Cybermummy here I come!


Last year I didn’t go to Cybermummy. There were lots of reasons why and I wrote about it here but the main reason was that I was a big fat scaredy cat. And consequently, I kicked myself afterwards for NOT going!

I missed out on what turned out to be a fabulous event.

So when the tickets for Cybermummy11 came on sale late last year, I was of course first in queue! There was no way that I was going to miss out on it again.

But then the nerves kicked in.

The same nerves that were there last year.

How did I ever think that I could go off on a jolly for the weekend? How did I think that I would travel all that way on my own? Navigate that there London? What made me think that I could ever go anywhere without my children? Walk into a room of hundreds of strangers?

I know to many of you my fears won’t sound like much. But they are to me. They are in fact very real anxieties. This was a HUGE deal for me on so many levels and I honestly didn’t know if I could do it after all. On one hand, I was so excited at the thought of meeting so many of my lovely blogging friends in real life after all of this time but then I was equally crippled by the anxiety of it all.

But over the last few days, as Cybermummy grows closer and closer, something has clicked.

I am definitely feeling more excited than I am nervous.

I can do this. I know I can.

I used to be The Girl Who Was Going To Take On The World. I was once full of confidence. That girl has to still be in there somewhere, right? And I figure that facing my fears can only be a good thing. I don’t want to be The Girl Who Regretted Not Going To Cybermummy. Again.

So I am coming to Cybermummy. With bells on. Although it would be really REALLY nice if some of you could promise to hold my hand if I wobble 😉

(For those of you not in the know, Cybermummy is a conference in London next month and you can read more about it right here.)

34 thoughts on “Cybermummy here I come!

  1. Jayne says:

    I’ll hold your hand, if you hold mine?

    I understand EXACTLY how you feel. In fact, I’m not even in the ‘looking forward to it slightly’ phase, I’m still in the ‘considering giving away my ticket’ phase.

    When I first heard about CM, I became overwhelmed with the need to go, and spent so long trying to find a sponsor. Then, as soon as I did the anxiety kicked in. Last week, I had to go to London for an event and spent the entire time having a panic attack, which has just compounded all of my CM anxieties. But I AM going to go. I can’t not.


  2. Kate, WitWitWoo says:

    You will most definitely not be the only one feeling that weird mix of nervous & excited! And from the little I know, and the events I’ve been to already, there are always plenty of people around who will go out of their way to make you feel OK, (me being one.) So … now comes the whole ‘what shall we wear?’ debate – now THAT’S scary!


  3. cari rosen says:

    I live not too far away so I’m lucky in that the London bit holds no fears. But the ‘what, to wear, who will talk to me, I don’t know anyone, I need someone to hold my hand’ bit is too familiar! I’m guessing all those of us who didn’t make it last year are feeling exactly the same. So I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine!


  4. pinchypants says:

    Your post really made me well up, because I completely understand what you mean! I had years of anxiety and panic attacks about this sort of thing, which only went after cognitive behavioural therapy. The logistics don’t scare me now, but I still get nervous about the thought of walking into a room full of clever, funny, beautiful fellow bloggers. I didn’t go to Cybermummy last year and sadly this year it falls while we are on hols, but I will be there next year with bells on and cannot wait to meet you!
    Have a fantastic time and relish every second.
    Pinchy xxx


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      The travelling thing scares me – I have to admit. It’s just something that I haven’t had to do on my own for such a very long time!
      But yes, the thought of walking into that room and being surrounded by so many people that I have admired for so long is freaking me out too! But, I think sometimes it can do you good to push yourself to do something scary and I really hope that I can relish every second.
      I’m sorry that I won’t get to meet you though Pinchy but hopefully next year? x


  5. helloitsgemma says:

    I think of myself as a fairly confident person, but I have CyberMummy anxiety. I think it’s going to be both exciting and odd meeting so many ‘virtual’ friends.
    You will be fine! London is a piece of cake (tweet me for travel tips). When and how are you going down? I’m going on Friday, probably late, maybe with Hyundai or on the train from Sheffield. Staying with friends Friday eve. Hoxton Saturday night. Tweet if any of that might be useful. Did I mention, it’s my birthday on the Saturday?


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      I’m going down to London on the Friday afternoon (the thought of travelling on the day and arriving all harrassed didn’t bear thinking about!) I might just hold you to that promise of help though! And your birthday too? Oh fabulous! 🙂


  6. cari rosen says:

    Enjoy the travel bit… see it as a couple of hours to sit down (when did that last happen?!) with a mag plus a sandwich no one is going to try and steal bites out of. Plus you are getting off at the terminus so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep and missing your stop (yes, I have done this…)


  7. Debbie O'Connor says:

    I didn’t go to Cybermummy last year because I hadn’t even started blogging yet and didn’t even know I was going to. And this year I’m speaking ay Cybermummy on the “Marketing your blog” panel. And if you think you are nervous, then I am truly wetting myself.

    If I get through the panel without dribbling or saying something stupid, and if you have conquered your fears & come to listen to my drivel, will you please come up & say hello afterwards & let’s congratulate each other xx


  8. Sian - MummyTips says:

    Hey if you are stuck for something to do when you arrive on Friday – I’m sure I can find something to keep you busy!
    So pleased that you are coming, my other Blythe sister.


  9. mummymummymum says:

    I was really nervous before Blog camp, but everyone was lovely and so friendly. It really helped to meet some people before going in too, so arrange that if you can. I’m coming saturday morning and might try and meet some people somewhere if you fancy?


  10. Katie @mummydaddyme says:

    Hey Hun,
    Although I’m not nervous about the travelling part as I used to live in London, I am so nervous about the actually meeting and mingling. I have to go to many conferences with my job but somehow this feels different cause it’s personal! I am really looking forward to meeting you and if your nervous then you can take my number and we can meet on the sat morning, think I am meeting a couple of others too x


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      It is really strange to be meeting all these people that you know so much about – and who know so much about you! I consider so many of you to be my friends even though we have never met in real life. Or does that just sound weird?!
      It would be great to swap numbers though – thank you so much! x


  11. says:

    I think your going to have a great time! I know I would be feeling exactly the same, but your soo doing the right thing, feel the fear and do it anyway and all that. I will be watching your tweets from afar. You, Karen and Susan are my very best cyber pals and I hope you all have a wonderful time, without me *sniff* … I think I am still to much of a scardy cat 😉 … Maybe next year … If I can find a baby sitter 😉 and some “balls” .. well not actual balls… But u know what I mean 😉 have a fab time . I will be thinking if you lots xxxx


  12. Kelly says:

    I will be there, hopefully with baby Kate in tow so I should be easy to spot (my pushchair is orange!) Last year I was very nervous but arranged to meet a friend before we went in so I didn’t walk in alone. I hope you have a great time.


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