Whoever said that this parenting lark gets easier was clearly lying.

My eldest two went to nursery from being teeny as at the time I was working part-time. Well, in fact I was working full-time but under the guise of part-time hours. Funny how I felt the need to work twice as hard for half of the wages and not even half of the recognition. Anyhow, I digress. With my eldest two, nursery was never an issue as such because they went there from being so young and as much as the whole working mum guilt thing crippled me, the whole nursery thing never felt like a huge step as such. It was just me trying to give them the best possible childcare to them while I worked. But when I became a stay at home mummy after having my third baby, these steps seemed so much bigger somehow.

With my third child, sending her off to part-time nursery sessions after she had been at home with me was a huge deal. But I have to say that she did feel ready for nursery at the time. She absolutely loved it in fact and begged to go to nursery even on weekends! But for the whole time she went, she didn’t have a single wobble about me leaving her and that made it so much easier to do. Fast forward a couple of years later to my fourth and youngest child and the whole nursery thing feels bigger than ever. Whoever said that this parenting lark gets easier was clearly lying.

My youngest who is three now starts nursery in September. It’s just going to be for a couple of hours a day to help prepare her for school the following year and I know that it will be really good for her but all the same, if it was up to me, for completely selfish reasons I would keep her at home forever and ever *gulp*

She’s my baby. And it is like a whole chapter of our family is coming to an end. And it has come about all too soon. I know I should be relishing the thought of gaining a couple of hours to myself every day. But I’m really not. I’m trying to think positively about it all – there’s no question that it is an excellent nursery and how good it will be for her development. But it is me that is having the wobble.

I took her yesterday for a taster session and I stayed there with her. She had an absolute ball. I was so proud of how well she played with the other children and she ran from toy to toy to play. She was brimming with confidence and it was so lovely to stand by and watch her be her own little independent person. But then on the way home, and literally within a second of leaving the building, she shrieked and I mean SHRIEKED “Never take me back there again, Mummy” over and over all the way home. She got herself so upset that she could barely talk. And like I said, she had such a lovely morning that I just couldn’t understand where on earth this came from. But of course, with me wobbling over ‘losing’ her to nursery as it is and now this? Nightmare! It was all I could do to stop myself from shrieking right back “I don’t want to take you back there! Stay at home with me forever!”  

I didn’t of course. I calmed her down, didn’t say any more about it and then later in the day, she happily talked to Daddy about what she had been up to and how much fun she had. So I’m hoping the whole shrieking thing was just hopefully an overtired and maybe an overwhelmed blip. And that come September, we won’t be faced with the not wanting to go back thing. She has been talking more today about nursery and I’m trying to up the excitement so fingers crossed that for her at least – it will be plain sailing come September. Of course, the benefit of having my other daughter go there before is that I know the nursery staff very well and I know that if there are any problems, they will soon be smoothed out.

But that doesn’t stop me worrying of course.

The thing is, if I’m being completely truthful, I am more worried about how I will cope without my little mini-me at home with me full-time *gulp*

14 thoughts on “Whoever said that this parenting lark gets easier was clearly lying.

  1. ali says:

    I know where you are coming from, I would have both mine at home all the time if I could and they are 12 and 10!!!

    Your little mini you will be fine though I am sure and so will you. Mind I hated leaving mine at nursery at the beginning,and school at the beginning oh and school now sometimes. Sorry I am being no help at all to you 😉

    Roll on the Summer holidays 🙂 enjoy them and it all will be fine xxx


  2. suzanne bagworth says:

    I was exactly the same with my two. I hated the fact that they we’re both happy to be dropped off in a morning and half the time didn’t even turn to wave bye bye. It was me who had the hardest time letting them grow up and, even now, I still struggle to let them go every day. It’s a fear of not having any control over how their day is going, or not being there to cuddle them if they get a bit upset. My mum once told me that you never stop worrying and feeling anxious, it just applies to different things the older they get 🙂


  3. Cari Rosen (aka @cazroz) says:

    Ah it’s so hard. Mine went up to the ‘big girls’ (and boys!) class today and was less than keen… but she gets so much out of nursery and I am sure that I’m worrying about it far more than she is. Little Miss Maraca will have a ball. And mummy might find herself rather enjoying the chance to blog/go to the loo/have a cuppa in peace now and again!


  4. Susan Mann says:

    Huge hugs twinny. My baby stars nursery in March and I so don’t want him to go. He’ll love it and is so confident but I’m worried when it comes down to it he won’t want to go.

    I’m sure after a few weeks you’ll be into a new routine twinny and get some time to yourself. Hugs xx


  5. Kate, WitWitWoo says:

    It seems like such a long time ago that my ‘baby’ was this age … which goes to show, as hard as it feels right now, it soon passes 🙂 Doesn’t help much I’m sure, but she’ll always be your baby!!! x


  6. kizzy says:

    I totally understand and I was the same with my middle one. I still hate that she’s at school now a year on but these thins have to happen. My little man keeps having wobbles at pre school which isn’t easy. I’m sure it will be fine come september.


  7. Chet says:

    My little BIG girl goes to school in Sept! I am in pieces at not having her around the house chattering away. I really feel for you. We will however get through it, maybe with tears and a little bit of heartache but I’m sure our babes will be more than fine! *passes you a tissue* x


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