working outside the home.


  38. Ascentive says:

    Keep at it! I’m the oldest of four and I still don’t know how my mum did it all. It helps that now when I go home I can watch my brothers, but still there was a moment when I’m sure my mum felt the same way.


  39. midnitechef says:


    I applaud you for your hard work and you deserve a break! Being a full-time mom is the hardest job in the world, the second hardest: a working mom. I’m of the latter case and I completely agree with everything you said. Including it being worth it 🙂 I have to be half-dead before anyone helps switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer, or unload the dishwasher, or let the dog back in from the cold.

    My blog is like your laundry basket, it’s where I go to turn off the craziness for a while, fill up my happiness tank, then move on with whatever gets thrown at me. Literally.

    Congrats for being on FP!


  40. lizfraser says:

    You’re talking to a lot of us who understand, empathise, sympathise and admire you hugely for the honesty – and for what you do!
    This is pretty much the whole core of my 1st book (The Yummy Mummy’s Survival Guide, obv, which is rather apt for you!) – it’s all SO hard, and at the end of every day where are you?? Back to square one.

    BUT it’s good, and it’s important, and what you (we all) are doing is incredible and valuable and amazing.
    It’s just bloody hard to remember that when there are 3 feet of laundry, 4 packed lunches to be made (bugger, still haven’t done it yet tonight), muddy shoes all over the kitchen, PE kits everywhere and moody kids grumping at you.

    We get no pay, no thanks, no holidays, no Xmas work dos and no snogs in the stationary cupboard (….!) and yet we work 365 days a year, tirelessly. We ROCK.
    So c’mon ladies, let’s big ourselves up, and well done for this lovely blog post.

    Right…time to make those packed lunches….once I’ve found a) bread b) something to go in the bread…
    Sigh!! 🙂


  41. mummylimited says:

    I am totally feeling the same at the moment and I only have one (and a bit, so I get some sympathy for that). I love him to bits and love that I get to be the one to raise him, but…..

    he is not always easy – damn teeth and the house stuff is just relentless. People say leave it if you need a break but I’m the one who is spending time in the mess and I still need to get a meal on the table, which is not enjoyable if the kitchen is messy.

    You are so right at the end of your post though. You’ll get on top of things and then suddenly won’t feel so overwhelmed, that’s what I’m hoping anyway.


  42. biologywilson says:

    Before I was a parent I hated the phrase “you won’t understand till you’re a parent”. I thought it was smug and condescending in the extreme. I also thought that I was extremely busy and filled every minute of my day with important endeavours. Then I met my son Patrick. “Hey dad, let’s see what you’ve got,” should have been his first sounds in the world. Love that boy more than anything in the world, but my god it’s hard work. Nothing could ever prepare a person for it.

    Good blog.


  43. happykidshappymom says:

    I think you sound right on the money — you wouldn’t have it any other way… BUT… (that’s great). What a great post. I’ve got half the number of kids you do, and I definitely relate to your story. I call the energy in my house tsunami-like. But like you said, wouldn’t have it any other way. Sounds like you really enjoy your kids. It’s just all the upstairs/downstairs shifting of toys and laundry that puts you at your breaking point. I’m right there with you! And thank you for sharing your story. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  44. NCDesigns says:

    As a mother of 4 boys…5 counting hubby – you have summed up my days in a single post! Lovely! the best part is, it doesn’t sound like complaining! I love posts like this, it makes me think of the good things about my family that I can laugh about when the day ends. Reading this is truly a stress reliever for me. it reminds me that I’m NOT the only one! (Thank God!) haha


  45. Aly says:

    I had a mega poo day today what with it being the first day back at school after half term and took a load of photos ready to write a post similar to yours.But got side tracked.You do a fab job with 4 kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way either.Counting down to the next hols! Well done on getting FP on WP x


  46. The Outlaw Mom says:

    I only have two little munchkins and from the sounds of your post and comments, it really doesn’t matter whether you have 1, 2, 3, 4, or 20 – the job of managing kids and the home (and the pitiful remnants of the life you had before kids) is a ridiculously insurmountable task . . . so maybe I should reconsider having just closed the Babyshop for good. Maybe it’s time to open it up for business again – with you as my inspiration! If it can’t get any harder, then we might as well welcome more fun into the family. (Wonder if this logic will fly with Hubby).

