Not so yummy mummy…?

A new survey commissioned by Sheer Cover® mineral make-up polling women across the UK, shows that the majority of mums are feeling pretty depressed about their appearance.

So much so, that over 40% of mums agree to feeling more confident and attractive before they had children, and 1 in 10 admit to avoiding social situations due to a lack of confidence in their appearance! It made for really fascinating – and if I’m being completely truthful – surprising – reading. Where have all the yummy mummies gone?

It was no surprise however when I read that motherhood results in a 50% decrease in pamper time according to the mums surveyed. This I can completely sympathise with. Especially in those early days, you wonder if you will ever get a minute to yourself ever again and I think most of us lose our ‘me’ time and I guess that means pamper time is just hard to find.   

More surprising is the fact that 56% agreed that friends and other mums made them feel self-conscious while only 10% of respondents felt pressure from celebrity mums. We hear of all of these red-carpet beauties such Gisele Bundchen and Dannii Minogue flaunting flawless figures and fresh-faces weeks after giving birth and blame them for putting pressure on new mummies but it seems that the people around us are more to blame.

And who doesn’t feel the pressure at the school gates? I know I do. But then I have always worn make-up every day for as long as I can remember. There is no question that it makes me feel more confident and having children doesn’t mean that we have to stop taking care of ourselves. Yes, the time can be hard to find but it doesn’t have to take hours. But finding those ten, maybe fifteen minutes every morning to make that bit of effort can do wonders for your self-esteem and you are ready to face the day looking at least half human! I gave up trying to achieve supermodel status a long time ago….

The lovely people over at Sheer Cover® who did this survey have a full range of sheer, natural, mineral makeup ideal for day or evening looks and promise that they are easy to apply and long-lasting, which should make nailing the perfect school run look a breeze! And they also have a fab competition at the moment to win a luxury spa day – now that would make for a very Happy Mother’s Day!

16 thoughts on “Not so yummy mummy…?

  1. CaroleHolland says:

    I’ve never been one for wearing make-up unless I was already having a self-confident day (which makes no sense now I think about it) – since having the Smalls I wear it even less. Though I have started feeling better after making an effort to improve my wardrobe and *make* me time.


  2. SAHMlovingit says:

    Personally I’m dreading the playground mafia (daughter only just turned 2) as I’ve heard about the pressure to look ‘good’. I know I definitely need to make some ME time in the day instead of being on the laptop. 😉 *put laptop down straight after posting this comment*


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      It’s a tricky one really because whilst I don’t think it’s a good thing that so many mums feel pressured to look good, if finding that bit of time to make an effort makes them feel good then it can only be a good thing I guess..? Ideally of course we would all feel completely comfortable in our skin and there would be no pressures from the outside world but unfortunately, that’s just not how it is! I can only speak from a personal point of view of course and I know that for me, spending those few minutes putting my face on makes me feel good about myself and ready to face the world.


  3. Justine says:

    I have to say that most of the time I really look poo, I am not too worried up the school, but I now live somewhere that I did’nt grow up, if I had still lived in my old town, I know I would have felt I needed to make an effort every day, I would have hated it!
    Shhhh I have even gone up the school in my slippers! (they look a bit like Uggs cheap ones lol)


  4. TheOnlineStylist says:

    Am with you – sad though it may seem to some, I never leave the house without makeup on. I even tutted at myself as I put on a layer of tinted moisturiser and mascara to run down the beach this morning!
    I think I’d rather be thought of the one at the school gates who’s always a bit over than under done. Which makes me sound like an egg.. but hey…. xx


  5. Metropolitan Mum says:

    The survey results really surprised me. I would have thought that women felt better about themselves since becoming mothers. I know I do. I am much happier in my own skin than I was before little L came along. Despite having less time to myself.


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      I know exactly what you mean! It’s no surprise that mothers has less time to themselves than ever but I was really surprised that soooo many felt so depressed about how they looked after having children. It is really quite sad.


  6. Fishfingers for tea says:

    I don’t have to face the school gates yet but I’ve started making more of an effort in my appearance again. I think toddler groups can make you feel the pressure as much as school can! I always used to wear make up everyday but stopped when Miss P was born and never really got back into the habit. I got fed up of seeing the mummies at groups who obviously had taken the time with their appearance and feeling very dowdy next to them, it had a real impact on my confidence. So it’s back to the ‘face’ and it does help, my wardrobe needs some work but at least I know I look fairly decent again.


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      I think it is really easy to fall out of the habit of wearing make-up but if like you, and me, it has such an impact on your confidence the I think it’s a case of having to find that bit of time to make the effort again. It can only take a small effort to feel great about yourself so that has to be worth finding those few extra minutes on a morning! x


  7. jontybabe says:

    I never go out without my makeup. It does give me confidence. I agree that we need to look after ourselves & continue to make the effort. Having kids needed Mark the end of looking good. I’m 40 & look bloody great!!! Lol


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