Fusion Taste Team – Challenge 2

Another week means another challenge! And this week it was Ayam Percik. I was really pleased that it was this as I’ve had my eye on this sauce since our fabulous hamper arrived!

To make this popular dish from North-eastern Peninsular Malaysia I used WorldFoods Coconut Chilli marinade, made with coconut milk, sugar, chilli, salt, onion, pepper and turmeric. The spicy coconut marinade is used to coat the chicken before it is (traditionally) cooked over a charcoal fire. Ayam Percik literally translates as “chicken splash” – this is because as the chicken is cooking over the fire, more marinade is spread over the chicken to strengthen the flavour. Now, I wasn’t quite up for cooking on an open fire and unfortunately the awful weather we had meant I couldn’t even get the barbecue out so I stuck to my oven this time! But this is definitely something that I would cook again using the barbecue.

The Ayam Percik really couldn’t be easier to make. Just marinade the meat for at least 30 minutes in the WorldFoods Malaysian Coconut Chilli sauce. I actually put the meat in to marinade in the afternoon and popped it into the fridge ready for that night. This is a hot sauce so if you wish, you can cool it down by adding some coconut milk or yoghurt at the marinading stage and you can taste it to make sure it is at the right level of heat for your taste (before you add to the raw meat obviously!) But I love a bit of spice so I went for it and just used the marinade as it was.

 I used deboned deskinned chicken thighs as I was using the grill but this would work fabulously with the meat left on the bone too. I then cooked the meat under the grill for about 25-30 minutes turning frequently.

To serve, I sliced up the chicken and we ate this with flatbreads, rice and a really simple cucumber and lettuce salad. The chicken is deliciously spicy so the cooler accompaniments worked really well.

I’ve never had this dish before – in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten any Malaysian food before! But I loved it and it is something that I know I will make time and time again now. It is a hot one though so I would make a cooled down version for my younger children using the coconut milk or yoghurt in their marinade.

It was so amazingly simple to make and tasted fantastic. It is calling out to be made on the barbecue next time for sure!

To see how all of my fellow Fusion Taste Team have got on with this latest challenge – please head on over to the Facebook page. They are also planning a giveaway of this yummy sauce so you could be in with a chance to try Ayam Percik for yourself! What are you waiting for?!

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