My Carry Potty

A few weeks ago now we were sent a bright pink My Carry Potty to review and believe me, it has been rigorously tested by my little one!

Basically, My Carry Potty is the only potty that you will ever need to buy. It is of course designed with travel in mind but we use ours at home too. In fact, we use it everywhere! It is made of really sturdy plastic and even has a handle and my little one takes it from room to room with her like a handbag! I think the fact that it is so easily portable (and pink!) makes her love it more than our traditional potty as I think it makes her feel more in control with her potty training. I do think that potty training can only be successful when they are completely ready of course but I think it does help if you follow their lead and make them feel like they are involved.

My Carry Potty has a lid that seals shut which means that if you are out and about, you can use the potty, close it up and then dispose of it when you next can (it is becoming quite hard to write this post without venturing into #TMI territory..) The actual potty is a really good size though and has a really sizeable capacity. The seal that closes the potty is firm and is completely leak free (I must add that I first tried this with water.. just to reassure myself!) In fact, it is so firm that it is quite hard to open but this is definitely a good thing of course! I do find that my little one can’t open it by herself if the seal is locked (but this is obviously no bad thing..) but it is possible to close the potty shut without locking it, so she can carry the (empty) potty around with her as she wishes and then open it up as and when she needs to.

I think when you first start potty training, there comes a point when you don’t want to put those daytime nappies back on again when you are out and about and My Carry Potty is perfect for that transition without a doubt. My little one has completely cracked potty training now but she isn’t yet ready to try using a toilet so we take ours everywhere with us! Shopping, grandparents, days out.. everywhere! I think she feels more comfortable using ‘her’ potty too and this helps to keep our potty training consistant.

This definitely got a huge seal of approval from my little one (see what I did there..?) and I honestly can’t recommend this potty enough. It is truly the only potty that you will ever need and it has undoubtedly helped to make our potty training the huge success that it is.

My Carry Potty is available from Cheeky Rascals in vibrant pink like ours (or nautical blue or the original popular yellow) for just £24.99.

You can join My Carry Potty over on Facebook and Twitter.

7 thoughts on “My Carry Potty

  1. Jacq says:

    I see it comes in blue. I wonder if one would like to come to Sri Lanka with us as I think DS might struggle with the toilet situation over there!


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