    Congrats on Freshly Pressed!


  47. charlywalker says:

    First: There is no such thing as a perfect housewife…..a perfect house keeper ,yes, but housewife, no……
    Second: Move to a one level house, it will save on the trips up & down the stairs….
    Thirdly: My children are grown, and it doesn’t get easier it get’s DIFFERENT…

    Welcome to motherhood. Spread the Humor: Charlywalker.wordpress.com


  48. wovenstrands says:

    I want to cry! I have ONE! One little Mons…I mean Angel! I love him to death but IM just so overwhelmed. My hubby thinks it’s all easy but I been sick the last couple of days and he didn’t last 2 hours.
    Good luck with everything!!


  49. traceygjones says:

    thank you for being honest. i believe we as women and stay-at-home moms sometimes try to put on a “happy” face when it comes to the day in/day out reality of being home with children. our lives are not our own in any way, shape, or form… but, like you said so beautifully– we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    hang in there, mama!!!!


  50. actingtheparty says:

    Well written post – from the heart. Sums up being a happy mother (and wife), that not all days go to plan but, hey that’s life, that’s living. Thank you : )


  51. stylistnc says:

    And how did you find time to write a blog? Like someone said up above….teach them to do their laundry. They need to learn these things in case you aren’t around and for when they go to college. It’s okay to give them chores to do because it gives them responsibilities and you a little break. Whenever my kids wants a game he has to earn it. Now I get my car washed all the time and let me tell you it wasn’t easy teaching him in the beginning. It would take longer to teach him than for me to do it myself. Yes you may think it never gets done as good as you, but that’s okay. I think they do a pretty good job. So give yourself a break and give them some chores. It’ll make you a little happier and more time for writing blogs : )


  52. Tiff says:

    I couldn’t relate to you more if I tried. I have four children of my own (ages 7, 6, 5, and 3), and I spend 45 hours a week caring for my 8-month-old niece. We homeschool. And I’m a SAHM, morphing into a WAHM as I build the beginnings of a career as a labor doula and childbirth educator. My answer to the “How do you manage” question is simple.

    I don’t.

    I do the best I can with what I have, and sometimes, not even my best. Sometimes, good enough is good enough, and I’ve learned to be okay with that.

    Congrats on being freshly pressed! That’s just cool!


  53. Holy crap! I'm someone's mom! says:

    What a great post. You struck a cord with me when you talk about spending your days taking things upstairs and downstairs and that you are the only one who knows where things are and knows how to refill the toilet paper roll. I have two young sons, and I think I spend the whole day picking up all of the balls and toys my toddler throws over the baby gates that keep him in “Baby Shawshank” (aka our family room). What’s more, it seems I am the only one who is able to replace the very tiny bit of soap that’s left in our shower with a fresh new bar of Dove. My husband jokes that there is a “soap fairy.” Sometimes he asks if the soap fairy is in cahoots with the toothpaste and Qtip fairy as we seem to run out of all of those things at the same time. The real funny part is that instead of refilling any of those items himself, he asks me if I know when the soap fairy might come and if she is on strike. At least we have a good time with it 🙂 I’m a full-time working mommy too and heading back to work from maternity leave in a week. Really hoping the soap fairy can talk to her fairy friends and invite them over – I have an ongoing open invite out there for the cleaning fairy, dinner fairy, and any other fairies available to help a busy working mommy.


  54. youngmomat23 says:

    Being a parent is really the hardest job on earth… but the most rewarding as well…
    It’s really hard being a mom…
    We can do this! hang in there. 🙂 better days will come. 🙂


  55. zenmamajo says:

    we’ve got 3 girls and a boy…ages 6 mo to 5 yrs…agree with you – it’s a miracle we get through the days – it’s so insane some days but i love them to bits! enjoyed this post!


  56. Sony Fugaban says:

    Now I know why my wife complains … SOMETIMES! The REASONS are all here. I saw THE PICTURE and it made realize why my wife hates to explain in details. It’s, beyond question, exasperating.

