Would you like to see my kitchen..?

I was really thrilled to be invited to be part of the WorldFoods Fusion Taste Team and you can follow what me and some other lovely bloggers are going to be getting up to over on Facebook as we are set lots of cooking challenges but our very first task is to give you a sneak peek into our kitchens. Think of it as seeing us in our natural habitats, like a trip to the zoo. Except I’m not going to charge you an extortionate amount for a tiger shaped helium filled balloon that will get in your way all day. In fact, there are no balloons at all. And I’m rambling.

Would you like to see my kitchen..?

We inherited an awful kitchen when we moved into this house and it was literally falling to pieces so after much longing (and saving!) we finally had a new kitchen fitted at the end of last year.

Designing the kitchen was a bit of a nightmare as my Other Half has such different taste to me. He would like to live in a shiny minimalist box while my taste is much more frilly around the edges and some might say cluttered like my brain *cough* So the kitchen was a compromise between our two very different styles.

He got his sleek white high gloss handle free units and I got my baby pink walls.

He got his stainless steel hob and extractor and I got my chunky wooden worktops.

He got (mainly) clutter free tops whilst I got shelves to fill with pretty teacups and cow shaped milk jugs.

I love my kitchen. It is a higgledy piggledy shape with the utility room coming off to one side then the open plan dining area attached.ย 

I like to think that we have made the best of it though and I couldn’t be happier with it to be honest.

It was a long time in the waiting to get my dream kitchen and now I’m never out of it!

I love to cook and bake and I’m really excited to be part of the Fusion Taste Team. I do love Asian food but I have to confess that it’s something that I’m often not ambitious enough to try out often enough for myself so I’m looking forward to the challenges ahead.

There are lots more details over on the WorldFoods Fusion of Flavours page over on Facebook of what we are going to be getting up to (and of course a chance to snoop around the kitchens of my fellow Taste Team members too!)

25 thoughts on “Would you like to see my kitchen..?

  1. Alethea says:

    Oh my *wipes eyes that have teared up slightly* I absolutely love your kitchen!!!

    I had my dream kitchen 4 houses ago and I don’t know when I will be able to recreate it. It was about the same size as my whole house in London!

    Looking forward to your WorldFood posts!


  2. Chris Mosler says:

    Oh I have kitchen envy! Somewhere under the clutter I have a nice one but I am terribly messy and so is everyone else who lives here! Your kitchen looks tranquil. *sighs happily*


  3. Mummy and the Beastie says:

    Absolutely stunning! It’s do difficult when you can’t agree on what you want but you have done a brilliant job. Well done for getting your way with pink and flowery, yay! I am not sure I would be allowed but then we have an open plan kitchen lounge so I will have to wait for a separate kitchen one day…:-) x


  4. Mrs M says:

    From a fellow Taste Team member…I love your kitchen, adore the colour scheme! The nosey side of me is very much enjoying seeing everyones homes!


  5. Liz Weston aka @cambridgemummy says:

    Whilst I do love your kitchen, I would like you to tell me that it doesn’t normally look that clean and that really, you spent hours cleaning it before you took the photos. If that’s not the case, I think I will cry…

    It’s not “your girl is lovely Hubble”, it’s “your kitchen is lovely mostly yummy”….


  6. catherine (@mummylion) says:

    love the kitchen, and may have to steal the pink idea, if i ever get round to redecorating mine ๐Ÿ™‚ (no time soon!)


  7. Fran says:

    Oh that’s so pretty! I don’t really like pink much but it looks so fresh, especially the lovely wall paper. Love that you have ‘pretties’ shelves too; I have a couple of those and they really make the kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. CaroleHolland says:

    I love your kitchen *jealous*

    And really, why do they wave those balloons at our children? I kept attacking random passers by with our stupid tiger when we went to Chester Zoo. Like ‘wrapping the string round their necks by accident’ attacking….


  9. Mcai7td3 says:

    Love the kitchen!! It’s amazing. I love alAsian food too. It’s actually easier than it looks. I now try to make home made a lot more and having all the spices is the hard bit. Once you have that it’s easier.


  10. Liz says:

    Your kitchen looks fab, I have ordered the same style units for mine. Please could you tell me where you bought your worktops from? Is it real wood or laminate?


  11. Liz says:

    I noticed your original post was a while back – thanks for the reply!
    I just looked at Wickes website. Is it Coco Bolo laminate? How has it withstood the test of time? It looks amazing in the photos, just what I am after for my kitchen!


  12. Nicola Matthews says:

    Oh I love this. We are planning our kitchen at the moment and it is very similar to what we are going to do. Pink walls, cream handles gloss and wood-laminate worktops. I have been trying to find a pink I really like – what colour is yours? ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Nicola Matthews says:

        Thankyou.. I will go and get a tester pot today. Currently Dulux Raspberry Diva is top of list, but this looks nicer to me. ๐Ÿ™‚


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