What I learnt at CyberMummy11

The law of sod means that when on a very long train journey, you will end up next to somebody with ants in their pants and the smelliest smokey bacon flavoured crisps in the world. 

A hotel room strewn with makeup and clothes with Prince blaring on the iPad whilst you are getting ready to go out will instantly make you think that you are a teenager again. But you’re not. 

Playing ‘spot the mummy blogger’ in the bar is a much harder game that you could ever imagine. Who’d have thunk it? 

The sticky tables in the Travelodge (along with the horror stories from the people who were actually staying there) make you so glad that you booked The Hoxton. And maybe even a little bit smug. 

Going out for a meal the night before is such a fabulous ice breaker. 

Being able to tweet loud and proud is really quite refreshing. Nowhere else except in the company of bloggers is it socially acceptable, nay encouraged, to have your nose in your iPhone. 

On the morning of CyberMummy, almost falling face first into the pavement (before you have even found the Naked Wines stall) is not a good start. 

Maxi dresses that are a little too long and wedges that are a little too high can be a lethal combination. See above. 

Standing in line outside The Brewery when Sarah Brown walks past carrying a huge box (which you later find out contains a cake that her son has bought in an auction and she now had to cart back to Scotland) is really quite surreal. 

Spending hours deliberating over which pictures to have on your gorgeous Moo cards means that you will of course forget to take them out of your suitcase on the day. Oh yes. 

Being grabbed and smooched over a table of name badges at registration by a leopard print wedge wearing vision of gorgeousness can suddenly make you forget all of your nerves. 

Getting hot and flustered at the start of the day results in the worst hair day ever. And there will be photographic evidence and even video footage as a hideous reminder of just how bad it was.  

You will meet friends that you have been talking to forever and a day online with and they will be just as you expected them to be. Only even nicer. Who’d have thought that was even possible?

You will forget to take photos. And really wish that you had when you get back. 

People will be truly shocked at just how much you look like your Twitter avatar. This will only bemuse you and leave you not quite knowing what to say as it is, umm, just me.

Some sessions might not teach you anything at all. Some might teach you an awful lot. Some might be completely engaging and inspiring. Some might not. 

It’s okay not to feel comfortable with the whole PR and networking thing. In fact it’s a nice reminder of what your blog is about, you know? This is my hobby. That’s all. And that’s okay. 

Being in a room with over four hundred people who you have never met before can really be quite overwhelming. And by overwhelming I mean like a blogger in headlights oh my god why did I ever think I could do this kind of way. 

Eating bangers and mash out of a cardboard box with a plastic spoon makes for a rather strange lunch. 

Banoffee pie can be too sweet. Words I never thought I would say. 

Helping yourself to a small *cough* plastic beaker of wine while the Naked Wine man isn’t looking is preferable to standing in queue for a coffee. Or tea for that matter. 

Such a crazy day means that you don’t get to meet so many people who were right at the very top of your ‘I really must meet’ list. And you will kick yourself for this afterwards. Similarly you will kick yourself for not being brave enough to pluck up the courage to speak to those people that you do spot.

Sitting next to someone for a whole workshop and not realising who they were until they tweet you later can make you blush. 

Smiling sweetly means that the lovely man at the after party agrees to top up your bowl of barely touched Twiglets with tortilla chips. 

Sloping off for a quiet meal with three lovely new friends who you have never met before can be a really nice way to round off the craziest day of your life. 

 Bags of swag are very heavy. Hence half of them I didn’t even collect and the other half did not make it out of the hotel room let alone home to Yorkshire.

Not sleeping in until noon on your first opportunity in thirteen long years is such a complete waste. Although lazing around with room service a call away, breakfast in bed and an iPad for company is a rather nice way to spend a morning. 

Spotting a friendly face in the middle of the awfulness that is Kings Cross can make you smile from ear to ear. 

Coming home is the best feeling in the world. Home sweet home has never felt so sweet.

45 thoughts on “What I learnt at CyberMummy11

  1. Cari Rosen (aka @cazroz) says:

    Fantastic post. And all so so true. I can only add…

    Regretting the fact that we didn’t nab the salt & vinegar twirls. That the dress looked fab and your ‘bad’ hair better than my ‘good’ hair ever could. That tweeting all day with no one saying ‘you’re not on blooming Twitter AGAIN…’ is very liberating (if not a little sad). That finally meeting you, my dear, was very definitely one of the highlights of the day : )


  2. ali says:

    Glad you had a great time, I felt quite exhausted reading that, though I am having a tired day (!) It has been great reading everyone versions of it and after reading them the question is could I cope with Cybermummy#12 ??? I do love everyone says how great it is to meet everyone and that the bit I would love 🙂


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      It really is a full on day and like I said, at times I did find it overwhelming. I can’t lie. I was way out of my comfort zone. But yes, the best part of the day by far was finally getting to meet so many of my lovely cyber pals 🙂


  3. Chris Mosler says:

    I have bruises where I have kicked myself for not managing to hook up with you! I nodded all through this, lovely. x


  4. cafebebe says:

    What a simply wonderful post my dear. It was a pleasure to meet you. And the Travelodge was truly disgusting which is why I could only manage one fitful night there. Gag!



  5. Helen White says:

    Such a great, great post lovely . I love the way you write.
    I didn’t go (cough..as u know ;)) , and I have to say i’m not all together convinced to go either. Although you obviously had a ball. I think that although i would LOVE to meet you and so many other pals that I’ve got so close to over the past years (yes ..thats right, it HAS been years.. ;)) , I just don’t think I could do something so…BIG … and as I don’t blog really for any other reason than for fun and friendship I don’t think its really *me* . I think we should have some kind of alternative #cybermummy …maybe at center parcs ? in the forest …with some bubbly, lots of cake and a maybe a fit masseur on tap? 😉 It might be a little sad, but that’s my kinda party X x x


  6. Kate, WitWitWoo says:

    Love this! As someone who spent £50 on Moo cards (yeah, not sure how either) and who then left them at home, I feel your pain. I also tried to play ‘spot the mummy blogger’ and ended up just asking everyone that came across my path! Was lovely to meet you, you gorgeous creature you.


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      Oh my god those stupid Moo cards – I was gutted! I can’t believe that they never made it out of my hotel room but at least now I know I wasn’t the only one! Hehe! It was so lovely to meet you and I have to say that you were one of the few people that I recognised instantly! x


  7. @thehappymummy says:

    Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Only just launched my mama-orientated blog/twitter but I’m already hoping to perhaps be a part of CyberMummy12 (too ambitious??). Already a fan of your blog. x


  8. Jenn says:

    So true about not taking enough pictures, or meeting all the people on your list, or sleeping in late…or being thankful you booked the Hoxton (and it’s lovely waterfall shower).

    And yes, you do look like your avatar, which is lovely (more than a few of us dont!). And if that was a bad hair day lovely, then you’re a lucky girl!!!

    Lovely recap!


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      And me you! I really enjoyed your legal session too – I learnt so much so thank you! One of my favourite workshops of the day – you and Gayle were fabulous and the fact that you are both experts in your fields as well as being bloggers made it all the more relevant. Good stuff! 🙂


  9. Hayley says:

    So gutted I didn’t get to meet you! Glad you had a fantastic weekend although that visit with the pavement doesn’t sound too pleasant!


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