Test Tube Aliens up for review

I am often sent some lovely things to review but it has to be said that this pleased my darling offspring more than me…

An Electronic Test Tube Alien!

Isn’t it completely hideous? But of course, as far as children are concerned, or mine at least, the more hideous the better! He’s called Pure Evil which I think only adds to his charm *cough* but what can I say? My offspring loved him!

When he first arrived, we had to hatch our alien by dissolving his cocoon with water and it fizzed and oozed goo much to the delight of the children! You do this over the sink to avoid any real mess of course. Then the alien emerges and it’s heart begins to flash so you know it’s alive then you have to feed it some special sloog but too much or too little affects your alien’s health (cue Mummy panicking that she was about to kill off her offspring’s new best friend!)

The heart flashes orange if your alien is starving and needs more food or flashes green when your alien is drowning. We did have a couple of near misses over the two weeks it took to grow him but thankfully he was mostly flashing red which means he’s happy. The better you treat them then the longer they live – no pressure there then! You see humans, I’m okay-ish at bringing up but aliens are new to me, what can I say?!

You can communicate with your alien online and he comes with a special registration card which tells you how many times you neglected him *gulp* and you can use interrogation tools to find out your alien’s secret. I loved this aspect of the online fun too for my older children but my youngest two were more interested in the growing of the thing in the test tube to be honest!

And boy did he grow and grow! There were times when I was scared that the thing would actually break free he got so big! That said, the alien doesn’t actually come out of the test tube once he has fully grown which I have to say is a bit of a shame. My children loved growing him but they wanted to get their mitts on him too but the test tube that he is grown in doesn’t actually open.

Electronic Test Tube Aliens are available in toy shops now priced at just £12.99 which given how much my children enjoyed them, I would say that this is a good value toy. They are recommended for ages 6+ which I would agree with and I have to say that we actually enjoyed doing this together. Obviously with the feeding granules and the water etc this toy wouldn’t be suitable for younger children without some supervision.

Overall the Electronic Test Tube Alien got a thumbs up from my horrid offspring. The only negative I can think of is that it would be better if he could come out of the test tube once he is formed but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they had fun with him in his test tube!

4 thoughts on “Test Tube Aliens up for review

  1. textisle says:

    Very funny. Young Sprout is only three, perhaps the price will come down a bit by the time he’s old enough to do it. I can see the appeal to boys who would not want to care for something pink and fluffy like some of those tamagochis.


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