Fusion Taste Team – Challenge 1

Well, no sooner did my fabulous hamper arrive than I was set my very first challenge! First up, Pad Thai!

This is of course one of Thailand’s most popular and well-known dishes so it felt like quite a challenge to get right. But it couldn’t have been easier, honestly! Softly cooked noodles, stir fried with prawns, bean sprouts and chives, toss in the sweet tamarind and chilli sauce then garnish with roasted peanuts, coriander and lime wedges to serve. Done!

I have only ever had Pad Thai in a restaurant before and so this was something that I was really keen to have a try at and I have to say that it tasted every bit as good as it looks!

It was really simple to make and I even cheated a little and substituted some of the ingredients that I had forgotten when I went shopping but it still worked a treat. (I swapped the chives in the recipe for finely sliced spring onions and I garnished with some chilli flakes too as I like a bit of a kick!)

I made this from scratch in no more than fifteen minutes from start to finish – so basically in less time than it would take me to hunt down a take-away menu! And of course, the end result was better than any take-away. I was really impressed and better still – so was my Other Half! The dish tasted really authentic and I loved that you added lots of your own fresh ingredients. I think that’s what makes this sauce really stand out from your standard jars. For example, adding the fresh coriander and peanuts rather than they being included within the sauce gives real flavour and texture rather than a vague taste mixed in with everything else. I was also really impressed that it was so simple to make. This is restaurant quality flavours in minutes – you can’t get better than that!

To see how all of my fellow Fusion Taste Team have got on with their first challenge – please head on over to the Facebook page. They are also planning a giveaway of this yummy Pad Thai sauce when they reach 150 likes so you could be in with a chance to try this for yourself! What are you waiting for?!

14 thoughts on “Fusion Taste Team – Challenge 1

  1. mummyinahurry says:

    Great review. I wouldn’t have thought of trying this but your review (with handy pics) has won me over. I love Thai food, but always think the preparation is not worth it. This however, could fast become a new friday night favourite. Will keep you posted!


  2. Alethea says:

    Dear Lovely Lady that makes it look soooo easy

    This looks and sounds delicious. I’m not usually a big fan of Thai food but I may have to try this!

    A possible convert


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