The one where I break the scales.

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After my first two babies, I was one of those envy making mummies who literally snapped straight back into shape after giving birth and I was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans within weeks. So when I was expecting my third baby I expected it to be the same again. But it wasn’t. It was six whole months before I admitted defeat and realised that I was never going to get into my size 8 jeans ever again and realised that maybe these size 12 jeans were here to stay and not just a temporary stop-gap.

I gave up work to stay at home full time after my third baby and I think that I was enjoying my new life so much that the weight thing didn’t seem to matter as much so I never made a huge effort to get rid of that extra baby weight I suppose. I was too busy enjoying my new baby and playing at being a housewife! And do you know what, that isn’t such a bad thing. I was far from being overweight, I just wasn’t the super skinny minnie that I used to be. Then along came baby number four as a huge but very welcome surprise and it was at that point that I thought it would be okay, once she arrived I would up my game and lose the extra pounds from this pregnancy and the last. But it just wasn’t as easy as that. The weight didn’t shift. I was stuck with an extra stone and still in a size 12.

She turned three a couple of months ago and for the most part of those years, my life has been run by my scales. Every day and every night I weighed myself. My mood would be set for the day pretty much according to what the scales told me. It didn’t help that my weight can easily fluctuate by a whole six pounds overnight (what is that all about anyway?) My weight would go up and down like a yo-yo but always idle around the same mark. It was so disheartening. It didn’t matter how much (or how little) I ate or how many times that week I went on the dreaded crosstrainer, I just couldn’t shift this weight and keep it off. And I wasn’t happy.

But then about six weeks ago my scales broke (and not because I was too fat you cheeky sods!) and at first I felt lost not getting weighed. But within a week, I realised that actually, I suddenly felt like a huge weight had been lifted (excuse the pun.) My life was no longer being run around what the scales were shouting at me. For the first time in as many years as I can remember – I didn’t actually know what I weighed. And I didn’t care. I know it sounds a little over dramatic but I felt truly liberated!

With Cybermummy coming up, I was on a bit of a mission to shed a few pounds (and yes, I know it doesn’t matter what I look like, people want to meet me and won’t judge me for my clothes size yadda yadda but there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about myself for ME! Rant over.) Anyway, bored of the crosstrainer, I had decided to dust off my Davina Fit DVD from last year and as much as I wanted to lose weight, I really didn’t want to go back to being at the mercy of my scales so I measured myself instead.

So I have been doing the DVD religiously every single night (well, actually I normally have one night off per week I’m not a complete saint) but I have been loving it! It sounds so lame somehow to claim that some celebrity DVD is real exercise but do you know what? I’m loving doing it! I have never felt so physically fit in years and I actually look forward to doing it every night. Bonkers I know! It’s normally nine o’clock at night before I get to do it as I just can’t squeeze it in at any other time as I always have at least one child with me (if not four!) But I am feeling absolutely fabulous and it is bloody well working! I am loosing inches and INCHES! In fact, I measured myself again this morning and since starting I have lost an overall 10 inches from my waist, hips, thighs, calves and upper arms! (But not so much as a millimetre from my chest -YAY!) I’m astounded! Especially given the reality that I didn’t really have that much to lose!

But best of all, I’m not even slightly tempted to step on to the scales. I don’t need to know how much I weigh. And that’s where I think I have been going wrong for so many years. The exercise is making me feel fabulous. This in turn means that I am in fact eating less because I don’t want to undo the work that I am doing (if that makes sense!) And I am leaner than I have been in such a long time. I’m not saying that I’m completely happy with what I see in the mirror but I am getting there. And coming from a place where I hated my weight and how I looked, this new level of contentment is a huge step for me. And I’m certain that it can only get better. Especially if the inches just keep dropping off me like they are!

Hooray for the good old Davina DVD I say 😉

14 thoughts on “The one where I break the scales.

  1. Justine says:

    Good for you I don’t go on them much ethier mainly as Ill get depressed, I have just started running and although my legs kill, it is making me feel better. I have had a bit of a bad day by eating alot of bread and two big cookies!
    But that is another good reason to run/workout more guilt free wine and naughty bits!!!


  2. Chet says:

    Congratulations and well done. I have been on a similar journey and felt the post-baby weight second time around really dragged. I put myself down for the Race for Life and got myself a hunky personal trainer (all for motivation you understand!). I now feel great and fit into all my old clothes. Well done I know how hard it can be and how great it feels to feel like you again! PS I look forward to meeting you at cybermummy11. Chet x


  3. Colline says:

    Well done! Obssession with the scale can be so demotivating! I find measuring to be better too; as well as the change in how my clothes fit 🙂


  4. CaroleHolland says:

    Yay! I’m at that silly post-baby point where my hips are a perfect size 10 but my tummy is almost a 16 and my boobs are a 14. I have no idea what size clothes to wear and feel like a lumpy bumpy flump 😦 I am taking up AquaFit as of next week so hopefully I will start to feel better about myself soon!


  5. nazima says:

    well done you! I it is a good mental state to be in. you will clearly be back in size 8 jeans in no time …. took me a while longer


  6. anjobanjo22 says:

    Oh my gosh, Congratulations! Good for you! Sounds like you’re definitely on the right track. And you are completely correct on how breaking the scale is liberating. I felt that way when ours stopped working. I just swim every other day and I’ve noticed I feel great. Love it!


  7. says:

    Your words always strike a cord with me wifey, ( i often think we are leading parralel lives;)) and this is a post I could have totally written!
    I am the same, the first two babies were a dream, 3rd and the weight stuck like super glue! 😉 I am just getting my head around exercising again and attack the cross trainer fairly often 😉 but you have inspired me to make it a more regular feature. Go Davina and GO U!!! Xxxxxxxx


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  9. Jackie Elton says:

    Well done. You are an inspiration to us all, in fact I am just off to write a post about my weight issues. Have fun and keep up the good work. Love the look of your blog.


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