Peter Rabbit Organics up for review!

We were sent some new diluted juices from Peter Rabbit Organics to try.

I do like my children to drink lots of water to stay hydrated I have to say but I do allow them to have juice too. But that said, I wouldn’t consider anything that wasn’t kind on their little tummies and teeth and I loved the fact that these juices were made from a really gentle blend of organic juice and just water with no added sugar or nasties. They are absolutely perfect for busy parents on the go like me who want to feed their little ones healthy juices.

The juices come in a dinky little cardboard carton with a straw and are 150ml which are a perfect size for little ones. Perfect to throw in to the bottom of the pushchair for when you’re out and about or even for a picnic lunch. The straw that it comes with too is really sturdy and it can’t be pushed right inside the carton accidentally either which is a bonus.

We were sent samples of all three of the flavours to try – apple and grape, apple and blackcurrant and pear juice. All of which my little taste testers enjoyed!

Peter Rabbit Organics juices are available from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Asda, Booths, Whole Foods and Ocado and with an RRP of just 55p per carton I think that these make great value. We loved these drinks and I will definitely be buying these again for my girls!

For more information, please visit

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