Listography goes retro

This weeks challenge over on Listography with Kate Takes 5 has gone all retro and is favourite childhood sweets, so I really couldn’t resist joining in!

Back in the olden days when I was a girl *ahem* you could buy sweets for half a penny. Can you even believe that such a currency existed now..? Am I really am that old that I can remember that..? Pounds also came in the form of a banknote instead of a coin too but I didn’t have many of them. It was much easier to lay my hands on half a penny! And I clearly remember being allowed twenty pence every Friday to go to the corner shop so that was a whole lot of sweets!

The sweets were kept on a ‘penny tray’ that the shop kept under the counter and you had to ask the miserable old bat of a shopkeeper to see the ‘penny tray’ but if you didn’t remember your manners and say please or thank you she would refuse to get out her tray of goodies! So out would come the silver tray and there would be a selection of sweets and it would always take me an age to decide what I wanted (much to her annoyance!) Or, if I was feeling flush I would get a ‘quarter’ of sweets from the big jars on the rows of wooden shelves and she would weigh them out on her scales and put them in a white paper bag. What was the ‘quarter’ measurement, does anyone know? Was it a quarter of a pound maybe because that sounds like a lot of sweets..

Anyway, here are my childhood favourites:

1. Nutella

But it wasn’t the jar of Nutella that we know of today. This was the closest picture that I could find but it was a square little tub of Nutella that came with a little plastic shovel for you to eat it with. If I remember rightly, these cost a mighty five pence so obviously I didn’t splash out on one of these every week 😉

2. Mojos 

Now these chewy little sweets used to be tiny but at just half a penny, they were just right for my budget! I remember once getting a pound note in a birthday card and I went to the shop and spent it on Mojos. You can imagine the shopkeeper’s delight when she realised that she had to count out two hundred of these things. She made me come back an hour later for them and I had a huge stripey paper bag waiting for me. That was one happy birthday 😉

3. Travener’s Spearmint

These were chewy minty sweets and I remember they used to last forever which is why I liked them. Plus my Nana always had a little tub full of them in her sideboard. The bonus being that I could eat them for free of course! I actually saw some as an adult and couldn’t resist trying them and they were actually awful and tasted of not much at all in fact!

4. White Mice

Oh how I loved white mice! Always a firm favourite and I used to like the ones that had ‘blood’ in too. They were still white mice but had some sort of red syrup type stuff just in the bottom of them and I would bite of the mouse’s head and watch it ooze out, horrible child that I was!

5. Melody Pops

These were lolly pops that doubled up as a whistle and you could move the stick up and down to play your tune. I was back and forth to the dentist all the time as a child (who’d have thought it.. Not like I ate too many sweets..) and my Mum would always let me have a treat for being so brave after my (many) visits to the dentist and they actually sold these Melody Pops in the chemists of all places which was next door to the dentist! It was definitely an incentive enough to get me to climb upon the dentists chair and knocked the spots of his sticker that was for sure 😉

So there you have it, my top five favourite childhood sweets. I could have easily come up with a top one hundred I think but to see lots more, do stop by the linky over at Kate Takes 5. There are some real blasts from the past there!

31 thoughts on “Listography goes retro

  1. Liska says:

    I don’t know why, but since I had Aaron, I have nutella on my toast EVERY morning.
    I’d forgotten about those whistles but I loved them


  2. Laura says:

    Melody Pops were my treat for being good in the Dr. They still sell them in our local chemist … I’ve never seen them sold anywhere else though!


  3. misswhiplash or Patrecia says:

    1/4 lb …. 4 ozs probably got you quite a lot of sweets in those days,. What about Sherbet DibDabs, did you ever have those? My earliest memories of sweets was just after the war when rationing was stopped on sweets. Oh the joy! I also remember 1p bottles of lemonade, cherryade,.And if you took the bottle back you got yoyr penny back as well. I often wonder what those drinks were made of…coloured tap water!!! But those were the good old days !!


  4. Him Up North says:

    Yanno, I don’t remember the Nutellas in little tubs. I liked a Choc Dip now and again but that came with a bread stick. As for Taverners spearmints, mmmmm….


  5. Karyn @ kloppenmum says:

    Different sweets here in NZ, but there were ones we could buy for half a cent, too and I think there were even aniseed balls which were five for a cent. That was the 70s. Good grief, are we old or what?!!


  6. maddydodo says:

    Flying saucers were my fave – made of rice paper that dissolved and the sherbet would pour out. Oh, and Whams! – The best, most delicious, pink chewy bars the world has ever seen…


  7. Lucy Quick says:

    I loved those melody pops – especially the strawberry ones!

    My favourite penny sweets were fruit salads and drumsticks. Oh and shrimps (pink foam things which tasted of nothing but sugary goodness). It’s amazing I have any teeth left! xxx


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