The Secret Diary of a New Mum Aged 43¼ by Cari Rosen


“I am sitting in the toilet at work. Outside the cubicle two girls are talking about a gig they had been to the night before.

‘Amazing wasn’t it?’

‘Yeah – but it was ruined by this old couple in front of us snogging all night.’

‘How old?’

‘God – really old. About 35.’

‘That’s disgusting…’

I try not to cry. I am 42 years old and have just found out that I am pregnant. I am apparently too old to kiss in public – but not too old to have a baby.

So begins Cari Rosen’s journey into motherhood at he ripe old age of 42.

As a successful TV producer, the transition from career woman to inexperienced parent is filled with potential obstacles. As for any first-time mum, this journey is a rollercoaster ride of exhilaration, anxiety and serious sleep deprivation. But how will she cope with her ‘geriatric’ status and ancient ovaries, plus the discovery that she is old enough to be the mother of everyone else in her NCT group?

This insightful and hilarious true story of one woman, one new baby, a slipped disc and rather too many wrinkles reveals the true nature of being a modern middle-aged mum and why some things are worth the wait.”

Okay I have to dive right in here and say that this book was the best book that I have read in such a long time. I laughed out loud and cried in buckets and it has been a long time since I enjoyed a book quite as much!

Cari’s journey into motherhood couldn’t be more different from my own but in actual fact, it is just a beautifully written and refreshingly honest account into life before and after her beautiful bouncing (and sometimes puking!) baby came into the world and it is relevant to all mums – ‘geriatric’ or not! It follows Cari right from the start of her pregnancy up until her little girl is two and really is so brilliantly observed. I found myself sighing along with agreement throughout the  book and also laughing an awful lot too. This is one seriously witty book!

It is the complete opposite of the stuffy whole ‘how to be a perfect parent’ manuals out there and actually tells it how it is – warts and all! Not that Cari has warts.. but you get the idea! And this makes it such a beautiful read. Although there are lots of parenting gems along the way such as Mini Eggs are in fact acorns and only squirrels can eat them – that one I am definitely stealing for myself!

I honestly can’t recommend this book enough. Whether you are a modern middle-aged mum or not, whether you are yet to be pregnant, are now pregnant, or have already had a child – it is just absolutely timeless. And an amazingly entertaining read. I don’t often get as much time as I would like to read these days but I honestly couldn’t put it down and read it from start to finish in a weekend because I loved it that much. I can’t praise it enough!

The Secret Diary of a New Mum Aged 43¼ by Cari Rosen is published by Vermilion priced £11.99.

*I was very kindly sent a copy of this book for free for the purpose of this review

8 thoughts on “The Secret Diary of a New Mum Aged 43¼ by Cari Rosen

  1. Karen Jones says:

    Aww, I so wish I had written down all my thoughts and feelings at being pregnant with twins at the ripe old age of 43 ! Off to get this one, looks like it could be my kind of book. Fab review sweetie xxx


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