World Book Day

Ahh, World Book Day.

Those three little words that separate us mummies at the school gates quite like nothing else.

There is the camp of mummies that rustle up amazing costumes and deserve a book of their own for their effort to be fair. And then there’s the other camp. The one that I am lurking in. The one where the mummies aren’t so crafty. The one where the mummies skulk into the playground hiding their offspring in their shop bought costumes under their coat.

What can I say? I haven’t so much as sewn a button on anything in the whole of my adult life. I think the whole crafty sewing thing has just passed me by. When I was working a forty hour week with two children I could use work as my (lame) excuse of course but now, I really have no excuse. Other than I am just useless. Well, to be fair, I don’t even know that I’m useless because I have never attempted to make anything but I’m pretty certain I would make a pigs ear of it.

Of course, the worst offense of all is to go in a shop bought costume that isn’t even a book character. So last night when we were sorting through our dressing up box to see what my four year old could go as, our options were looking pretty slim. And yes, I do know that I have had weeks to do this but this is me, remember?!

But my gorgeous little genius of a four year old had a brainwave – she could go as the princess of The Princess and the Pea fame!

So we chose her very favourite (shop bought) princess dress and clever mummy fashioned a rather large pea using a half blown up balloon and sellotaped it to a bracelet. Inspired! And that really is about as crafty as I get!

(Oh, and I know World Book Day was yesterday not today, but for some reason our school were dressing up today instead. Probably in the hope of catching out disorganised parents like me! Imagine the added shame of not only having not gone to the effort of knitting a costume out of leftover tofu but also to get the wrong day..?!)

12 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. maddydodo says:

    Love the bracelet! Am suddenly having a hot flush though, – should I have sent my son to school in a costume today or yesterday? Did I miss the memo? I hope it’s just our whole school that’s disorganised and not me!


  2. misswhiplash or Patrecia says:

    I feel sure yummy-mummy that even if your talents do not lie with the sewing box or sewing machine, that your talents lie elsewhere so do not despair, be like me and count your blessings.
    I used to be able to everything.I even made some clothes once and I could sew on buttons. BUT…. since having my acrylic nails firmly planted on my fingers I can no longer sew as I can’t hold the needle with these false nails! Also , the most dreaded..I cannot even peel potatoes or other vegetables for fear of shaving off half of my nail. Now there’s a state to be in My husband has to do it all….now that is talent!!


  3. alixkite says:

    I had to dress my 2 little girls up too, my youngest was easy as she just had to be a book character, and we didn’t need to produce said book, so could just send her as a witch. My eldest, who is 5, had to go as a jungle animal or an explorer.Unfortunately not the sort of costumes little girls have at home. Was saved at the last minute by a friend with a Dora the Explorer costume. There were plenty of kids either in their beautifully crafted outfits, or the ones that had been out the night before to buy the “right” costume.
    Love your posts!


  4. Kizzy says:

    I am exactly the same. Thanks god for Disney costumes! My daughter went as Tinkerbell, only wish my eldest could still dress up as buzz!!!


  5. Don't step on the cracks says:

    Sounds very creative by my standards which are admittedly scraping the ground. Am already starting to panic about the dreaded Easter bonnet making. Aarrrgghh!!!


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