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I am a bit of a beauty junkie and do love trying out different make-up but I have to say that I don’t have the time that I used to, to be able to experiment with make-up so I do tend to stick to the same products all of the time because I know that they work for me and I can put my face on in ten minutes flat every morning! But I was really interested in giving Sheer Cover a try as I’d seen the adverts claiming that the complete beauty system could be applied in minutes that lasts – this sounded right up my street! Not only do I have little time in the morning to put my make-up on, of course I don’t have the time throughout the day for touch ups either.

Sheer Cover make-up (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I received a complete Sheer Cover System to review and it came in a lovely black patent case. First up,the Sheer Cover Base Perfector. This is a lightweight cream that you apply after your usual moisturiser and it helps to create a smooth even canvas for the foundation. I found that a little went a long way and it felt really lovely to apply and definitely created a fabulous base.

The Sheer Cover Duo Concealer comes in two shades so you can blend it very easily to match your own skin tone perfectly. It is really creamy and so easy to apply and quickly conceals blemishes and under eye circles. It feels really light on the skin though and not at all cakey. The set came with a Studio Concealer Brush too which made it even easier to apply.

Now the Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation was the product that I was most looking forward to using and I wasn’t disappointed. There are two pots of the minerals in two shades and you can use them either as they are, or you can easily blend the two together to make the perfect shade for you. You could even pre-blend the powders in one container once you find your perfect shade to make it even faster and easier to apply. But obviously the fact that you are able to custom blend your own powders is just fabulous! And of course this means that you can also adjust the proportions throughout the year as your skin tone changes. I was really surprised at just how well the minerals provided full coverage as it feels so light. It definitely gave a sheer flawless finish and felt so natural. Some foundations can feel almost like a mask but this didn’t at all. My skin felt fabulous and the finish couldn’t have been better. The brush is super soft and it allows you to buff away excess make-up leaving a completely flawless – yet natural looking finish. And best of all? It takes minutes! All of this blending talk makes it sound complicated and time consuming but it is anything but! I was amazed at just how simple it was to blend and apply. I was concerned that being a powder would mean that the foundation wouldn’t last the whole day or that I would have dry flaky patches but this wasn’t the case at all. I was seriously impressed.

The Sheer Cover Compact came with a selection of cream eyeliners and highlighters that were really smooth to apply. There was also a powder eyeliner which I loved as it gave a perfect smudgy effect with no effort at all. There were also lipglosses which felt great on and not at all sticky. I loved too that these were all in the same little compact so they take up much less space in my make-up bag. The Extra Length Mascara glided on without any clumps or lumps and it lengthened and volumised without looking like spiders legs (you know what I mean – that is not a good look!) I am a bit of a mascara queen and it has taken me years to find the perfect mascara and I don’t think I would be swapping it just yet but as mascaras go, this is a good one. And from me, trust me, that is high praise indeed!

I have to say that the Sheer Cover System gets a HUGE thumbs up from me. I loved the natural flawless finish. I loved how effortless it was to make the perfect blend for my skin tone and how easy it was to apply. And I loved that it took minutes to apply but still lasted the whole day long.

For more information, please pop along to

*For the purpose of this review, I was very kindly sent the Complete Sheer Cover System free of charge but this does not in any way influence my review. I am proud to blog with integrity and will only ever give completely honest reviews.  

8 thoughts on “Sheer Cover up for review

  1. Ali says:

    This looks like a great kit to have, I popped over to their site and great value too, and with instrutions as well, how can I have reached the age of nearly 40 boo hoo and not perfected foundation ? ! 🙂


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      Hey, you are definitely not alone! The site is fab with lots of hints and tips so well worth a look. And yes, I agree, it really is great value especially given how fabulous the product is.


  2. Justine says:

    I have to ask what is your fav mascara? you can tweet me if you like 🙂
    It does look a great kit I would just worry I would’nt get the colour right, but then I never get the colour right when I buy one, so maybe this would be a better idea.
    Thanks for sharing i’ll go take a peak


  3. Lisa Jackson says:

    I’ve looked into mineral make-up before, but as I have freckles which I hate, I wasn’t sure that there would be enough coverage. This kit sounds great, and as speedy as I have my routine in the mornings there is definitely room for improvement. Will pop over and have a look. I also have a bit of a thing for make-up (especially in shiny packaging)



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