My beautiful little fidgety sleepy heads

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a full nights sleep.

And I don’t help myself by staying up until silly o’clock every night either.

But every night, every single night I am visited by my three year old and my five year old. They normally barge into the bedroom leaving the door wide open flooding the bedroom in light from the landing and they come bounding in like little baby elephants. Neither of them do stealth mode. And they clamber in normally from the bottom of the bed so they cause the most possible disturbance and then they yank the duvet off us to climb in and pinch my pillows. Oh, and they do this separately by the way, never together. So this rude awakening comes at least twice every night. They wriggle all the night long and normally fight over who sleeps next to me. I have woken up with one of them actually sleeping on my head before now. Usually though I just wake up after what little sleep I get to find myself hanging on to the edge of the bed while they look something like this..

Just look at them.

My little angels.

How can I not want them in my bed when I get to wake up to this?

That’s the thing. We’ve done the sticker chart thing before with my five year old to try to get her to stay in her own bed and for a while it worked. But honestly? I rather like that they want to sleep in ‘the big bed’ (although with four of us in there, it really isn’t big enough!) I actually totally get why they want to be with Mummy and Daddy mainly because I rather like it myself. There is something so comforting and completely instinctive about wanting to sleep together.

I don’t know if it is an age thing or an experience thing, maybe a combination of both, but I am so much more relaxed and happier about parenting than ever before. Sometimes I think that the more children I have had, the more I have learnt to actually treasure my children because I now see just how fast they grow up. My eldest two are thirteen and eleven now (how am I old enough to be a parent to a teenager?!) and it makes me realise that they are tiny for such a short time. And for me, waking up to see these two little fidgety sleepy heads is well worth a bit of sleep deprivation.

Although I do hope that they grow out of it at some point of course like their big brother and sister did or else we really will have to buy a new super duper king sized bed 😉

28 thoughts on “My beautiful little fidgety sleepy heads

  1. karen jones says:

    oh they are tooo gorgeous ! I am still waiting for you to send me one.
    Totally know what you mean its the same in our house, although I will admit to being rather more grumpy about it than you. I am a really light sleep and my husband is not, if its not him waking me up with all his “snorts” “grunts” sighs” turning over etc its one or the other of the twins but they are totally gorgeous when they are all chubby and warm and sleepy and yes it does all go far too quickly. My 16 year old would rather walk down the street in beige crimplene trousers than lie on our bed these days !!!


  2. Susan Mann says:

    My two come in to our bed in the morning, but they don’t sleep in our bed, they prefer their own beds. I do treasure the mornings when we are in bed together. x


  3. Kat @ iRant iRave says:

    Here here. Too often I find the general perception of co-sleeping is that it’s some sort of last resort to get a least a few hours sleep when actually it’s rather awesome.


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      For me when they were tiny I did it to make life easier for nursing without a doubt and I would do anything to get any sleep! But now, like you it is not about the last resort thing, it is very much about the pleasure of being with them 🙂


  4. Jorgelina says:

    No matter how much I complain about not being able to sleep, no matter how my bones ache in the morning, no matter how much some people warn me about the “psychological damage” I cause them by letting them sleep with us… I know it´s a precious, probably necessary and, in fact, too short stage of our children´s childhood, and I know that I will miss it when they are old enough to sleep through the night in their beds because, in fact, I have begun to be a nuisance to them! Sometimes you wake up curled up against your equally suffering husband, who is virtually about to fall from the bed, and you wonder what the hell are you doing in that position, when you happen to notice the regular, calm breathing of your children, their sweet breath (that you could identify among thousands) and the funny positions they adopt while sleeping… and you remember the beloved ritual and you smile, and you think well, I might as well get up, and you tuck them and kiss them and, sometimes, take a lovely picture like the one of your gorgeous daughters, to look at in those times when the bed seems already a little too big without them.


  5. ali says:

    I say enjoy it, both mine have done the same (now nearly 10 and 12) Oscar the nearly 10 year old will wake most nights if in his own room though now has make shift bed on our floor as he really takes up far to much room. He now sleep in his sister’s room and goes right through.

    We do have sleepovers in our room where they sleep on the floor but we all read in the bed (except my husband he opts out!) before they settle down.

    Children need there cuddles and so do us Mum’s 🙂


    • Richmond Mummy says:

      What a gorgeous picture! Sometimes if my baby girl (16 weeks old) wakes up too early I bring her into bed with me and it’s just the most magical thing to have her lying in the crook of my arm looking up at my face with her beautiful big eyes as she silently suck suck sucks on her dummy before snoozing back to sleep again. I nearly end up waking her with the kisses I can’t resist showering her perfect little round head with! X


  6. The iDad says:

    I must say we do very occasionally let our little man in with us but as he in only 7 months its only when he wakes at around the 5am mark, everyone says its the worst thing you can do but it is a guilty pleasure. Although I never sleep when he is there as I worry I will squash him! I don’t blame you and enjoy it while it lasts!


  7. Midlife Singlemum says:

    My 2yo sleeps in my double bed with me, even though she has her own room. One woman said to me: you’re making a big mistake, you’ll never get her into her own bed. So what? She’s a girl and I’m single so she can stay with me until she’s 18 if she wants to. I know she won’t want to so I’m enjoying it for the duration. If I don’t remain single though….well I’ll fall off that bridge when I get to it.


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      Mine go to sleep in their own beds.. they just don’t stay there for the whole night! I never quite buy into the whole ‘making a rod for your own back’ thing to be honest and hey, if you and your daughter are happy then I don’t blame you at all! x


  8. Muddling Along says:

    We regularly sleep with one or other of ours curled up with us – in fact when Mr is away overnight I usually have one in with me, its far easier than trying to persuade them to stay in bed and I enjoy being cuddled up to them (and after a day away from them being able to snuggle properly for hours is lovely)

    Only trouble is that Bigger has taken to sleeping across the bed and kicking me and Littler continues to prefer to sleep with one hand tucked down my cleavage

    As you say, they do grow out it – enjoy it whilst you can


  9. Baby Genie says:

    After listening to my three year old chatter in bed non stop for half an hour begging to come out and show me a poorly knee and tell me about a balloon that popped on holiday, he’s just spent an hour in bed with my watching The Apprentice from last night, whispering and sharing his muslin with me – how can you refuse when they are so cute?! But sleepless nights take their toll don’t they! Sometimes tough love is the only way, but they are so cute, how can you say no?!


  10. crankymonkeys in london says:

    Uninterrupted sleep is overrated 🙂 I get up 3 times a night every night – first two times I join the 2-year old in the bunk bed, sleeping there for about an hour until I wake and relocate back to our bed… the third time I take him into our bed and we sleep there until he starts chatting around 5:30 or 5:45. So all in all I get up 5 times a night, but heck – the 6 year old doesn’t need me at all at night so I really don’t mind that the little one still does… I did write a post about it as well (on the 25th of May)…


  11. Melissa says:

    Hahahaha How cute! And I so know what you mean by staying up when it’s perfect sleep time.. I could have had 3 hours sleep by now!!!!! Oh well.. I’ll just have to settle for a total of 4!


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