Mums on Three

Last week I was invited to a blogging event with ThreeUK and some other local bloggers and I had an absolute ball! Usually being a mummy actually gets in the way of me being a mummy blogger and being able to take part in these sort of events but it was in Leeds, so not a million miles away for me for once, plus my Other Half was working from home that day so could help out with the childcare. So I was so happy to be able to go along for once!

ThreeUK are looking at ways to help save parents precious time and add a level of convenience to their busy lives by making the most of their smartphones. I have to say that personally, I don’t know how I ever survived without my iPhone (and my iPad too now that I have one!) But basically we were working with the lovely people from ThreeUK and app developers to come up with an idea for a time saving app for Mums.

We started off by talking about the apps that we use the most and it was a good job that we were limited to just the five or else I might have run out of post-it notes! My only problem was choosing only five! Although I did have to admit to my Hanging With Friends habit *blush*

We then went on to talk about our day to day lives as parents and looked at what tasks take up the most time and I was astonished at just how much we all seem to get through in one day. And then of course when you add up just how much time the daily things like the laundry, school runs, bathtimes etc take up over a week it really is quite exhausting just thinking about it. It is safe to say that we are all very busy mums!

So we went on to brainstorm some ideas and to come up with an app to save precious time for us time poor parents and we were split into two groups for this part. Then the two teams presented their idea to the group and we had to choose just one of them to go ahead with. It was decided that the app that Kat and I came up with in the end but in all fairness – the other team came up with a fabulous idea too so it was a tough choice.

The lovely Ellie from over at Insomniac Mummy made a fab video about our new app idea. This will be unveiled at CyberMummy on Saturday and then they will be over on the ThreeUK Facebook page. (I’m only hoping that my role as Ellie’s glamourous assistant is chopped out of view! Eeekk!!) There are four other events like the one I attended in Leeds taking place country wide and the best idea from each event will then be voted for on Facebook along with ours, with the winning group’s app actually being made – how fab is that? I’m sure the other groups have come up with some fab ideas too but I can’t help but hope that ours wins as it really is that good and I need it in my life!

Many thanks to all at ThreeUK for inviting me along and for the gorgeous goodie bag. It was so lovely to meet @InsomniacMummy after reading her blog for so long, the completely gorgeous @fenngirl, @snafflesmummy with her beyond beautiful new baby (ImustnotgetbroodyImustnotgetbroodyImustnotgetbroody) and @KatBroon with her lovely wee man who was sooo well behaved!

For more details about the campaign, you can find ThreeUK over on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Mums on Three

  1. Kat @ iRant iRave says:

    It was lovely to meet you too. I’m glad that was the day Wee Man decided to behave that week although he did manage to fleece me for lunch later on after charging around Leeds city Museum like a loon 🙂


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