Pretty please with a cherry on top..!

A few weeks ago now I met with Ellie, Mel, Denise and Kat along with the lovely folks over at ThreeUK to come up with a new time saving app idea and now that the finalists have been decided – I am asking for your vote for our idea ‘Make a Date’! Don’t make me beg people!

Our team ‘The White Roses’ came up with the concept for ‘Make a Date’ which basically helps you save precious time. Obviously everyone, not just mums, have events to arrange all of the time from birthday parties to nights out on the town, family dinners to date nights. The fact is that trying to organise any event can be so time consuming going back and forth trying to sort out dates and times to suit everyone. Especially when the people you are trying to make the arrangements with normally have equally hectic lives! Our app idea is really simple and aims to take the stress out of making that date. 

Here’s Ellie explaining it some more. And yes, I am the hamster cheeked not so glamourous assistant *cringe*


‘Make a Date’ cuts out all of the time that it normally takes to call, text or email back and forth to agree a single date. The app can send a message to each person you were inviting (via their phone, Twitter or Facebook) with a range of dates you have chosen for the event. It then syncs with everyone’s calendar, either manually, or automatically (depending on the recipients chosen settings) and sends a message back from each recipient to the ‘Make a Date’ app with a range of dates each person is available to attend your event. It then issues a final invitation to each recipient with a single date that everyone is available.

It couldn’t be easier but we love it! The big idea behind the ThreeUK campaign was about saving time and our app would do just that. And now we need your votes to have our idea made into an actual app.

So please click the link, scroll to ‘Your ‘Like’ Counts’ and vote for ‘Make a Date’ (pretty please with a cherry on top!)

12 thoughts on “Pretty please with a cherry on top..!

  1. mummyinmanolos says:

    LOVE your App – seems very realistic and I need it to arrange little one’s birthday parties, my parties my friends parties EVERYONE’s parties!! Will be voting for you xx


    • (mostly) yummy mummy says:

      That was part of our thinking behind it. Not only do we have busy lives but most of the time, the people that we are trying to make a date with are also just as busy. The calling and messaging back and forth especially for a few of you, can be a time wasting nightmare. And often means that it feels like too much hassle to arrange!


  2. says:

    Great app idea! and it was great to see u and insomniac mummy in the flesh .. :)) I have a question , is it just a face book vote? I dont do Facebook , but would love to show my support xxxxx


  3. Fran says:

    This is a fab idea, have left my vote! With four children and their celebrity like social lives plus meetings I think this is an absolute ‘must have’!
    Fran x


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