Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun

We are huge Peppa Pig fans and we were so lucky to be sent the new Peppa Pig: Theme Park Fun for Nintendo DS to review.

The little ones don’t actually have their own Nintendo consoles yet so we had to borrow their big brother’s and big sister’s so it was quite a novelty for them! I was actually surprised too at just how quickly both my five year old and three year old became a whizz with the Nintendo!

The new Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun game has of course been released right in time for Easter and coincides with the new theme (real life!) Peppa Pig World theme park that has just opened at Paultons Park. There are 18 brand new fun-filled games and there is a wide variety of easy-to-play and engaging activities for kids aged 3-7 years. Like I say, my little ones have never used a DS before but they didn’t have any problem navigating any of the games. I was really impressed by just how engaging they were.

Basically, the game follows our favourite pig family’s day out at a theme park. All of the games have been designed so they are perfect for young children to pick up and play without adult assistance and to help develop essential early learning skills. The many activities featured in the game include Prepare a Picnic, Train Ride, Musical Water Fountains, Candy Floss, Bumper Cars, Ice Cream and Tea Cup Ride. As you play, you can also win special golden tokens which can be spent at the Theme Park shop or used to unlock an extra game.

I have to say that this was a huge hit with my girls. Their personal favourite being when you brush Peppa and George’s teeth when getting them ready and I only wish that I could get them to brush their own teeth with such enthusiasm!

Priced at just £24.99 I do think that given just how many activities there are on the one game that this is really good value. And like I say, the games are definitely designed with little ones in mind. For example, I liked how you had the option to play games by a timer – making it more challenging for more experienced or older players, or without the timer, for younger players – so they don’t get frustrated when they don’t finish a challenge on time.

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2 thoughts on “Peppa Pig Theme Park Fun

  1. Chris Mosler says:

    That sounds fab! I’m rather wishing BB was into Peppa now but it has passed us by completely!


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