Angelina Ballerina Pop Star Girls

All three of my girls love Angelina Ballerina and even though my eleven year old daughter claims to be too old to like her anymore, I still catch her reading her old story books to her little sisters and I think she enjoys them just as much – if not more than them! So of course my girls were more than happy to help me in reviewing this fab new Angelina Ballerina Pop Star Girls DVD!

Our favourite little dancing mouse is back in this special collection of five episodes in the new CGI format. Angelina has always dreamed of becoming a prima ballerina of course but in these episodes she realises that there is more to life than ballet when she falls in love with hip hop, rock bands, fiddles and more! Your little ones can move and groove along with Angelina as she directs a hip hop musical and discovers that she was born to be a star! My girls loved it and were most definitely star struck!

I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for Angelina myself. I quite like that she is a little mouse with big dreams. I love that she is such a feisty little thing and of course the lovely stories always show her working hard and learning from her mistakes on her way and I like that. It’s lovely to see my girls engrossed in the stories but especially when there is a nice message in there too and I like to think that they pick up and learn from this.

This DVD was a huge hit with my girls (big and small!) and they loved these new stories and also have a ball dancing along too! Priced at just £12.99 with a running time of 60 minutes, I think this makes for fab value too and I know my girls will go back to watch it again and again.

Angelina Ballerina Pop Star Girls is available from all major retailers and

*For the purpose of this review we were very kindly sent this DVD for free

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