    I’m going to give my wife the TIGHTEST HUG when I get home later. This blog post is absolutely informative at “that”. Thanks and congratulations for being FRESHLY PRESSED!


  57. devilinlaw says:

    I love your post and admire your ability to go through with it all, but hey at the end of the day it’s all worth it and that’s what counts:) Keep up the good work..


  58. newmamma says:

    I so can relate! I only have one child…a bouncing 18-month-old boy, but some days I really feel like I am taking care of four. He’s got so much energy that lasts past midnight almost every day, so hubby and I pretty much get no rest. There are good and not-so-good days, but his hugs and kisses make up for the not-so-good ones =)

    Thanks for this post!


  59. Adventure Mother says:

    I have a mere 2 children but have friends who have 4 or 5 (and work full time) and I always imagine them to be born to it, comes naturally to them, and all that! It’s a juggling game for us all and I feel much the same as you at times, despite only having 2. But hearing my friends’ tales, I never feel broody!
    Thank you for sharing that post 🙂


  60. evenandy says:

    I totally agree!! My family is not as large as yours but I have a 24 month and 6 month old. Most days I feel like I am in control but others not so much. Great job of summing it all up!!


  61. keshanasingh101 says:

    Looks like all of us single women have something amazing to look forward to!!! Can’t wait! Just have to find mister right and make that move…… such a lovely synoposis of motherhood!


  62. ryekatcher says:

    It’s a love hate thing. Like people say about men- “you can’t live with them but you can’t live without them” Once you have children, you can think the same way- I know, on those tough days you wish you can live without them, but in the end of the day it is the stress talking.

    All we need is a vacation- a very often vacation perhaps. Someday when they are all off on their ways- we will miss the days. The days living with them even with the crazy times. We someway or other remember things differently. (like childbirth, I guess)

    Just never forget- doing the best you can is doing an awesome job. It is definitely the hardest job in the entire world and never think less of it.


  63. jillfeyka says:

    Wow! Just keep doing what you’re doing and being you. Perfection is not an option, but a choice so never stress yourself out over it. Relax and enjoy your family. Thanks for sharing your post with us.

    Congrats on becoming FP!


  64. HoniebUK (HonieMummy) says:

    You’ve just printed a pag out of my biography – right? Lol, sounds just like a week in my house with H’boo (almost 12, going on 22, female, gorgeous, creative & talented, potential fashion and make-up critic and strongwilled!!!!), O’Pops (almost 11, Stepson with potential to be a football commentator, lover of all things sport, has CP, plays wheelchair football and the ability to enforce opinion, lol) and K’Boo (just 4, sings an dances the day long, developing attitude, but mostly adorable).

    Three very different children, a challenge for any time off school moment. But a joy (when they are well behaved :o)

    Love the post – it’s honest and even in the stressy moments a reminder that we love them really – unconditionally!


  65. heatherlgraham says:

    I SO hear you on that! So many days I feel like I’m barely getting by, and my house is more often dirty than not. I mean, between the 2 year old who changes her clothes about thrity times a day and the son who seems to always miss the toilet . . . and he’s going on seven! Argh Lately I feel like, “if I trip over one more thing i’m going to go postal!”

    Still, when I sneak in the room at night to pull the covers back over them and look at those angelic little faces, I am eternally grateful. Someday I’m going to miss all of this.
    Though, I do have to admit, a few nights out by myself or with my hubby now and again, would sure be a help on the sanity front! Not much help from the extended family on this front either!


  66. Liska says:

    Just this morning I thought “only the things that you haven’t done get noticed, not the other hundred things that you have done” and then I come along here and you have voiced that same sentiment. Thanks for making me feel that I am not alone 🙂

    Liska xxx


  67. madmothermusings says:

    Oh Thank God!! I am not ALONE! This is my life to a t! I’ve been despairing lately, thinking I’m the only one who can barely keep up with the housework, why doesn’t my husband help anyway? And what is my problem not being able to be a perfect mom like everybody else? Thank you for posting this!!! I’ve been so discouraged lately, and this was just a beacon of light, that even though it is tough, its not impossible, it is never easy, and it is something I can do! Plus you have four! (I only have three.) I can’t thank you enough for posting EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking, but unable to verbalize!


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